Famine Rumors in Mexico highlight Connection between Capitalism and Food

Posted by PITHOCRATES - January 21st, 2012

Week in Review

The Indian suicides were only rumors.  But the famine is pretty close to the truth (see Mexico hit by rumors of Indian famine, suicides by MARK STEVENSON posted 1/16/2011 on the Associated Press).

But Gasca notes that in 2011, his clinic did treat 250 Tarahumara children for malnutrition, including 25 severe cases. One 3-year-old girl died of it.

Gasca also blames the food crisis on the drought and cold.

“There has always been hunger in these hills,” Gasca said. “There have always been climate cycles, but these cycles are getting more frequent and more severe.”

He notes that logging and deforestation in the once pine-covered mountains may play a role in the drought, and is working with others to promote reforestation.

Malnutrition is a tragedy.  Especially when the most innocent suffer.  But before they lay the blame on logging and deforestation we should note that much of the emergency food aid handed out by organizations like the Red Cross comes from countries who are doing a lot of logging and deforestation in their own countries.  Countries that produce so much food that they can use it to make fuel for their automobiles.  Countries whose poor also suffer from obesity.  And countries that have so much food that they can ship it to those who have no food.

The reason these people are battling against famine isn’t because of capitalism’s greed for their trees.  It’s because of the lack of capitalism.  Capitalist countries don’t suffer famine.  They help those who do.  Because their advance civilization that capitalism allows also allows food surpluses.  The goal of civilization since the first civilizations.  Even in countries that can’t grow food.  Because any country with a free market economy can always trade for what they don’t have.  Whether it be oil.  Clothing.  Or food.



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