FT204: “The young and dumb vote liberal while the old and wise vote conservative.” —Old Pithy

Posted by PITHOCRATES - January 10th, 2014

Fundamental Truth

Having the Ability to give Beautiful Young Women Nice Things helped Charlie Harper get them in Bed

On the show Two and a Half Men there was an episode where Charlie (played by Charlie Sheen) was having a conversation with someone where he was trying to defend himself and the choice he makes in women.  In broke off in mid sentence and said something like, “Yeah, you got me.  Young and dumb.  That’s how I like them.”  Or something like that.

Charlie Harper was about 40 years old.  Rich.  He drank to excess.  Smoked cigars.  Gambled.  Enjoyed strip bars and prostitutes.  And he womanized.  Getting beautiful young women back to his Malibu beach house for one night of passion.  Which was all he wanted.  One night.  The ladies thought he wanted more.  Because of the lies he told them to get them to his Malibu beach house.  And when they left in the morning they expected Charlie to call them.  But he never did.  Which is why he liked his women dumb.  For it was easier getting them into bed.  And out of it.

Charlie was skilled in the art of picking up women.  And what to do with them after picking them up.  Skill gained over years of experience.  And being rich helped, too.  Because being able to give beautiful young women nice things (expensive dinners, going to the best clubs, spending the night at a Malibu beach house, gifts, etc.) got their attention.  They liked that life.  And wanted more of it.  So they went to his bed with him.  Thinking that by doing whatever he wanted there would be more of this glamorous life to come.  But before that could happen Charlie was telling his lies to another young and dumb woman.

Every Communist Dictator that promised a Utopia to their People made their lives Absolutely Horrible

Charlie was engaged a few times.  The last time he was engaged to Chelsea (played superbly by Jennifer Taylor).  Who was a little older than most of the women he took to his bed.  Smart.  And wise.  She had a career.  Though he had a long engagement (for him) it did not last.  Because she could do better.  Eventually leaving him for someone more mature.  In fact, every age-appropriate relationship he had failed.  Because he did not do well unless they were young and dumb.  As Chelsea said one time when leaving after a breakup, “We both knew you were going to blow it eventually.”

You can learn a lot by watching Two and a Half Men.  For the world is full of Charlie Harpers.  People that lie and manipulate people to get what they want.  Who depend on people being young and dumb.  This is how liberals have risen to power.  By selling their utopian world view to the young and ignorant.  Before they get old and wise.  And learn the truth of their liberal utopia.

There was an article in Rolling Stone saying what America needs is full-blown communism.  The author is a young guy.  An academic type.  Knows everything.  But has experienced nothing.  His head was filled with communist ideals from his leftist professors.

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…

But what John Lennon doesn’t sing about in Imagine is that every communist dictator that promised these things to the people made their people’s lives absolutely horrible.  Where people lived in fear of the secret police.  Were tortured at the hands of the secret police.  And died at the hands of the secret police.  Communism as an ideology has killed more people than any other dictator or ideology in all of history.  Yet college kids everywhere still imagine a world where all the people live as one.  Under the boot of an oppressive police state.  That forces the people to live in a brotherhood of man.  Or die.

Liberals are in a lot of ways like Charlie Harper because they like their Electorate Young and Dumb

Joseph Stalin terrorized his people with the KGB.  The East Germans shot their own people who tried to escape climbing over the Berlin Wall.  Cambodia’s Pol Pot killed a greater percentage of a nation’s population than any other dictator in history.  Cubans risk their lives to float from Cuba to the United States.  The masses in North Korea still suffer famine because of their oppressive Stalinist state.  Where it’s the military first.  Then the people.  And so on.  Yet college students still wear shirts with pictures of Che Guevara wearing his beret.  This hero of ignorant college students.  A guy who had urged the Soviets to launch their nuclear missiles at the United States during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

And when the secret police wasn’t killing their people the people were going without the most basic necessities.  For their planned economies could not keep their store shelves stocked.  So people went without many of the things people in Western capitalist economies take for granted.  Things even ignorant college students take for granted.  Things they just couldn’t get in their beloved communist utopias.  Ronald Reagan won the Cold War not by waging nuclear war.  He won it by creating an arms race that the Soviet economy could not keep up with AND feed her people.  Like the Americans could.  In fact, the American economic output was so great that they could feed all Americans with enough left over to export to the Soviet Union.  So the Soviet people did not die from famine.

All throughout history free market capitalism provided a better life than any planned economy.  Even in the United States.  When FDR increased government spending to end a recession it only stretched out that recession into the Great Depression.  Excessive government spending didn’t work in the 1970s for Nixon, Ford or Carter.  Nor did it work during the Great Recession for Obama.  But cuts in tax rates provided explosive economic growth for Warren Harding/Calvin Coolidge in the 1920s, JFK in the 1960s, Ronald Reagan in the 1980s and even George W. Bush in the 2000s.  Yet the young and dumb buy the liberal lie that government spending can provide a better life for all despite history proving otherwise.  And keep voting liberal.  Until they get old and wise, that is.  And start voting conservative.

Liberals are in a lot of ways like Charlie Harper.  For they like their electorate young and dumb.  So they can more easily lie to them.  To get what they want.  By making promises they never intend to keep.  Such as that brotherhood of man sharing all of the world.  For after a century or so of promising this the only people who ever enjoyed the liberal/communist utopia were those few in power.



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FT133: “Liberal Democrats want to run our lives because they are far smarter than the people voting for them.” —Old Pithy

Posted by PITHOCRATES - August 31st, 2012

Fundamental Truth

People like to Laugh and not get Weighed Down with the Serious Issues so they Watch the Fake News and SNL

Those on the Left are suave.  Hip.  Cool.  Funny.  And boy are they full of self-confidence.  They are so sure of themselves that they sound like they know everything.  That they are smarter than the average person.  Especially when they speak with arrogance and condescension.  When they laugh with all-knowing condescension and smirk they just seem like people we should agree with.  And many do.  For they sound so smart that they must know what they are talking about.  Besides, these people are the suave, hip, cool and funny people on television we so enjoy watching who are saying this.  We like these people.  And want to be like them.  So we make disparaging comments about conservatives like they do.

The people who get their ‘hard news’ from Jon Stewart on the Daily Show or from Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report are probably like the people in their audiences.  Who laugh longer and harder when the humor is more derogatory.  Disparaging conservatives.  Or Republicans.  They are there for the laughs.  And they love the conservative insults.  Those watching at home laugh, too.  Because they have been conditioned for so long to laugh at conservatives.  From listening to their classmates in schools.  Their teachers.  Their professors in college.  Movies.  And, of course, television.  From the fake news shows.  To Saturday Night Live.  That made belittling conservatives an art.

These people like to laugh.  To enjoy life.  And not get weighed down with the serious issues.  Which is why they watch the fake news and SNL.  To escape.  And enjoy a good laugh.  But because they don’t like getting weighed down with the serious issues they typically don’t watch serious news.  So most of the news they get is from the fake news shows.  SNL.  And the liberal talking heads on the opinion/news shows that are more opinion than news.  And even on these opinion/’news’ shows they take cheap potshots at conservatives.  Laugh.  And smirk.  Which reinforces what they saw on the fake news shows.  Giving these derogatory attacks on conservatives more legitimacy.  Making them mainstream.  Normal.  And, therefore, correct.

Do those on the Left know their Idol, JFK, was a Tax-Cutter like Ronald Ragan?

As you watch these shows and hear these guffaws at the expense of some conservative have you ever wondered how much these people understand the underlying issue that their lampooning the conservative about?  Do they have a fundamental understanding of economics?  Can they differentiate Keynesian economics from the Austrian school of economics or the Chicago school?  Do they understand the connection between monetary policy and inflation?  Do they understand the affect of the population growth rate on government spending?  Here’s a hint.  Think of why Social Security and Medicare are going bankrupt in the very near future.  What’s the connection?  If the number of taxpayers grows at a slower rate than those retiring from the workforce you get what we have today.  And no amount of taxing the rich can change that.

Can they name the Founding Fathers?  Do they know what each did to help found the nation?  Other than own slaves?  Do they understand that they abandoned a slave-based economy in the North because it was a very inefficient economic model?  As well as immoral.  Slavery didn’t make the nation rich.  It only made a few southern plantation owners rich.  Do they understand why there was slavery in a nation built on liberty?  It was the only way to get the southern plantation owners to join the union.  And the southern plantation owners held power in the southern states.  If the large union failed there would have been smaller unions of states.  In the northeast.  The middle states.  The south.  In the west.  With the British, French and Spanish at their borders.  Had the northern states had their way on the issue of slavery at the Founding there would not have been a United States.  But more of the Old World in the New World with the constant fighting that has plagued the Balkans.  Don’t believe that?  Well, it has happened.  America’s bloodiest war, the American Civil War, was a war between sectional interests.  Which the South lost because they and their slave-economy was poorer than the non-slave North.  And finally on the issue of slavery do they understand that it was the Republicans that ended slavery?  That the Democrats pushed the Jim Crowe Laws?  That the Democrats filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964?  And that more Republicans voted for that act than did Democrats?  I’m guessing when those on the Left who call Republicans racists do not know the history of the United States.

Do those on the Left know their idol, JFK, was a tax-cutter?  Who favored trickle-down economics?  It’s true.  His policies of tax cuts produced an economic boom.  Just like they did when Ronald Reagan continued the work started by JFK.  Which was rudely interrupted by LBJ, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.  Do they understand that using corn for fuel leads to higher grocery prices?  And more hunger in the less developed world?  Do they understand that if everyone drove an electric car that it would be equivalent to adding one air conditioner on the electric grid for each car?  And the only way to meet that additional demand is by adding more coal-fired power plants?  Producing more air pollution than the cars they replaced?  Of course they don’t know this.

People tend to Vote Conservative because of what they Know not what they Feel

Those on the Left have little understanding of what their policies will do.  As they’ve littered the nation with the unintended consequences of their best intentions.  Which typically makes whatever problem they’re trying to fix worse.  Such as trying to help single mothers with AFDC.  Aid to Families with Dependent Children.  That relieved fathers of their parental responsibilities by having the state be husband and father.  Which destroyed poor families in the inner city.  But despite their failures the Left continues with more of the same.  Resorting to the same old attacks on conservatives.  Knowing that those on television will take their cheap potshots, laugh, smirk, disparage and condescend.

They hate conservatives.  Not for any rational reasons.  They just have been conditioned to.  And those on television are wealthy enough that they don’t have to live in the real world where they have to deal with those unintended consequences.  Insulated from the fallout of horrible policy they can go through life whistling a happy tune.  Knowing that even though the policies they support have failed they can feel good about themselves because they had the best of intentions.  That they care.  They are so sure of themselves that they could never conceive that they could, perhaps, be wrong.  And the reason why they are so arrogant, condescending and downright mean is that conservatives don’t accept their infallibility.  While these uppity conservatives dare to believe they could actually be right.

Liberals believe that not only can they be right but that they always are right.  Because they are so much smarter than the average person.  Which is why they believe they should run our lives.  People have other things to worry about.  Like sitting in the audience of a fake news show.  These people need help.  Because they can’t get by in life without a progressive government looking out for them.  Life is complicated.  And hard.  They need help.  They need smart people looking out for them.  So these people vote liberal.  To leave the governing to experts.  So those who can’t live without the help of smarter people providing for them decide who those smarter people are.  Even though they are the least qualified to do so.  For it’s not the people who have a fundamental understanding of economics voting for liberals.  People who understand our history.  Those who run small business.  The fiercely independent with rugged individualism.  The people who have built this nation.  No.  These people tend to vote conservative.  Because of what they know.  Not what they feel.  Like others do.  Like those who vote liberal.  Because they don’t know any better.  But feel good about who they vote for.



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