Apparently Women don’t mind being Objectified as long as it is for Something Luxurious

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 7th, 2013

Week in Review

Sex sells.  And women sell sex.  Apparently (see Women Hate Sexually Explicit Ads, Unless They’re Selling Something Expensive by Katy Waldman posted 12/5/2013 on Slate).

According to researchers led by the University of Minnesota’s Kathleen Vohs, women find erotically charged ads less distasteful when they promote very expensive items. We like our objectification classed up, thank you…

The researchers explain their findings by way of sexual economics theory, which treats the heterosexual dating pool as a marketplace and sex as a commodity. The story goes that since women sell sex to men in exchange for resources—including hard-to-quantify ones like attention—they want the world to perceive their eroticized bodies as “rare and precious.” Ads that link female sexuality to exclusive, high-value goods help; ads that equate a woman’s erotic charms to a cheapo Casio timepiece obviously do not. “Using sexual images to promote an inexpensive product fosters undesirable associations between sex and cheapness, commonness, or low value, which is antithetical to women’s preferences about how sex should be understood,” the authors write.

There was an episode of Scrubs where Carla and Eliot (best gal pals) were talking about sex.  The conversation veered into a night of sex between Carla and her husband.  Eliot said something like, “You didn’t do that, did you?”  And Carla replied, “Of course not.  I’m saving that for something nice.  Like a tennis bracelet.”  Of course, the that they were talking about was anal sex.  Something a lot of men want.  But not their ladies.  Unless they can get something real nice in exchange, that is.  Like a tennis bracelet.

Apparently life imitates art.  Women do sell sex.  As long as it’s for something really nice.  Something as rare and precious as their sexual goods.  Perhaps this why Ted Night’s wife was so offended when Rodney Dangerfield said, “You’re a lot of woman, you know that? Yeah, wanna make 14 dollars the hard way?” in Caddyshack.  Perhaps if he had offered to buy her a villa in Tuscany she would have been flattered.

Maybe this is why the Democrats are such advocates of free birth control and access to abortion.  For the economics of it.  For a lady being with child must discount her sexual goods in the left’s eyes.  Making them less ‘rare and precious’ as, say, a lingerie model.  How the left like their women.  Based on how they’ve sexualized them (all that birth control and abortion helps keep them barren and sexual).  And an inconvenient/untimely pregnancy could be the difference between a cheapo Casio timepiece and a luxurious 18 carat gold Cartier chronometer.  The kind of gift rich men buy their lingerie model girlfriends who are young enough to be their daughters.  Which is the price these old men must pay to enjoy their sexual goods.

Of course this begs the question if their sexual goods are so ‘rare and precious’ why do they give then away so much that they need birth control and abortion?  The whole concept of ‘hooking up’ makes a woman’s sexual goods anything but rare.  If it’s a smorgasbord for men out there that makes these sexual goods cheapo Casio timepieces.  For when they meet at a party on campus no one is giving a woman a luxurious 18 carat gold Cartier chronometer for a roll on some stranger’s unmade bed.  Actually, it’s the monogamous married woman who has the rare and precious goods.  Because only one person has access to them.  Making them the ultimate ‘must have’ that no one can.  What some misogynist and hedonistic men prize above all others.  Bedding the elusive married women.  The ultimate forbidden fruit.  A prim and proper lady.

This is what the left prefers.  Less lady-like behavior and more overt sexuality.  Casual sex with multiple partners.  Reducing women to their sexual goods.  While Republicans prefer marriage and monogamy.  And yet it’s the Republicans that have a war on women.  Go figure.


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Aging Casino Waitresses turn to the Union to Protect their Jobs from Younger and Sexier Women

Posted by PITHOCRATES - June 9th, 2013

Week in Review

Sex sells.  Advertising is full of scantily clad women peddling some product.  Television executives push the envelope with racier content during the family hour.  And famous actresses often show their boobs in the movies for a bigger paycheck.  Because guys want to see famous actresses’ boobs.  Even Seth McFarlane sang a song about seeing these actresses’ boobs at the Oscars.  Something many of them were not amused at.  Yet they showed them.  Because sex sells.  Always has.  And always will.  Especially with attractive women.  Who can often increase their income by showing a little more flesh.  And do.  Until they age.  At which time they turn to the union to keep a job they got with their looks.  Such as waitressing in a casino (see Conn. casino cocktail waitresses fight shoe rules by Michael Melia, Associated Press, posted on Yahoo! News).

Cheryl Haase has been serving cocktails for more than two decades, and the 52-year-old waitress says she has a list of foot ailments to prove it.

The miles she has walked carrying trays of drinks through the Foxwoods Resort Casino in high heels have sent her over the years to chiropractors and podiatrists for injections to treat inflammation.

Now she and a union representing her fellow cocktail waitresses at the country’s largest casino are fighting for the servers to wear shoes of their own choosing. Many have worked at the casino since it opened in 1992, and some see proposed new requirements as a bid to push them out and make way for younger workers.

“Most of us girls have been here for 20 years, 15 years. This job has really done a number on our feet and they know it,” Haase said…

From Las Vegas to Atlantic City, footwear for cocktail waitresses has been a spiky issue as image-conscious casinos encourage dress codes to help attract customers. A coalition that formed more than a decade ago in Nevada challenged casinos with rallies against high heels. In New Jersey in the 1990s, female servers sued the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, which had waitresses it dubbed “Borgata Babes” wear high heels and cleavage-baring bustiers. The lawsuit was settled in 2008…

‘The higher the heel, the larger the tip…’

At Foxwoods, some cocktail waitresses sought out the union around 2009, partly because of their concerns that older workers were vulnerable…

Haase, who has 13-year-old triplets, said she makes only half of what she used to as the gaming slump has cut into her tip money, but she does not want to give up on a job where she enjoys seniority.

Prostituting yourself for tips is a young woman’s game.  Look, it’s no secret who’s spending money at casinos.  Old men with money who like looking at sexy waitresses.  Even your greasy diners will hire sexy waitresses to get old men who don’t cook to become regulars.  And these waitresses will flirt with these old coots, pinch their cheeks, call them sweetheart and show a lot of cleavage all day long.  Because these old coots will tip more when these sexy waitresses flirt with them.

It’s tough for a 52-year-old to wear spike heels and compete with younger waitresses.  But a woman who’s worked at a casino for 20 years no doubt took a job away from an older woman who could not wear sexy high heels or a bustier showing ample cleavage.  That was okay when they were getting a job when they were young and sexy.  But it’s wrong when the owner wants to do the same thing again.  Only with other women who are young and sexy.

You can’t have it both ways.  You can’t use your sexuality to get a job and make big tips.  Then complain about that same owner wanting to replace you because you’re not as sexy as you once were.  And these old coots are buying a drink or two less because of it.  No.  There’s a reason these old coots are staying in the casino a little longer even when they are losing.  Because some sexy waitress is calling them sweetheart while showing a lot of leg and cleavage.


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