The UK Economy lingers in Recession thanks to Inflation caused by High Tuition Costs and High Utility Bills

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 23rd, 2012

Week in Review

The Democrats have attacked health insurers with a vengeance for the high prices of health care.  They blame them for these soaring prices.  As well as greedy doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.  The Left is always ready to attack some greedy business for their ‘excessive’ profits driving up their prices.  And all businesses are guilty of being greedy profit whores.  With a couple of exceptions (see No Happy New Year for UK as Gloom Worsens by Holly Ellyatt posted 12/21/2012 on CNBC).

With gloomy economic forecasts, falling consumer confidence and poor retail figures adding to concerns over talk of the U.K. leaving the European Union, 2013 is set to be a tough year for the country, analysts say…

“There’s been a lot of discounting in the high streets because the shops are trying to shift stock and it’s not working,” Jane Foley, senior currency strategist at Rabobank, told CNBC…

Foley told CNBC that growth had been disappointing mainly due to inflation and low wage growth.

“[Inflation] took money out of our pockets and made our real wages negative. Many economists were anticipating that by now we would have positive wage growth but no, again we have sticky inflation and inflation at high levels because of university fees and utility bills going up.”

Funny how universities and the utilities are never labeled as greedy profit whores.  No, they never get attacked like those in business do.  Instead they attack greedy taxpayers who don’t volunteer to pay more in taxes to help subsidize the high cost of education and utilities.  They’re the greedy profit whores.  Who oppose those in education and the utilities from living a better life than they do.  How selfish.

University professors brainwash their students into being good liberal voters.  The utilities are unionized.  Both do a lot to elect liberals to office.  And keep them in office.  Therefore those who attack health insurers, doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies never attack those in education and the utilities.  Even though they are gouging consumers far more than health insurers, doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

For all the talk about leveling the playing field and looking out for the little guy the Left sure likes taking care of their own.  In a country where there is no nobility there is an aristocracy.  Government workers.  And those who help the government gain and maintain power.  These people live the good life.  While the rest are attacked for being greedy.  Pay high tuition costs.  And pay high utility bills.  The aristocracy has to pay these things, too.  But with the generous pay and benefits package they give themselves they can easily afford these things.  Thanks to the power they have to make us pay high tuition costs and high utility bills.  As well as high taxes.


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Even with Subsidies Electricity produced by Free Sunshine still more costly than that produced by Coal and Natural Gas

Posted by PITHOCRATES - March 18th, 2012

Week in Review

There is no such thing as free electricity.  Even when the fuel source to generate that electricity is free (see Solar power growth jumps to new record by Matt Daily posted 3/14/2012 on Reuters).

The national solar industry installed a record number of panels in 2011, more than double 2010, and is likely to see strong growth again this year, according to a new report…

The growth in U.S. demand comes as the makers of the panels that turn light into electricity have struggled to earn profits amid a glut of supplies on the global market that eroded margins…

Despite declining prices for solar panels in recent years, the sector still relies on government subsidies to make the power projects competitive with coal and natural gas.

They’re struggling to make a profit despite government subsidies?  Interesting.  You would think that utilities would jump to build electrical generating capacity that used free fuel.  But they don’t.  For though sunshine is free the infrastructure to catch it is not.  Which makes the capital costs to build the necessary solar panel arrays to capture that free sunshine so great that it’s cheaper to build a plant where they will pay for fuel.  Despite those subsidies.  Which is why they are building coal-fired and natural gas-fired plants.  Not solar power plants.  And they will build even fewer once those subsidies go bye-bye.

There is a simple reason for this.  The concentration of energy available in the fuel.  Coal and natural gas have a high concentration of energy so a little of it can produce a lot of electricity.  Sunshine doesn’t.  So it takes a lot of it to produce the same amount of electricity.  Requiring huge numbers of solar panel arrays.  To catch enough of that free sunshine to produce a meaningful amount of electricity.  Thus condemning it to be the high-cost alternative to coal and natural gas.  As well as nuclear power and hydropower.  And being the least dependable of the four.  For when the sun doesn’t shine coal, natural gas, nuclear fuel rods and falling water can still convert energy into electricity.


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