The Government Bureaucracy will make Health Care as Abysmal as the Obamacare Rollout

Posted by PITHOCRATES - March 16th, 2014

Week in Review

Government wants to run everything.  And they think they can fix anything.  But few people want to deal with the government.  No one enjoys renewing their driver’s license.  Or dealing with any other government bureaucracy.   Because they know it will not be a quick or an enjoyable experience.  They’d much rather go to a store or a restaurant.  Any place in the private sector where the customer is king.  This is what people prefer.  And yet here we are.  Turing over our health care to the people we least like having to deal with.  But really now, how bad can it be (see HHS official resigns with scathing letter, rips ‘dysfunctional’ bureaucracy by Kellan Howell posted 3/15/2014 on The Washington Times)?

A top Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) official resigned, accusing the agency of fostering a “dysfunctional” environment on the way out…

Mr. Wright wrote that his research was rewarding but that it only accounted for 35 percent of his job. The rest of his time was spent “navigating the remarkably dysfunctional HHS bureaucracy.”

According to Mr. Wright’s letter, tasks that took a couple of days at a university research center, required weeks or months and that the budget was micromanaged by senior officials.

If you ever wondered why the rollout of Obamacare was so abysmal this is why.  Because HHS is abysmal.  As all government bureaucracies are.  A bunch of career bureaucrats who are more interested in maintaining their beloved bureaucracy than making the customer king.  For the more complex and convoluted their bureaucracy is the more their jobs are secured.  And the bigger they grow the more funding they can get.  Bureaucrats love that.  Because there will always be a place for them in the government.  So they will never have to get a job in the private sector.  Where people hire based on merit.  Where they only keep people who have value.  And fire anyone doing a horrible job.  Like the kind of job the people who rolled our Obamacare did.  Which is why they want nothing to do with the private sector.  Preferring to stay snug and warm in the cocoon of their bureaucracy.  Comforted by the fact they can remain there no matter how incompetent or irrelevant they are.


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Atlas Shrugged Always Relevant. And now a Movie.

Posted by PITHOCRATES - March 4th, 2011

 The Slippery Slope to Socialism

Never have so many waited for so long for this moment in time.  And now it’s almost upon us.  But can it be true?  For we’ve long been teased about this day.  Not days.  Not weeks.  Not months.  Not years.  Imagine Charlie Brown trying to kick that football for decades.  Yeah, it’s been like that.  But no more.  We’re finally going to kick that football.  For this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for (see ‘Atlas Shrugged: Part 1′ Review: A Timely Must-See by Jenny Erikson posted 3/4/2011 on Big Hollywood).

Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 is an excellent reminder of the dangers of socialism in our current age of entitlement. The parallels between the story and our current political and cultural state are uncanny and more than a little bit unsettling. As a witness to the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, author Ayn Rand was well aware of the tragedies of statism, and her most famous work of literature depicts what happens when the wealth is spread around in the name of fairness.

The movie adaptation of Atlas Shrugged remains faithful to Rand’s themes of capitalism and the evils of collectivism. One major change from the pages to the screen was the decision to change the setting from a future fictional country to America in 2016. It was a good decision, in this writer’s opinion, as it illustrates the slippery slope of socialism our nation is teetering on.

The book is about a thousand pages long.  But well worth the read.  In fact, you have plenty of time to read the book before the film hits theatres on 4/15/2011.  Tax day.  How appropriate.  Rand fans will be in the proper mood.  So do yourself a favor.  Read the book (if you haven’t already).  And then see the movie.

The liberal left hates Ayn Rand.  With a passion.  Because she attacks Big Government.  With a passion.  And for good reason.  Rand emigrated from Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution.  So she knows a thing or two about Big Government.  And their BS.  She’s seen all the lies before.  She saw firsthand what’s down the Road to Serfdom.  We’re on that road, too.  Only not as far down it.  Yet.

But really now, are we really on a slippery slope to socialism?  I mean, is our government lying to us?  

The Secret of Passing Obamacare was Lying to CBO

Can we trust the government?  You tell me (see HHS Secretary Sebelius admits to double-counting in Obamacare budget by Amanda Carey posted 3/4/2011 on The Daily Caller).

During a hearing on Capitol Hill Thursday, the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) admitted to double-counting in the Obamacare budget…

The Obama administration and HHS have been criticized previously for double-counting. In a report last summer, HHS claimed a provision in the health-care law would extend the Medicare trust fund by 12 years. The Congressional Budget Office released a memo that said HHS’s math was more than a little off.

“[…] They cannot be set aside to pay for future Medicare spending and, at the same time, pay for current spending on other parts of the legislation or on other programs … To describe the full amount of HI trust fund savings as both improving the government’s ability to pay future Medicare benefits and financing new spending outside of Medicare would essentially double-count a large share of those savings,” said the CBO memo.

The cost of Obamacare was the lynchpin.  CBO had to score it under a trillion dollars.  And, surprise, surprise, they did.  Apparently you can get what you want from CBO if only you send them fraudulent data.

They said they have $500 billion that they’re putting aside for Medicare.  To extend its solvency.  Then, unbeknownst to CBO, Congress and the American people, they used that same money to pay for Obamacare.  Well, you can’t do that.  You can’t have $20 in your wallet and use it twice for different purchases.  Once you spend the $20 it’s gone.  Ditto for that $500 billion.

So the Obama administration lied to us.  Had they told us, Congress and CBO about the true cost of Obamacare it would not be law today.  Hmmm.  A ‘compassionate’ government that lies to pass the biggest expansion of federal power?  Well, I guess you could say that we’re on a slippery slope to socialism.  You sure can’t call it capitalism.  And that pretty much leaves socialism.

Just one of many reasons why everyone should see Atlas Shrugged: Part 1.  Of course, you may experience a Charlton Heston moment.  In the Planet of the Apes.  When he saw what was down that beach in the Forbidden Zone.  So watch Atlas Shrugged at your own risk.  For you may see your future.  And you may not like what you see.  Just like Heston.  Of course there is a difference.  You can still make a difference.  Unlike Heston.  We can still hope.  And vote.


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