FT219: “Obamacare will give us rationing and long wait times like America’s other national health care: the VA.” —Old Pithy

Posted by PITHOCRATES - April 25th, 2014

Fundamental truth

Our Veterans have been Wounded and Maimed and we thank them for their Service with the VA

Where do the rich and famous go when they go to a hospital?  They can afford the best.  So you will hear hospitals like Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Mount Sinai, etc.  The crème de la crème of the best health care system in the world.  But one name you won’t hear?  Any VA hospital.

Rich and famous people have something our veterans don’t.  Choice.  They can choose to go to the crème de la crème of the best health care system in the world.  While our veterans have no choice but to go to the dregs of the best health care system in the world.  Very often the worst place you can go in the United States for health care.

It’s sad, really.  For our veterans have given more than any other American.  They have put themselves in harm’s way.  Had people shoot at them.  Lob hand grenades at them.  Had mortar rounds and artillery rounds land near them.  And had improvised explosive devices (IED) detonate around them.  Our veterans have been wounded and maimed and faced the hell of combat.  And our thanks for their volunteering to do this for us?  The VA.

Our VA Hospitals are so bad because they know our Military will be good Soldiers and Wait

There aren’t a lot of VA hospitals around.  So some veterans have to travel to get to one.  And when they get there they have to wait.  As there are a lot of other veterans in the waiting room with them.  Because there aren’t a lot of VA hospitals around.  But that’s not the only waiting they’re going to do.

If they need surgery or treatment there will be even more waiting.  A lot more waiting.  Because there aren’t a lot of VA hospitals around.  Or a lot of VA health care providers.  Or a lot of VA diagnostic equipment.  Which means they have to ration out health care in our VA hospitals.  And when you ration health care you make people wait longer for treatment.  An alien concept for the rich and famous.  Who get what they want when they want it.  Because they have choice.

Our veterans, on the other hand, continue to be good soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen.  And wait.  Just like the old military joke to ‘hurry up and wait’.  Where they will get up before dawn to wait on the tarmac for 4 hours to board an aircraft.  So we’ve trained our military personnel well in waiting.  Perhaps this why our VA hospitals are so bad.  Because they know our military will be good soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen.  And wait.

VA Hospitals are run so poorly that Veterans are dying as they wait for this National Health Care

The sad thing is that some of our veterans are waiting so long that they are dying (see A fatal wait: Veterans languish and die on a VA hospital’s secret list by Scott Bronstein and Drew Griffin posted 4/24/2014 on CNN).  Because rationing leads to longer wait times.  And longer wait times lead to more deaths.  And this is why the VA hospitals (America’s national health care) are the dregs of the best health care system in the world.

The American left wants national health care.  They want VA hospitals for everyone.  Except them, of course.  For they will be going to the hospitals the rich and famous go to.  But it’s VA hospitals for the rest of us.  Where they will ration health care.  Increase wait times.  And provide some of the most inefficient health care service.  Another reason veterans have to wait so long is that the VA still uses paper records.  Like they did before the 1970s.

The left settled for Obamacare.  They wanted national health care but accepted Obamacare as a stepping stone to national health care.  For they think the government can run health care better than the private sector.  Even though they’ve been running the VA for decades without ever modernizing it.  The government runs the VA hospitals so inefficiently that veterans are dying as they wait for this rationed national health care.  But these same people who can’t bring the VA into the 20th century say they can improve the crème de la crème of the best health care system in the world.  But if they do the VA poorly they will do all national health care poorly.  Because the government just can’t do anything well.



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Is the Road to National Health Care through Incompetence or Deviousness?

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 19th, 2013

Politics 101

The American Left is always trying to Expand the Role of Government in our Lives

Hillary Clinton tried it.  When her husband was president.  Give us national health care.  But there was terrific blowback.  Because people didn’t want it.  For they were afraid it would take the best health care system in the world (it’s the United States the richest people in the world go to for their more serious health problems) and do, well, what Obamacare is doing to it now.

The American left is always trying to expand the role of government in our lives.  To make people more dependent on government.  Because once they are they will soon discover something very beneficial to the left.  They will learn that they need government.  And once they do they will keep voting for the party that promises to expand government ever more.

This is why the left so wants national health care.  For it makes people need government.  To stay alive.  And that pays big dividends at those annoying things that come around every 2 years that the left hates.  And thinks is beneath them.  Elections.

The Lesson the American Left learned from the Failure of Hillarycare was to Lie Better

Liberals are a bunch of elitists.  They think they are better and smarter than the rest of us.  Which is why they feel they have the right to tell us how to live our lives.  For in their eyes we’re just too stupid to know what’s best for us.  Much like the British nobles felt about their petulant North American colonists.  They’d have preferred we appreciated all that the Crown was doing for them.  Thank them.  And shut the hell up.  This is the mindset of the American left.

The British Crown did not like their American colonists questioning the established order of power.  Neither do liberals.  For they believe that they are a privileged class.  And should live under a different set of rules.  Like they continue to show us all the time as they implement Obamacare.  As they forced the majority of Americans to lose the health insurance, doctors and medicine they liked and wanted to keep waivers went out to those connected to the liberal ruling class.  And actual members of the ruling class.  Such as those Congressional staffers getting illegal subsidies for their gold-plated health care plans while ordinary Americans lost their bare-bones plans because the Affordable Care Act made them unaffordable.

Was this an unintended consequence of the Affordable Care Act?  Well, being that the promise that if you like your health insurance, doctors and medicine and wanted to keep them but now can’t as the year’s biggest lie, it makes one think.  If they lied why did they lie?  To do what was best for the American people?  Or was it because they learned a powerful lesson from the failure of Hillarycare?  That the people don’t want national health care.  So if that’s what you want you can’t tell the American people that.  No.  You lie to them.  Which is why President Obama and his fellow Democrats lied.  Because they knew the American people didn’t want the [deleted expletive] they were shoveling.

The American Left looks upon us with the same Contempt as the British Nobility looked upon the American Colonists

Originally the Affordable Care Act included a public option.  National health care for those who opted for national health care.  But this just didn’t pass the smell test.  For there were Democrats who had one of those nasty things they hated coming up.  An election.  And these Democrats knew that their constituents, though they voted Democrat, would not go for national health care in sheep’s clothing.  So they had to remove the public option from the bill.  For it was just too painfully obvious what their ultimate intentions were.  Which left them with Plan B.

People like their health insurance, doctors and medicine.  And you’re not going to usher in national health care when they have these things.  For they know that the VA and Medicaid (examples of national health care already in America) is second-class health care.  I mean, those rich people coming to the United States for their more serious health problems aren’t demanding to get into the VA or Medicaid programs.  So to get national health care you first have to destroy the private health insurance system.  And candidate Obama told the SEIU that it may take awhile (see The Fix Is In: From ObamaCare Set-Up To Single-Payer Solution by Larry Bell posted 11/26/2013 on Forbes).

“But I don’t think we’re going to be able to eliminate employer coverage immediately. There’s going to be potentially some transition process. I can envision a decade out or 15 years out or 20 years out…”

So is the disastrous rollout of the Affordable Care Act just incompetence?  Or is it part of a devious plan to get what they always wanted?  National health care?  By first destroying the private health insurance that gave people the health insurance, doctors and medicine they liked and wanted to keep?  If it’s incompetence that isn’t good for the American people.  For these same incompetent people will now be in charge of our health care.  With our lives literally hanging in the balance.  Or are they just devious?  Which also isn’t good for the American people.  For it means they look upon us with the same contempt as the British nobility looked upon the American colonists.  Who only cared about what was best for their privileged class.  And not the American people.

The problem the left has is one of timing.  Yes they hold the American people in contempt and believe they are privileged.  But because of elections they have to be careful about letting these truths out.  Because if they lose the Senate and don’t get the House back in the next election it could throw a wrench into their plans.  They need to destroy the private health insurance industry.  But doing so will make people hate them.  And vote against them.  So on the one hand they have to get people dependent on government as soon as possible.  To get them to need government.  But if they move too fast they may anger the people so much that they may lose in the upcoming thing a privileged class hates.  And thinks is beneath them.  An election.  Which may cause them to lose their power.  This is the dilemma the left faces in the rollout of Obamacare.  The degree to which they [deleted expletive] the American people.



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FT95: “Yes the VA is successful national health care…if you call NOT covering 93% of the population universal coverage.” -Old Pithy

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 9th, 2011

Fundamental Truth

Since the Vietnam War Congress has made some VA Hospitals little more than Third World Hospitals

There are about 3 million people serving in the military.  This includes active duty and reserve personnel.  The current U.S. population is just over 300 million.  So if you do the math that’s approximately 1% of the population.  That’s a very small sliver of the population.  And yet they offer to sacrifice everything – including their lives – for the other 99%.  Wow.  Talk about selfless duty to country.  And to their fellow Americans.

Unfortunately some of these men and women suffer wounds serving their country.  Some severe wounds.  They receive state of the art medical care within hours of their wounding.  At the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.  And later at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.  Then they return to civilian life.  The Veterans Administration (VA).  And the VA hospitals throughout America.  That aren’t as nice as the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.  Or the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Since the Vietnam War Congress turned against the military.  Gutting military budgets to pay for a burgeoning welfare state.  To buy votes.  Ronald Reagan put a stop to that.  Rebuilt the military.  But Congress did a lot of damage.  They made some VA hospitals little more than third world hospitals.  A second tier of health care that was good enough for the people that they didn’t like.  Even as late as the Eighties some VA hospital had a higher mortality rate than a comparable hospital in the private sector.  Sadly, a VA hospital was a place to put veterans.  And forget about them.

The VA System is a Pretty Small Health Care Program and Small Programs are easy to Fund and to Run

Thankfully, things changed.  The quality of VA health care today is much better.  Thanks to a surge in defense spending that paid for a lot of wars since the Eighties.  But things are changing again.  And Congress is scheduling more cuts in defense spending.  So Congress can use this money to pay for their ever burgeoning welfare state.

Currently the VA is about as good as it gets.  And those who love a good welfare state point to it as a fine example of a well-ran national health care program.  They say, see?  We just need to expand this system to cover all Americans.  All we have to do is to scale up the program a bit.  Of course this all depends on how large ‘a bit’ is.

The VA’s successes are in large part due to its size.  It’s small.  For we don’t have that many veterans.  Currently they are only about 7% of the total population.  Which is less than our black population (which is about 10%).  So the VA system is a pretty small health care program.  And small programs are easy to fund.  And to run.  Not like a large national program.  Such as Medicare.  Which isn’t even universal.   But it is full of fraud and waste.  Just like any program will be that expands from serving 21 million to serving 300 million.  That’s an increase of 1300%.  Which would be like taking the existing VA system and building another 13 just like it.  All funded by guess what?  The mother of all tax hikes.  And do we really want to give government that kind of money with their record of reckless spending and deficits?  Because you know what will happen.  They’ll eventually use some of that money elsewhere.  To pay for other unfunded parts of the burgeoning welfare state.  Requiring higher taxes to fund national health care.  Or further rationing.

A VA-Type System won’t Work because you can’t Raise Taxes enough to give the Other 93% the same Quality of Care

The health care crisis is government made.  Going back to the wage controls of World War II.  When employers couldn’t offer higher wages to attract the best workers.  So they started offering benefits.  Which got around the government’s regulation of the private sector.  And gave us employer provided health care.  And the heath care crisis.

Health care costs grew because other people paid for our health care.  There wasn’t a problem before other people started paying.  When we paid health care was affordable.  Because there were market forces in health care.  Now there are fewer.  And those who favor a big welfare state want to remove all market forces.  Which will only continue the trend of increasing costs.  And when the government doesn’t have the tax revenue to pay these escalating costs they’ll start rationing services.  Because it will be the only thing they can do.  Just like other nations with national health care have done.

The VA is a success story for the 7%.  Because 7% of 300 million is a much smaller number than 300 million.  A VA-type system just won’t work for the other 93%.  Because you can’t raise taxes enough to give the other 93% the same quality of care.  So that leaves one option.  Lowering the quality of care for everyone.  Including the 7% who paid for their care by spilling their blood.



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