Like most Acts of Domestic Terrorism the Boston Bombings have a Connection to Militant Islam

Posted by PITHOCRATES - April 21st, 2013

Week in Review

We’ve had some people with mental health problems obtain firearms and go on shooting sprees on soft targets.  Grade schools.  Colleges.  Theaters.  High schools.  The government’s answer to these?  Take guns away from law-abiding people.  As they don’t appear to want to track people with mental health problems.  Which would be easier.  Because there are a lot of warning signs.  Schools complain about strange and disturbing behavior.  Strange and disturbing enough to expel some people from school.  But it ends there.  And these people wander free amongst us.  Family members have even tried to get these people committed for public safety concerns.  But doing that today is so difficult that few can get people who are a danger to themselves or to the public committed.  Changing this would make grade schools, colleges, theaters and high schools safer than new gun control legislation.  For using guns is not the only way to kill soft targets (see Boston bombers: FBI hunting 12-strong terrorist “sleeper cell” linked to brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev by Christopher Bucktin and Andy Lines posted 4/21/2013 on the Mirror).

The FBI was last night hunting a 12-strong terrorist “sleeper cell” linked to the Boston marathon bomb brothers.

Police believe Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were specially trained to carry out the devastating attack.

More than 1,000 FBI operatives were last night working to track down the cell and arrested a man and two women 60 miles from Boston in the hours before Dzhokhar’s dramatic capture after a bloody shootout on Friday.

A source close to the investigation said: “We have no doubt the brothers were not acting alone. The devices used to detonate the two bombs were highly sophisticated and not the kind of thing people learn from Google.

“They were too advanced. Someone gave the brothers the skills and it is now our job to find out just who they were. Agents think the sleeper cell has up to a dozen members and has been waiting several years for their day to come…”

Investigators have begun piecing together how the “well-mannered” brothers of Chechen origin were radicalised. Neighbours of the family said older brother Tamerlan had recently become obsessed with Islam. He mysteriously left the US in January last year to spend six months in Russia. Yesterday senior FBI counter-terrorism official Kevin Brock said: “It’s a key thread for investigators.”

It also emerged the Bureau interviewed Tamerlan two years ago, at the request of the Russian government, but could not establish that he had ties to terrorist radicals.

This was despite his worrying Russian-language YouTube page featuring links to extremist Islamic sites and others since taken down by YouTube.

One link showed an hour-long speech by an Islamic teacher called Shaykh Feiz Mohammed, while other videos are labled “Terrorists” and “Islam”.

The radical cleric, with links to extremist British Muslims, encouraged his followers to become martyrs for Islam. He said: “Teach them this: There is nothing more beloved to me than wanting to die as a mujahid…”

US Government officials have said the brothers were not under surveillance as possible militants. And an FBI statement said the matter was closed because interviews with Tamerlan and family members “did not find any terrorism activity, domestic or foreign”. But now they believe the pair, who emigrated to the United States from Dagestan about a decade ago, were part of a terror cell.

If there is a sleeper cell they may be able find a trail to them by exploring the past lives of the two bombers.  There were a lot of warning signs before the bombings we missed.  Perhaps we’ll be able to see them when we’re actually looking for them.

It almost appears that we have a problem looking at people.  Whether they’re people with mental health problems.  Or domestic terrorists.  It’s as bad as our airport security.  Where we’re patting down every grandmother and child.  We need to start profiling people.  Not so much by skin color.  But by behavior.  And with good questioning.  “Where are you traveling?  Who are you visiting?  Where does he work?  What’s his boss’ name?  Where does his wife work?  How good are you at making bombs?”  Depending on the answers to these questions security either moves on to someone else.  Or they pull this person aside for further questioning.

We need well-trained and highly skilled people.  So we don’t turn the country into a police state.  Observe everyone.  Question those whose behavior looks off in some way.  And read their body language.  Is he searching for answers?  Or do they appear too well rehearsed?  Does he seem nervous?  Is he avoiding eye contact?  Is he sweating?  Does he laugh at the bomb question?  Or does he flinch involuntarily?  Does he seem different from other travelers?  Is he carrying a large backpack and doesn’t appear interested in what everyone else is interested in?  Like a marathon?  If so perhaps security should approach this person.  Talk to him.  Ask what’s inside that backpack.  And search that backpack.  You can’t search everyone standing along a marathon course.  But you can have security mingling through the crowds looking for things that are not like other things.

Of course before you can do that you have to admit that there are people out there that want to hurt us.  That there is a War on Terror.  And not explain terrorist attacks away as workplace violence (the Fort Hood shooting).  Or say that al Qaeda is on the ropes and deny additional security requests in a hot bed of Islamist activity (Benghazi).  Just because it wouldn’t look good during an election campaign where a common refrain was Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive.

To fight the War on Terror will require some in government to stop putting politics first.  The gun control debate is more about passing long-desired legislation than it is about making our kids safe.  To prevent the senseless slaughter of innocent people by people with mental health problems it would be far more effective to institutionalize these people that are a risk to themselves and to the public.  And to protect us from further acts of domestic terrorism we have to be able to say words like Muslim extremist.  Militant Islamist.  Islamist terrorist.  For even Bill Maher has said that Islam is the one faith that has a history of killing Americans.  Not all Muslims are terrorists.  But Muslims carry out the majority of terrorist attacks.  And until you accept that fact how are you going to defend the United States against militant Islam?  For you can’t fight this war with one arm tied behind your back because of political correctness.  Which means when we’re profiling people we have to look at those who are most likely to kill us in a terrorist attack.  People who travel to hotbeds of Islamist activity.  Those who are kicked out of mosques for being too radical.  People who have YouTube pages featuring links to extremist Islamic sites.  And what do these all have in common?  That word the Obama administration does not like to use attached to any acts of domestic terrorism.  Muslim.


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Two Armed Police Officers prevent Possible Massacre in Alabama Hospital

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 15th, 2012

Week in Review

If you ever spent time in a U.S. hospital you probably noticed a few things about security.  As you enter the emergency department the first person you pass is typically an armed police officer.  Either a hospital cop.  Or a city cop.  You may see a patient handcuffed to a gurney with a police officer walking behind it (bad guys sometimes get hurt and have to go to the hospital). And without a security card to swipe to unlock doors there are few places you can go.  Even an elevator won’t stop on the baby floor without a security card swipe.  As people tend to steal babies.  So hospitals tend to be little fortresses who take their security seriously.  Which is one of the safest places a person can be (see Gunman wounds 3 at Alabama hospital posted 12/16/2012 on Sky News).

Authorities in Alabama say a gunman has opened fire in a hospital, wounding an officer and two employees before being fatally shot by police…

Williams says police were called because a man with a gun was walking through St Vincent’s Hospital on Saturday morning.

When he was confronted by officers, he started shooting and wounded one of them. That’s when the second officer shot and killed the man.

Don’t know what this gunman planned on doing but whatever it was he didn’t have a long time to try it.  Swift action by armed cops subdued him before he could kill doctors, nurses and patients.  If that was his plan.

This is why mass murderers target shopping malls, movie theaters, colleges, high schools and elementary schools.  They don’t often walk into police stations, army bases or hospitals.  They prefer soft targets.  Where no one can hurt them.  If some place has people who can shoot back chances are that they are not going to go there.

The shooting at Newtown is a tragedy.  We don’t know much yet.  Other than he had time to shoot 26 people.  Because he was safe to do so.  If it was a day where the police were at the school doing a presentation for the students things would have been different.  Because a cop could have drawn his or her weapon the moment they saw a gun.  And fired back after the first pull of his trigger.  Like the police did in Alabama.

Bo Dietl is a former New York City Police Department detective and now runs a security company.  Since the shooting some schools have contacted him inquiring about an armed, retired police officer to work security in their school.  To have an armed police presence in their schools.  Like that hospital in Alabama.  Because it works.

It would be wrong to politicize this tragedy to push forward new gun control legislation.  For bad people will always get their guns.  And one thing that bad people like are soft targets.  When Florida passed legislation to allow Floridians to carry concealed weapons crimes on tourists increased.  Because bad people like soft targets.  Not those that can shoot back.  So after getting shot by a Floridian or two they started going after unarmed people.  Tourists.

Some will, and are, pointing to gun violence in the U.S. and comparing it to countries with strict gun control countries.  But there are more differences between these countries than gun control laws.  These other countries don’t have movies and television programs with graphic gun violence desensitizing their youth.  Or rap/hip-hop music glorifying gun violence.  Or as many people playing graphic video games filled with guns and murder.  This kind of violence didn’t happen when kids played cowboys and Indians or army back in the Fifties.  And we’ve had guns since the founding of this country.  And before.  There’s more to it than the guns.  You just can’t address the guns if you don’t address the gun violence in our pop culture.  And the lack of civility and societal decay.  If you remove the guns but do nothing to reverse the lack of civility and societal decay bad people will find other ways to hurt soft targets.  Timothy McVeigh didn’t use a gun and he killed 168 people and injured over 800.  The greatest terrorist attack on American soil, 9/11, began when men hijacked 4 commercial airliners with box cutters.  Since then we have armed air marshals on board our airplanes.  And even some pilots began carrying guns.

Guns don’t kill people.  Societal decay does.  It wasn’t that long ago when our parents slept at night without locking their doors.  No one would do that today.  Because society has changed.  People lack empathy.  They’re uncivil.  We do drugs more than we ever have.  More children are born to single women than ever before.  Married parents both have to work to get by these days.  It’s a different world for children today.  And some are growing up differently because of it.  They’re spending less time as innocent children.  And getting into trouble earlier.  Running with gangs.  Mimicking what they see in the movies, on TV and in those video games.  Perhaps having trouble separating what’s real.  And what is just a game.

Hug your kids.  For family is everything.  And say a prayer for those in Newtown.


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