FT94: “It’s hard to fool smart people. Which explains the Department of Education.” -Old Pithy

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 2nd, 2011

Fundamental Truth

The Fewer in the Minority Ruling Power the Richer Each will Be

Not everyone can live like nobility.  Those privileged few who have more than the masses.  Throughout history it’s always been an elite few in power.  A minority rule over the masses.  Why?  Because the masses can only support a select few in a life of plush luxury.

Let’s do a simple exercise.  Take a group of 10 people.  Let’s assume they each earn $30,000.  Not a lot.  It’s enough to get by on but they’re not going to enjoy many luxuries in life.  Now let’s assume one of the ten assumes all power.  Promotes himself to king.  Or herself to queen.  Doesn’t work anymore.  And taxes everyone’s earnings at 35% to support the royal family.  That leaves only 9 people working.  Each now has only $19,500 after taxes to live on.  While the royal family enjoys $94,500.  Which is 485% more.  And it’s tax free.  Because the king is the taxman, too.  Pretty sweet, eh?

It’s good to be in the royal family, yes?  You bet.  But let’s see what happens if more people join the royal family from the kingdom of 10.  As summarized in the following table:

As the number of people working decreases and the number of those not working increases, the money per Royal eventually drops below that of the subjects.  So what do we learn from this little exercise?  The fewer in the minority ruling power the richer each will be.  Ergo the ruling elite must be a small minority.

Kids are Taught that Free Market Capitalism is Killing the Planet and the Polar Bears

This is politics.  And it’s been this way since the dawn of civilization.  In the days of kings minority rule was relatively easy.  But it’s been more difficult since the advent of representative government.  Because you just can’t rule by decree.  You have to win elections.  By getting the people to vote ‘yes’ to working harder.  And paying more taxes.  So those not working can live a plush life of luxury.

Of course you can’t say things like this and expect to win elections.  You have to parse the truth a little.  And by ‘parse’ I mean lie.  You make up a bunch of stuff that sounds important and worthy of doing.  Such as saving the environment.  And battling global warming.  All of which takes a bigger government to regulate the economy to save the planet.  And a lot of taxes to pay for this government.  So how do you do this?  By scaring children in public school.

The earth has warmed and cooled long before man ever put carbon in the atmosphere.  Glaciers have moved thousands of miles before man ever burned coal or created the internal combustion engine.  Oceans have risen and fallen long before Al Gore moved into his oceanfront mansion.  No matter.  For the ‘scientists’ at East Anglia have massaged the data to get the political results they set out to get.  And they say it’s now a fact that man is killing the planet.  So a world government must take over the world’s economies.  To save the planet.  So a select few can live a plush life of luxury courtesy of the labors of others.  Like Al Gore.  But you don’t tell children this.  No.  Instead you show them pictures of polar bears in ‘danger of drowning’ because they’re swimming in water.  Which they are wont to do.  In search of their food.  No matter.  Man is melting the polar icecaps.  So the kiddies are upset.  Because free market capitalism is killing the planet.  And the polar bears.

The Goal of the Department of Education is to make Good Democrat Voters

We constantly have to spend more money on public education to make our kids smarter.  Which must mean our kids graduating from public education aren’t very smart.  But they do know that free market capitalism is killing the planet.  And that global warming is melting the polar ice caps and killing the polar bears.  So they’re learning something.  Just nothing that will improve their test scores to the level of the Asians or the Indians.

Interestingly, this decline in American education coincided with the rise of the Department of Education starting in 1979.  Before then the U.S. led the world in math, science and engineering.  Because our kids were smarter than kids everywhere else.  But then the great dumbing down began.   Multiculturalism.  Diversity.  Outcomes-based education.  Emphasizing the importance of not making anyone feel bad.  Rather than emphasizing the virtue of excelling.  And, of course, indoctrinating them into global warming.  Instead of learning math, science, engineering and capitalism, the social sciences took over the curriculum.  And one fake science.  Which explains why we are now playing catch-up to the Asians and Indians.  When prior to 1979 we played catch-up to no one.

FDR’s New Deal failed.  LBJ’s Great Society failed.  And made the economy a mess in the Seventies.  Liberalism was debunked in the Eighties.  Thanks to Ronald Reagan.  But thanks to the Department of Education, a coordinated assault on our most impressionable was underway.  Keeping the spirit of liberalism alive.  And the size of government grows.  Because they lie to our kids.  Many of who grow up believing these lies.  And vote ‘yes’ to working harder.  And paying more taxes.  So those in the nobility can live a plush life of luxury.

Perhaps the Time is Right for Another Ronald Reagan before Liberalism Sinks the United States into Third World Status

It is hard to fool smart people.  Which explains the Department of Education.  Whose goal is not to make our kids smart.  But to make them good Democrat voters.  So those in government can continue to live like nobility.  And prevent another great ogre like Ronald Reagan from rising again and freeing the people from their oppression.

Which has never been more important as those not paying taxes has reached a tipping point.  And we no longer have the money to support the nobility.  Something has to give.  Perhaps the time is right for another Ronald Reagan to rise and free the people once again.  Before liberalism sinks the United States into third world status.



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Save the Planet? Or Save the People?

Posted by PITHOCRATES - November 10th, 2010

Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II Defeated Communism

John Bull once ruled the world.  The British Empire circled the globe.  Literally.  The sun never set on the British Empire.  She was feared and respected.  And envied.  Her representative government set the standard for other liberty-seeking people.  She was an economic powerhouse and a military superpower.  Which she used to give us great things.  The Industrial Revolution.  And the Pax Britannica.  Nearly a century of peace.  John Bull was invincible in the 19th century.  Then a foul wind wafted across the Rhine.  And Great Britain would never be the same again.

Of course, it was Marxism that broke wind across Western Europe and Great Britain.  And it changed Great Britain.  Instead of continuing greatness there was class struggle.   Capitalism was under attack.  Government grew big.  To protect the industrial proletariat from the bourgeoisie.  Unionism grew and their recurring strikes were called the British disease.  Soon the industrial proletariat was living like rich capitalists while the masses went without.  They had no choice.  Big Government was taxing them to death to pay British labor.  Then along came Margaret Thatcher who brought back some sense to the nation.

 Thatcher turned Great Britain around.  Then she and Ronald Reagan took on the Soviet Union with an able assist from Pope John Paul II.  The Polish pontiff helped to cause quite a bit of trouble in Poland.  Soon Poland would be free.  And within the same decade, the Berlin Wall would fall.  As did the Soviet Union.  Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II defeated communism.  John Bull was back.  Standing beside Uncle Sam.  But now a new foul stench is in the air.  This time coming from East Anglia.

University of East Anglia will Trade People for the Planet

Big Government does not give up easily.  It wants to tell us how best to live our lives.  And at the University of East Anglia, they’re telling us that we, mankind, are killing the planet.  They had a lot of facts and figures.  Leaked emails, though, showed that their data was ‘massaged’ to support their theory on global warming. 

They insist man is destroying the environment.  They point to receding glaciers as evidence.  Of course, those glaciers once nearly reached the equator.  And when they moved some 2,000 miles, man wasn’t using fossil fuels.  So it makes one believe the leaked emails more than their theory on global warming.  But it doesn’t stop them from trying to tell us what’s best for us.  Or, rather, what’s best for the planet.  Which is an important distinction.  Because, in their world, it’s one or the other. 

Town halls and city councils across Great Britain are turning off their street lights.  A couple of reasons are given.  One, their Big Government spending is bankrupting them.  Another is to save the planet (see New dark age on our streets: Up to 75 per cent of councils are dimming the lights to save money by Laura Caroe and David Derbyshire posted on the Daily Mail).

Up to three-quarters of councils are planning to turn off street lamps or dim the lights in an attempt to save money and meet climate change targets, a poll has found.

Well, that’s sensible, isn’t it?  Cut government spending.  And save the environment.

But police fear that darkened streets will act as a haven for burglars, muggers and vandals – and motoring experts warn that there may be more accidents on the roads.

And this apparently is a trade environmentalists are willing to make.  People for the planet.  After all, it’s the people that are destroying the planet in the first place.  So what if we lose some of them along the way to save the planet?  It’s only fair.  At least that’s what they no doubt think at the University of East Anglia.



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