A Gun Evens the Odds and Allows a Mother to Defend Herself and her Children

Posted by PITHOCRATES - January 6th, 2013

Week in Review

The advantage of a gun in self-defense is that you can engage the person attacking you at a distance.  Allowing you to fire multiple shots at an intruder before they get close enough to cause you personal harm.  For example, in a home invasion someone can retreat deep into the house while shouting out warnings that he or she has a gun and will fire if the intruder does not leave the house.  If the intruder disregards these warnings and pursues to cause unknown harm that person can begin firing that weapon.  Sending out a hail of lead in the hopes he or she can stop the intruder before he can advance far enough to apply lethal force.  Like this (see Mom shoots intruder 5 times by Effie Orfanides posted 1/5/2013 on the examiner).

An Atlanta, GA mom shot an intruder 5 times after he discovered the place where she and her children had been hiding. The woman, who remains unidentified, put her life on the line to protect her twins and her story has made national news. On Jan. 6, FOX 8 reported that a man broke into the woman’s house and was shot by the woman when he approached the crawlspace where she and her kids were hiding…

… The woman fired six shots, five of which struck Slater in the face and neck. The man fled the home and ran to a nearby home,” FOX 8 reported. His injuries sound serious but, according to the report, he did not die.

The intruder took five bullets to the face and neck before turning and fleeing.  Imagine if that mother only had a knife.  She would have had to wait until the intruder could physically touch her before she could apply lethal force with that knife.  And chances are that the intruder would have been able to wrestle that knife away and use it to inflict lethal force onto the mother.  If she had no weapon the intruder could have walked right up to her and apply lethal force with his bare hands.  And do likewise to her children.

Without a gun that mother would have been no match for that intruder.  It was the gun that made it possible for the mother to defend herself and her children from a superior attacking force.  A gun this intruder no doubt wished she didn’t have.  For if there were gun control laws prohibiting her from owning a firearm he would not have fled that home until he was good and ready to leave.  And he wouldn’t have five bullet wounds in the face and neck.



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FT151: “While rich liberals can hire armed body guards many ordinary Americans can only afford a gun for their protection.” —Old Pithy

Posted by PITHOCRATES - January 4th, 2013

Fundamental Truth

Rich Celebrities don’t need Guns for they have People with Concealed Weapons protecting Them

Rich liberal celebrities are on the gun control bandwagon.  Again.  They want to ban guns from the general public.  Taking to the airwaves to exploit the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.  They want to do this because it makes them feel the smart, enlightened liberals they think they are.  Who know there is no need for a person to own a gun.  At least, not in their world.

These rich celebrities live in veritable fortresses in some of the most affluent areas in the country.  Once ensconced in their palatial homes they’re safe.  There may be horrible violence going on in the inner-cities but they’re safe and sound in their secured estates.  With state-of-the-art security systems.  The best that money can buy.  And when they go places they often have people.  That include security guards carrying a concealed weapon.  So in their world there is no need to own a gun.

It’s a different story for a family—or a young single woman—living in the best neighborhood they can afford.  Which may not be all that safe.  They may live in the proximity of that inner-city violence that doesn’t reach those rich celebrities living in their secured estates.  With the best security system that their immense wealth can buy.  Those living outside these gated fortresses have to fend for themselves.  And trust their lives to the locks on their doors.

If you don’t live in a Secured Estate with Private Security Guards you’re on your own when it comes to your Protection

When it comes to combat you want to engage your enemy at the greatest distance possible.  At the Siege of Khe Sanh in the Vietnam War the Americans used everything at their disposal to attack the enemy as far from their security perimeter as possible.  Allowing them to use artillery, mortars, gunships, tactical fighter aircraft and even B-52 strategic bombers flying tactical missions against the enemy without endangering their own troops.  For if the enemy got into their perimeter it removed all of these assets from the defense equation.  Leaving the Americans with little but small arms, bayonets, knives and blunt-force instruments to defend themselves.  Which does a poor job when waves of enemy soldiers are overwhelming your position.

When fighting from a standing position Navy SEALs practice their small arms firing while leaning forward towards their enemy.  Why?  If they get shot they will fall forward.  With their weapon still pointed towards the enemy.  So they can still engage the enemy if they are wounded and fall.  Even continue to advance if the wound is not too severe.  Because the enemy is doing the same thing.  Trying to advance on them.  Even if they take a bullet or two.  These walking wounded can still engage each other with lethal force.  Which is why you want to engage your enemy at the greatest distance possible in case it takes more than one shot to incapacitate the enemy.  Especially if it’s a superior force assaulting you.

If you don’t live in a secured estate with private security patrolling the grounds you’re on your own when it comes to your protection.  And in the case of a home evasion there is no time for heroics or gallantry in battle.  Especially for a young woman living by herself.  Grabbing a knife to defend herself may work but it will require her enemy to get within her security perimeter before she can apply lethal force.  And the odds are she will be facing a superior enemy force.  Violent criminals.  So her best chance of surviving is to engage the enemy at as great a distance as possible.  Long before they enter the last line of her security perimeter.  Her personal space.  To give her more than just one chance to save her life.  And only a gun will allow her to do that.

When it comes to Self Defense few things work as well as a Gun

It’s easy to be sanctimonious after a great tragedy where a disturbed individual with an assault weapon violently kills innocent kids.  Especially when you have the kind of money that can make your life safer than the ordinary American.  Particularly when you can have security people with concealed weapons to protect you.  People living in the real world don’t have that luxury.  They have to live in the world these rich celebrities use their wealth to escape.  And it isn’t fair for these rich celebrities to deny the rest of the country the ability to protect themselves.  Just because they aren’t rich like them.  For they can’t afford secured estates, state-of-the-art security systems and armed security guards.  All they may be able to afford is a gun.  And should someone try to harm them they will have to use that gun to do the dirty work of protecting their lives.  Not the hired help.

Yes, some disturbed individuals out there have used guns in horrific acts of violence.  But note the places they committed these acts of horrific violence.  An elementary school.  A mall.  A movie theater.  A college campus.  A high school.  What do all of these places have in common?  They’re all gun-free zones.  Because these shooters aren’t brave warriors.  They’re cowards who want to hurt those who can’t hurt them back.  And once someone arrives on the scene that can hurt them back (either a cop or someone else with a gun) they often quickly commit suicide.

When it comes to self defense few things work as well as a gun.  For it allows a person to engage their enemy from a distance.  Allowing them more than one chance to save their life.  Giving them a few chances to stop their attacker.  Before that attacker gets within their personal space.  Where this superior force can use a knife.  A blunt-force instrument.  Or simply their hands.  Giving these ordinary Americans a chance to survive.  Like the rich celebrities.  Only without the secured estates, state-of-the-art security systems and armed security guards.



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