Kim Jong-nam thinks Kim Jong-un will be no Kim Jong-il who was no Kim Il-sung

Posted by PITHOCRATES - January 21st, 2012

Week in Review

Kim Jong-il’s eldest son, Kim Jong-nam, says his half brother, Kim Jong-un, the third in line since Kim Il-sung, Great Leader and Eternal President, will be a crappy leader (see Kim Jong-nam Says North Korea May Collapse, Book Claims by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS posted 1/18/2012 on The New York Times).

“Jong-un will just be a figurehead,” the book quotes him as saying. It also claims that he has called the collapse of North Korea’s economy likely unless the government initiates reforms, which could also bring it down.

“Without reforms and liberalization, the collapse of the economy is within sight,” Mr. Kim is quoted as saying. “But reforms and opening up could also invite dangers for the regime…”

That was a rare public sign of discord in the tightly choreographed succession process, but analysts said that Kim Jong-nam spent so much time outside his native land that his opinion carried little weight.

Still, this is a country where people live in want of the most basics of life.  Including food.  Famine being a rather frequent visitor to North Korea.  If you’re in one of those Chinese cities looking across the river to a North Korean city after dark you know what you’ll see?  Dark.  Life and an advanced civilization on one side of a bridge.  And nothing but abject poverty and not quite subsistence living on the other.  Talk about a bridge to nowhere.

Kim Jong-un is in his 20s.  Imagine a 20 year old kid being put in charge of East Germany to turn it around after the fall of the Soviet Union.  Only without a West Germany to help and pay the way.  Unless the North Korean regime collapses and the South Koreans and Chinese step up to help and pay the way to reintegrate the North Koreans into the 21st century Kim Jong-nam probably speaks the truth.  Just hope someone responsible has the keys to those nuclear weapons.


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