FT171: “The IRS scandal shows why conservatives must hide in the closet while liberals enjoy their free speech.” —Old Pithy

Posted by PITHOCRATES - May 24th, 2013

Fundamental Truth

There is no Free Speech in the Workplace these Days unless You’re a Liberal

You’ve probably noticed something in today’s workplace.  You can tell who the liberals are.  And you have a pretty good idea who the moderates and conservatives are.  How?  Easy.  Liberals are very outspoken in the workplace.  They have no problem talking politics.  Or making nasty comments about conservatives.  Especially the Tea Party conservatives.  Who they will openly disparage in the most vulgar terms.  Especially when talking to fellow liberals.  And they will always have a snide remark for the conservatives in the workplace.

Moderates, on the other hand, are friendly and easy going.  They prefer to avoid politics.  And will be friendly with people on both sides of the aisle.  While conservatives will be polite and respectful to their coworkers.  Avoiding politics for the most part.  But when they do talk politics they will lower their voice, look to see who is within earshot and will only talk politics with a fellow conservative.  Why is this?

Because there is no free speech in the workplace these days.  Unless you’re a liberal.  For a liberal can call George W. Bush an idiot.  They can call the American people who elected him idiots.  And can say that he was an illegitimate president because of that fiasco in Florida and those hanging chads.  Which, incidentally, had Al Gore won they would never have counted hanging chads to determine how many votes to reverse because they thought the voters were confused.  But if you call President Obama an idiot in the workplace they will call you a racist.  And they may discipline you for a hate crime.  They may even do this if you criticize his failed Keynesian economic policies.  Which they will still call racist.  And a hate crime.

Liberals believe that their Stubbornness and Narrow-Mindedness is Open-Minded and Enlightened

And it’s difficult for a conservative to have liberal friends.  For if they know you are conservative it won’t be long before one of them will say something about how you want to take food away from children.  Or how you want to screw the working people to give rich people a tax break.  Or how you’re a racist.  They’ll say it in a joking manner.  Drawing laughs from others in the group.  But you don’t dare criticize them.  You don’t ask them to explain why they hold a particular view or opinion.  Not if you want to keep them as a friend.  For they can joke about how uninformed and out of touch you are.  But they’ll never be able to explain why they hold a particular view or opinion.  For they are most likely just repeating what they heard or saw in the popular culture.  Or heard in a union meeting.

You may have all the history in the world on your side.  You may be current with all the economic and financial issues of the day.  You may even have a degree in history or economics.  It won’t matter.  You can cite Adam Smith, Montesquieu, David Ricardo, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, etc., all day long.  But it won’t matter.  You can explain Say’s law and prove it in contemporary terms how supply creates its own demand.  For example, no one was demanding the Internet.  In fact, when it first came around it took a long time to convince people of its value.  The supply (the Internet) came first.  Then the demand (our enjoyment of the World Wide Web) followed.  Eventually.  Proving Say’s law.  But it just won’t matter.  Because your liberal friends will just laugh with all-knowing condescension at how uninformed and out of touch you are.  Then they may just get mean.  And start with the name calling.

Which is why there are closet-conservatives.  While there is no such thing as a closet-liberal.  Because a liberal doesn’t have to be guarded about what they say.  But a conservative does.  A conservative cares deeply about where the country is heading by following the failed Keynesian policies of the past.  They would like to engage in the political process.  To engage their friends in debate.  To try and persuade them to change their political views.  But their friends don’t want their views or opinions challenged.  And will resent you for even trying.  While being exasperated that you won’t change your views and opinions to match theirs.  Calling you stubborn and narrow-minded.  While they believe that their stubbornness and narrow-mindedness is open-minded and enlightened.

Does the IRS’ Suppression of the Conservative Voice during the 2012 Election make the Obama Presidency Illegitimate?

A conservative cannot win by coming out of the closet.  Not in today’s workplace.  Or in his or her circle of friends.  Even if you have a good liberal friend where you can both speak your minds because your liberal friend will have liberal friends.  How many times have you been at a party with your liberal friend and all of a sudden year hear a snide remark about your political beliefs from a complete stranger?  It makes you wonder how that even came up in conversation.  And you wonder what else your friend told this stranger about you.  And who else knows your ‘dirty little secret’.  That you are a conservative.

This is where it gets a little scary.  For in your liberal circle of friends there could be some government workers.  Maybe an IRS agent.  And the last thing you want to make public is that you’re a Tea Party conservative making donations to conservative candidates.  Because when it comes to party politics it’s a little like living in a police state if you’re a conservative with money.  For money equals free speech today.  Because money pays for political ads.  Like those ads the Democrats flood the airwaves with during an election campaign.  For they are well funded.  They have rich Hollywood elites at thousand-dollars-a-plate fundraisers.  Public school teachers.  And public sector union members.  Who all send a portion of their union dues to Democrat coffers.  Whether they want to or not.  So some conservatives want to donate money, too.  To level the playing field.  And get their voice heard against this well-funded liberal drumbeat.  But making political donations can bring an unpleasant spotlight on you.

Case in point Frank Vandersloot.  CEO of Melaleuca.  Which made a million dollar donation to a super PAC supporting Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.  Just as liberal Bill Maher made a million dollar donation to a super PAC supporting President Obama.  Soon a Democrat website for the reelection of President Obama published Vandersloot’s name.  And unleashed a personal assault on him.  And his business.  Business then suffered.  Soon after the IRS audited him.  Twice.  And the Department of Labor audited him.  Something Bill Maher did not suffer for his million dollar donation to a super PAC.  It cost him almost $80,000 in legal fees.  But the audits came up empty.  No fines.  Or penalties.  In fact the IRS owes him a refund.  Which he was still waiting for as of May 2013.

Was this harassment of Vandersloot just a coincidence?  The recent IRS scandal suggests that it wasn’t.  And shows why conservatives must hide in the closet while liberals enjoy their free speech.  For when conservatives donate to super PACs they don’t get treated like Bill Maher.  They get treated like Frank Vandersloot.  Which really dissuaded other conservatives from coming forward to exercise their free speech.  Resulting in suppressing the conservative voice during the 2012 election.  And suppressing, as a result, conservative voter turnout.  Suggesting that the Obama presidency is the illegitimate presidency.  Not the Bush presidency.



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Britain’s National Health Service is more of a 9-5 Business than is the American Health Care System

Posted by PITHOCRATES - May 18th, 2013

Week in Review

People in the IRS used their vast powers to harass people they didn’t like.  People who opposed the Obama administration.  Or the liberal cause.  In general conservatives.  In particular Tea Party conservatives.  People who donated money to the Mitt Romney 2012 election campaign felt the full wrath of the federal government.  Being audited by both the IRS and the Labor Department.  Scary stuff.  Now imagine the IRS being in charge of your health care.  And you’re a political enemy of the liberal cause.  Well, you won’t have to imagine for long.  Because the IRS will soon have that power under Obamacare.  Very soon.

What makes this a frightening prospect is the nature of a more nationalized health care system.  Where limited resources are stretched to cover more patients.  Resulting in shortages.  The need for rationing.  Even the need to deny services to some.  Because the budget just can’t afford it.  Such as being unable to provide health care services after the workweek is done because they don’t have enough doctors available.  So they farm out after-hours work to moonlighting doctors.  Like the NHS is doing in Britain (see Doctors being offered £1,350 per shift for out-of-hours cover by Claire Carter posted 5/14/2013 on The Telegraph).

GPs are being paid £150 an hour for nine-hour shifts to plug holes at times when regular staff are not working.

The firm, Harmoni, is also offering bonuses to doctors for referring a friend in a desperate attempt to staff the service, reports suggest.

The new revelations follow claims that Harmoni is struggling to find doctors to run the service and has resorted to using senior nurses to provide cover. It is claimed that GPs are reluctant to work for the provider because of concerns over care standards.

Despite questions over out-of-hours care, Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, said GPs should not necessarily be on call at evenings and weekends because they work hard and have lives of their own.

Under Labour’s 2004 renegotiation of their contracts, GPs were allowed to hand responsibility for out-of-hours care to private firms such as Harmoni, which has contracts in London, the south east, the midlands and the west country…

It was also claimed terminally ill cancer patients had to wait eight hours for a doctor to visit them to give them pain relief.

The disclosures come amid concern that an extra four million patients are flooding A&E units each year due to insufficient out-of-hours services.

Flooding the A&E units (i.e., emergency rooms)?  People in pain waiting for 8 hours for pain relief?  This is national health care.  Now imagine a government using their powers to distribute these limited health care resources based on one’s political leanings.  Member of the Tea party?  Come back when we open on Monday for your pain relief.  A member of a public sector union and supporter of the liberal cause?  We’ll see you now.

Don’t think this can happen under Obamacare?  Only a year ago people were saying that the IRS wasn’t targeting conservatives in general.  And Tea Party conservatives in particular.  It turns out that the IRS was targeting these enemies of the liberal cause.  So it is likely we’ll be having the same discussion in a few years.  That it turns out the government was using its authority over the health care system to punish their political enemies.  Just like they used the IRS and the Labor Department years earlier to punish their political enemies.  If these past actions are any indication of future actions of an even more powerful federal government.

And the spirit of Thomas Jefferson weeps.  For he would see little difference between what the federal government became and what the British monarchy was.  Oppressive.  And arbitrary.  Where those connected to the ruling elite did well.  While those who dared to speak up against the ruling elite found their names on a list.  And faced persecution.  This is not Thomas Jefferson’s United States.  But what he feared.  If Thomas Jefferson were alive today he would be a Tea Party conservative.  Only he would be more aggressive in trying to reduce the strength and power of the federal government.  As he was more radical than conservative.  And would be unwilling to be as peaceful in his protests as the Tea Party conservatives are.



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FT170: “If liberals believed in being bipartisan they wouldn’t harass conservatives with the IRS.” —Old Pithy

Posted by PITHOCRATES - May 17th, 2013

Fundamental Truth

The Right should Rubberstamp Everything the Left wants Just like the Left did for George W. Bush

If you ever have watched the Daily Show with Jon Stewart you’ve probably noticed a recurring theme.  He gets exasperated.  A lot.  When it comes to the lack of bipartisan cooperation on the side of the Republicans.  And by bipartisan he means just giving the Democrats what they want.  Just to give up their core beliefs.  And vote for things that violate everything they stand for.

It’s the conservatives that really annoy him.  And Democrats in general.  Especially Tea Party conservatives.  Who just won’t buckle under.  And give the Democrats what they want.  Like the Republican establishment.  RINOs.  Who like the ruling class in Washington.  And want to be a part of it.  Unlike those Tea Party conservatives.  Who sound like a broken record.  We need limited government.  And lower tax rates.  Not an expanding federal government.  Paid for with higher tax rates.  And their opposition to Obamacare despite it being law really gets stuck in their craw.

President Obama’s reelection was a mandate.  At least that’s what the Democrats thought.  That the people approved of the president.  And everything he did in his first term.  That shellacking the Democrats took in the 2010 midterm elections?  Causing the rise of the Tea Party in the first place?  Because of those backroom deals?  That the Democrats made to pass Obamacare into law?  That was just an anomaly.  It meant nothing.  That was only some tin-hat wearing crazy people.  Tea-baggers, they called them.  No.  Real America reelected President Obama.  Because they wanted him to do more.  So the conservatives should just accept that.  And rubberstamp everything the Democrats want.  Just like they did for George W. Bush.

Based on the Demographic Numbers one Must Question if the Obama Presidency is Legitimate

Oh, wait a minute, they didn’t do that.  They fought him relentlessly.  Especially after the Democrats won big in the 2006 midterm elections.  Taking back both the House.  And the Senate.  For they hated George W. Bush.  And never accepted him as legitimate.  What with the debacle of the 2000 election.  Where to this day they say the Republicans stole that election.  Thanks to the Supreme Court.  Making Al Gore a millionaire in the process.  Peddling his global warming fear.  But poor Al Gore got robbed in 2000.  Because the Republicans cheated.  And suppressed voter turnout.  The only way Republicans can win elections.  Or so say the Democrats.

Of course the numbers don’t agree with that.  The demographics.  Then.  And now.  In 2001 liberals were at 17%.  Moderates at 38%.  And conservatives at 43%.  Today liberals rose to 20%.  Moderates fell to 32%.  And conservatives rose to 46%.  Conservatives are the majority.  Then.  And now.  (See In U.S., Nearly Half Identify as Economically Conservative posted 5/25/2012 on Gallup).  So conservatives can win elections.  Based on these numbers.  And should be able to do so easier than liberals.  So it must be the liberals.  They must be the ones cheating.  And suppressing voter turnout.

So Bush was legitimate.  Based on the numbers.  And it is doubtful the people want the Republicans to rollover.  Or rubberstamp the Democrat agenda.  For they did retain the House in 2012.  As they should have won the Senate.  And the White House.  Based on the horrible economy.  The killing of 4 Americans in Benghazi.  And Obamacare.  That the majority just doesn’t want.  Which begs the question.  Is the Obama presidency legitimate?

This Bipartisan Spirit of the Left is Fear and Intimidation of their Political Opponents

So how did President Obama win reelection?  And how did the Democrats hold onto the Senate?  Well, there was the mainstream media.  Which is liberal.  Following in the tradition of their godfather.  Walter Cronkite.  Only out of the closet.  For there are no closet liberals these days.  There’s Hollywood.  Television.  The music industry.  The public schools.  And our universities.  All liberal.  Just a small sliver of the population.  But a highly leveraged sliver.  As they have greatly amplified voices.  Which gives them legitimacy.  As television and movies sway a lot of people.  Especially the young.  Who our teachers program in our public schools.  And our professors brainwash in our universities.  Despite all of this, though, we’re still a conservative people.  While liberals still hold at 20%.  So there must be something else.

Which brings us back to cheating.  And voter suppression.  Liberals hate the Tea Party.  And conservatives.  Blaming them for their loss of the House.  In that 2010 shellacking.  Ever since then liberals have slandered the Tea Party.  Called them racists.  And every other dirty name in the book.  Including tea baggers.  They hated these people.  And were not going to allow a repeat of 2010.  With President Obama in the White House it put the liberals in charge of the executive branch of government.  Giving them power.  Which they used.  By having the most feared agency of the federal government harass the conservatives.  Especially the Tea Party.  As groups applied for tax-exempt status the IRS harassed them.  Asking them for a lot information.  Personal information.  That they could use against them.  Such as releasing the names of their major donors to liberal websites.  Who destroyed and intimidated these donors as best as they could.  Some of these people faced costly audits by the IRS.  Even suffered through costly audits from the Labor Department.  The message was clear.  If you tried to exercise your First Amendment right against the Obama administration beware.  For you will feel the wrath of the federal government.  Muzzling the opposition.  Making it easier to win.  Despite the horrible economy.  Benghazi.  And Obamacare.

This is the bipartisan spirit of the left.  Fear and intimidation.  And when that doesn’t work they speak in an exasperated voice.  Of Republicans.  And their refusal to work with the Democrats.  In a bipartisan manner.  Expressing their frustration.  That 46% of the population won’t just give in to 20% of the population.  Giving up their core beliefs.  And to just vote for things that violate everything they stand for.  Something the Democrats never did for George W. Bush.  But it is a moral outrage when the Republicans won’t do it for President Obama.



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