The Obama Bus Tour Steers Clear of Black Communities, Focuses on 2012 Election instead of Jobs

Posted by PITHOCRATES - August 17th, 2011

The Professor Lectures and Scolds on the Listening Tour more than he Listens

Once again President Obama emulates George W. Bush.  First he attacked a Muslim country like Bush.  Now he bought Canadian-built buses for a pro-America jobs tour (see GOP attacks Obama bus, but Bush did same by Rick Pearson posted 8/17/2011 on the Chicago Tribune).

As President Barack Obama traveled to the first of two “town hall” stops in western Illinois today, top national and state Republicans criticized his campaign-style visit and criticized his use of a taxpayer-funded Canadian-manufactured bus as part of a jobs tour.

But no mention was made by Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus or Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady that a re-election seeking President George W. Bush used a bus from the same manufacturer, Quebec-based Prevost, for a spring 2004 “Yes, America Can” campaign tour through the Midwest.

Hey, if it was okay for Papa it’s okay for Obama.  I’m sure that’s what the President believes.  So he used these imported buses for a 2012 campaign tour.   Just like his surrogate papa did.

The bus tour, which included the states of Minnesota and Iowa that Obama won in 2008, has had a distinctive campaign appearance though the White House has described the three-day event as a listening tour.

Oh, it’s not a campaign tour.  It’s a listening tour.  Funny.  Because he didn’t want to listen to Ryan Rhodes.  In fact, he got rather professorial with the impertinent Rhodes.  Who asked the president why his vice president, Joe Biden, called the Tea Party people terrorists.  Obama said he never said any such thing (even though Biden did call them terrorists).  They talked about the balance budget amendment.  Or tried to.  The president grew impatient.  Wasting his time talking to someone clearly undeserving of his time (see The Props Talk Back to Obama posted 8/16/2011 on Rush Limbaugh).

It doesn’t sound like you’re interested in listening.

A funny thing for someone to say while on a listening tour.  It makes perfect sense on a campaign tour.  But not a listening tour.  Because on a campaign tour you want the people to listen to you.  On a listening tour, though, the president is supposed to listen to the people.  Not scold them for talking.    

Obama skips the Black Communities because he’s Sure they’ll Vote for the Black Guy Anyway

So it’s clear Obama has no time for the Tea Party people.  You know who else he doesn’t have time for?  Black people (see Black caucus: Tired of making excuses for Obama by Byron York posted 8/17/2011 on The Washington Examiner).

During a sometimes-raucous session of what’s being called the “For the People” Jobs Initiative tour, a key member of the Congressional Black Caucus told an audience in Detroit Tuesday that the CBC doesn’t put pressure on President Obama because he is loved by black voters.  But at the same time, Rep. Maxine Waters said, members of the CBC are becoming increasingly tired and frustrated by Obama’s performance on the issue of jobs. Even as she expressed support for the president, Waters virtually invited the crowd to “unleash us” to pressure Obama for action.

“We don’t put pressure on the president,” Waters told the audience at Wayne State Community College.  “Let me tell you why. We don’t put pressure on the president because ya’ll love the president. You love the president. You’re very proud to have a black man — first time in the history of the United States of America. If we go after the president too hard, you’re going after us.”

So the president can do anything he wants because he’s black?  Apparently so.  Even if his economic policies are bad for the country.  Giving above national average unemployment rates in these black communities.  It doesn’t matter.  The Congressional Black Caucus still gives him unconditional support.  Simply based on the color of his skin.  Not by his actions.  Or words.  And yet they’re perplexed why he isn’t spending more time in the black community.

The problem, Waters said, is that Obama is not paying enough attention to the problems of some black Americans.  The unemployment rate for African-Americans nationally is a little over 16 percent, and almost twice that in Detroit.  And yet, Waters said, the president is on a jobs-promotion trip through the Midwest that does not include any stops in black communities.  “The Congressional Black Caucus loves the president too,” Waters said.  “We’re supportive of the president, but we’re getting tired, ya’ll.  We’re getting tired. And so, what we want to do is, we want to give the president every opportunity to show what he can do and what he’s prepared to lead on. We want to give him every opportunity, but our people are hurting. The unemployment is unconscionable. We don’t know what the strategy is. We don’t know why on this trip that he’s in the United States now, he’s not in any black community.  We don’t know that.”

Well, based on everything Waters said the answer is obvious.  He’s not spending any time in any black community because he doesn’t think he has to.  That it’s a given that they’ll vote for the black guy in 2012.  So he’s spending time where he has to work for the vote.  The Midwest.  Especially the white Midwest.  Who are just as disgruntled as the black communities.  And the Congressional Black Caucus.  But are less likely to vote for him based on the color of his skin.

As she discussed her dilemma — frustrated with the president but hesitant to criticize him lest black supporters turn on her — Waters asked the crowd for its permission to have a “conversation” with the president.  “When you tell us it’s alright and you unleash us and you tell us you’re ready for us to have this conversation, we’re ready to have the conversation,” she said.  Some members of the crowd immediately voiced their approval.

“All I’m saying to you is, we’re politicians,” Waters continued.  “We’re elected officials.  We are trying to do the right thing and the best thing. When you let us know it is time to let go, we’ll let go.”

“Let go!” some in the audience yelled.

Let go indeed.  Actually the black communities may be more in line with the white Midwest.  Who both care about jobs.  And are both frustrated with the failure of the Obama administration to create jobs.  For the American electorate is colorblind on this one issue.  White.  And black.           

Keynesian Economic Policies dominated the Seventies and created Stagflation

And it really doesn’t look good on the jobs front.  In fact, it looks rather Jimmy Carter (see Editorial: That ’70s Show — Stagflation Returns posted8/17/2011 on Investor’s Business Daily).

Stubbornly high unemployment isn’t the only thing ailing this recovery. Inflation keeps rising even as growth stagnates, raising the specter of 1970s-style “stagflation.”

The word had been banished from the economic lexicon for decades. But as the Fed commits to easy credit through mid-2013, new data suggest it may be making a comeback.

Keynesian economic policies dominated the Seventies.  And created stagflationPaul Volcker attacked stagflation.  By attacking inflation.  Starting in the last year of Carter’s administration, he reversed the Fed‘s easy credit.  This gave Reagan a nasty recession to start his term.  But he fixed that with explosive economic growth courtesy of Austrian school Reaganomics.  The growth was so great Keynesians call the Eighties the Decade of Greed.

Consumers already are squeezed. With real incomes falling, they cut their spending in June for the first time in 20 months. Household spending barely grew for the entire April-June period, inching up just 0.1% for the worst showing since the recession ended in 2009.

Enter stagflation, a term coined in the ’70s to describe a new economic malaise of continuing inflation and slumping business activity, together with high unemployment. Then as now, energy and gold prices soared.

Right now this is our more likely future.  Unless we sweep the Keynesians out of office in 2012.  And return to more Reaganesque policies.

Enough of the Hope and Change already, where are the Jobs?

Obama is on a listening tour where he prefers not to listen to the people.  Because it’s not so much a listening tour as a campaign tour.  Driving through the white Midwest where his approval numbers have dipped below 40%.  He doesn’t bother with the black communities.  Because he doesn’t think he has to.  Confident that they will vote for the black guy in 2012.  No matter how his economic policies destroy the economy.

The president may be racist in this view.  But the electorate isn’t.  They want jobs.  White and black alike.  Who aren’t buying the old campaign line.  Enough of the hope and change already, they say.  Where are the jobs?


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A Closer Look at the Obama-GOP Tax Deal Seems to Favor Obama

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 11th, 2010

The Left May Get more Deficit Spending while Making it Look Like the Right’s Fault

As details emerge, the Obama-GOP tax deal to extend the Bush tax cuts just gets worse.  There’s a whole lot of stimulus/deficit spending in that deal.  Not quite in keeping with the spirit of 2010 when the nation rejected deficit spending in a grand way.  But now it’s as if that ‘shellacking’ never happened.

There’s a lot of debate.  Some filibustering.  And a whole lot of theatre.  The far Left is acting like Obama betrayed them worse than an adulterous spouse.  While the Right appears to have already forgotten who won the midterm elections.  Because, according to Charles Krauthammer, who’s very smart, the Right caved and the Left won but are too dumb to even know (see Swindle of the Year by Charles Krauthammer posted 12/10/2010 on The National Review Online).

Barack Obama won the great tax-cut showdown of 2010 — and House Democrats don’t have a clue that he did. In the deal struck this week, the president negotiated the biggest stimulus in American history, larger than his $814 billion 2009 stimulus package. It will pump a trillion borrowed Chinese dollars into the U.S. economy over the next two years — which just happen to be the two years of the run-up to the next presidential election. This is a defeat?

If Obama had asked for a second stimulus directly, he would have been laughed out of town. Stimulus I was so reviled that the Democrats banished the word from their lexicon throughout the 2010 campaign. And yet, despite a very weak post-election hand, Obama got the Republicans to offer to increase spending and cut taxes by $990 billion over two years — $630 billion of it above and beyond extension of the Bush tax cuts.

Business as usual.  After a repudiation of business as usual.  This reminds me of the movie Patton

Just before Patton was relieved of Third Army, he had an angry phone call with General Beetle Smith, Eisenhower’s chief of staff.  Patton wasn’t a fan of the Russians.  He thought we would fight them sooner or later.  He wanted it to be sooner, when we had the army in Europe to do it.  He said if SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces) didn’t have the guts to do it, he did.  He could get us into a war with those ‘sons of bitches’ and make it look like their fault.  Good movie.  But, alas, Patton was relieved of command soon thereafter.  He would later die from complications from a car accident.

Now Obama doesn’t remind me of Patton in the least.  For Patton was a good leader.  But it looks like Obama is going to get his deficit spending.  And he’s going to make it look like the Republicans’ fault.

If at First You don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie Again

So much for the hope and change to change the previous hope and change that changed little as hoped in Washington. 

We elected Obama because the Republicans had lost their way.  And because of the abysmal job Obama, Pelosi, Reid et al have been doing, the American people have given the Republicans a second chance.  And what do they do?  Even before they officially take power in the House of Representatives?  They’re already caving.  I guess old habits are just hard to break.

Obama is no fool. While getting Republicans to boost his own reelection chances, he gets them to make a mockery of their newfound, second-chance, post-Bush, tea-party, this-time-we’re-serious persona of debt-averse fiscal responsibility.

And he gets all this in return for what? For a mere two-year postponement of a mere 4.6-point increase in marginal tax rates for upper incomes. And an estate-tax rate of 35 percent — it jumps insanely from zero to 55 percent on Jan. 1 — that is somewhat lower than what the Democrats wanted.

And, of course, another 13 months of unemployment benefits.  Exactly what is the liberal Left bitching about?  The only downside appears to be a 2 year delay in raising the top marginal tax rates by 4.6%.  And only confiscating a third of dead people’s wealth instead of half of it.  What a bunch of whiny cry babies.

Obama’s public exasperation with this infantile leftism is both perfectly understandable and politically adept. It is his way back to at least the appearance of centrist moderation. The only way he will get a second look from the independents who elected him in 2008 — and who abandoned the Democrats in 2010 — is by changing the prevailing (and correct) perception that he is a man of the Left.

The Left knows that they must lie to win elections.  And that’s what Obama is doing now.  He’s going to run for reelection in 2012.  It’s time to say he’s a centrist again.  Do they not see this?  Or is this all part of a great lie?  Just more theatre?

The Era of Big Government is Over?

The 2008 Democrat primary elections were pretty nasty.  Obama and Hillary Clinton took off the gloves at times.  The Clintons did not like this little usurper.  Obama.  For it was Hillary’s turn.  When she conceded to Obama, she and Bill announced their support for the Democrat candidate.  But there was a simmering hatred below the surface.

Obama offered Hillary Secretary of State as a consolation prize.  Partly to assuage the Clinton machine.  And partly for that reason given in The Godfather: Part II.  Keep your friends close.  And your enemies closer.  (That’s actually from the Sun-tzu’s The Art of War but I doubt Obama would have ever read that, what with it being a military book.)  To prevent a possible 2012 primary challenge from Hillary.

Now either it’s more theatre, or an attempt to hit his liberal base upside the head, but Obama called on the big dog.  Bill Clinton.  The man whose wife Obama dissed during the primary election and denied her her place in history.  And he supports the Obama-GOP deal (see Bill’s Back: Clinton commands stage at White House by Ben Feller, AP White House Correspondent, posted 12/10/2010 on Yahoo! Finance).

Clinton comfortably outlined how the pending package of tax cuts, business incentives and unemployment benefits would boost the economy — even though it included tax help for the wealthy that Obama had to swallow.

“There’s never a perfect bipartisan bill in the eyes of a partisan,” Clinton said. “But I really believe this will be a significant net-plus for the country.”

When he finished his pitch, Clinton played the role of humble guy, saying, “So, for whatever it’s worth, that’s what I think.”

“It’s worth a lot,” Obama insisted

Clinton was once right where Obama is.  Even worse.  He lost both houses of Congress after his first midterm elections because he went too left, too.  Then he moved to the center.  And, with the help of Dick Morris (then Democrat strategist), and a Republican Congress that checked his spending, he got reelected.  Is this a sign that Obama will follow Clinton’s lead?

Perhaps.  But Obama is a whole lot more arrogant than Clinton.  It just may not be in his nature to be politically expedient.  I mean, it just may not be in Obama’s DNA to say the era of Big Government is over.


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