Women Doctors suffer Sexual Harassment thanks to the Left’s Sexualization of Women

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 12th, 2013

Week in Review

Australia was once part of the British Empire.  Like the United States.  And both were very Christian when they were part of the British Empire.  And they remained religious following their independence.  For a while.  But then we both drifted away from our religious teachings.  And began to lose our civility (see Most female doctors suffer sexual harassment, say researchers by Australian Associated Press posted 10/7/2013 on The Guardian).

Most women GPs suffer sexual harassment from patients during their career, according to researchers, who have written a letter to the Medical Journal of Australia.

The most common concerns are requests for inappropriate examinations, inappropriate exposure of body parts and gender-based remarks.

Touching and grabbing are also problems, according to a questionnaire-based survey by Dr Peter Bratuskins of Monash University in Melbourne.

He and his colleagues report that 54.5% of respondents have been harassed by a patient.

Before the Sexual Revolution, birth control and abortion, before we sexualized women, we treated women like ladies.  The left thinks treating a woman like a lady means inferring she’s the weaker sex and should remain barefoot and pregnant.  To forgo a career so her husband can have one.  That’s what the left thinks.  But the right doesn’t.  They believe treating a woman like a lady means we don’t sexualize her.  And we see more than just her lady parts.

The percentage of people in Australia who have no religion jumped from less than 1% to 6.7% following the Sexual Revolution.  Rising to 18.7% in 2006.  The further we move from religion the easier it is to sexualize women.  Because we believe that there is no judgment of our behavior after we die.  Which turns medical examinations into cheap sexual thrills with women doctors.  Because today we live in a sex-dominated world. Where we use sex to sell everything.  Putting sex foremost on the mind of many men.  Who interpret the women’s movement as the nod of approval to look at women as the sum total of their lady parts.



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Because Democrats have Sexualized Women they now need a Law banning Revenge Porn

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 5th, 2013

Week in Review

According to Democrats the Republicans have a war on women.  They don’t want to give women free birth control.  They don’t want to give them abortions.  They don’t even want to give them the morning-after pill.  Republicans just don’t want women to have fun with their sexuality.  Because they hate women.  Unlike Democrats.  Who say high school kids are going to have sex no matter what we say.  So why not help them?  For these kids are responsible adults.  And make responsible decisions (see Calif. Bans Revenge Porn posted 10/2/2013 on The Daily Beast)

California Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed a bill that banned so-called “revenge porn,” making it a crime punishable by a $1,000 fine or six months in jail to post naked photos of your ex.

Of course if they were that responsible they wouldn’t need a law to protect them from themselves.

This is what happens when the Democrats sexualize women.  Making them nothing but talking vaginas.  In a vagina-centric world.  Giving them birth control, abortion and the morning-after pill so they can have all the sex the boys in their lives want to have.  Teaching them that being pretty and pleasing boys are the most important things in their lives.  So is it any surprise that they become personal porn models for their boyfriends?  Posing nude in provocative poses for them?  So they can share these photos with all of their friends?

Yeah, it’s the Republicans that have a war on women.



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