Even if it Saves only One Child

Posted by PITHOCRATES - January 17th, 2013

Politics 101

Bringing Children into the Gun Control Debate Politicizes it and Really Tugs at the Heartstrings

President Obama signed his executive orders.  He told the people to call their Congress person.  And to ask them if they support some measure of gun control.  And if not ask why not.  The president also said a lot of people will say the federal government is trying to take away your guns.  To scare people.  That it’s a federal power grab.  Just so people connected to the gun lobby can make more money by putting assault weapons into the hands of disturbed individuals.  And they just don’t care how many children die because of it.

So the president politicized the gun control debate by criticizing the opposition who will try to politicize it.  The president even signed the executive orders in front of children.  Because bringing children into the political debate really tugs at the heartstrings.  For if we focus on the children we can suspend all reason.  And pass the most sweeping of legislation even if it won’t do anything to reduce violent crime.  Because seeing those children we think we have to do these things.  Even if it saves only one child.

And these children behind the president wrote letters to the president.  Begging him to take executive action to go around the Second Amendment.  And an obstructionist Republican controlled Congress.  The same children who write letters to Santa Clause asking for toy guns, violent videogames and ponies.  So it is interesting how they can set aside the serious issues of their day (playing with neat things) to address the gun control debate.  Guess we need to treat these kids as adults as they are concerned about serious issues.  These same people who won’t eat their vegetables.  And will eat nothing but desserts if their parents let them.

Instead of Gun Control we should make our Motor Vehicles Bigger and Legislate Water away from our Children

Kids don’t understand issues.  They only know what someone taught them.  Which is the whole point of public education.  Teaching kids because they don’t know anything.  So it is unlikely these kids sat down and wrote letters to the president without some help.  Either from their parents.  From their teachers.  Or even the president’s people.  Someone coached them with these letters.  Unless I was a very strange and odd child.  For whenever I was scared about something I went to my mommy or my daddy.  I never sat down to write a letter to the president about the monsters that may or may not have been under my bed.

Still, the kids tug at the old heartstrings.  So we must do something.  Even if it saves only one child.  Perhaps any gun control legislation should include other things that can save children’s lives.  Even if it only saves one life.  If it’s good enough for guns it should be good enough for anything.  For there are a lot of things that can harm kids.  The number one cause of death for kids ages 5-14 in 2010 was motor vehicle accidents.  Motor vehicles killed 806 kids in 2010.  Probably because we’ve shrunk cars down so much to save gas that if they get involved in an accident with a large vehicle there isn’t much left of the small vehicle.  So, for the children, we should outlaw small cars.  And mandate that all children ride in only full-size trucks and SUVs.  Even if it saves only one child.

The number two cause of death for children ages 5-14 in 2010 was drowning.  Water killed 251 kids in 2010.  So, for the children, we should outlaw backyard swimming pools.  Pools in schools.  And family trips to the lake, beach and ocean.  We should prohibit the televising of Olympic swimming and diving competition as it may encourage children to enter the water.  And we should outlaw hot tubs and bath tubs in homes.  Mandating that kids take only showers.  To eliminate water violence.  For guns killed only 37 kids in 2010.  While water killed 251.  And motor vehicles killed 806.  If we’re talking about gun control we should be talking about making motor vehicles bigger and safer, too.  And legislating water away from our children.  Even if it saves only one child.  Of course, doing so will probably save more children than new gun control laws.  Because they kill so many more kids than guns do.

When People live in a World where there are no Absolutes People will do things they Probably Shouldn’t

Sometimes when someone falls on hard times because they can’t find work they snap.  They do something violent.  Including the killing of innocent lives.  So perhaps we should rescind the president’s failed economic policies.  And remove stifling regulations on businesses.  Including the big one.  Obamacare.  Which has caused a hiring freeze as businesses don’t know the full costs of Obamacare.  We should eliminate these so businesses start hiring again.  For the children.  This will let people find jobs.  So they can take care of themselves.  And their families.  So we should undo all of the president’s failed economic policies.  Even if it saves only one child.

Idle hands are the devil’s tools.  If people have nothing to do they tend to do things to get rid of their boredom.  Sometimes bad things.  People who work have little time to do bad things.  Because they’re too busy working.  But people who don’t work because they collect government benefits have a lot of free time.  And get bored.  Some may even suffer from self-esteem issues.  As they don’t feel they have any value.  That they don’t matter.  So they might do something to let the world know who they are.  To make people remember their name.  And few things do that more than getting your name splattered all over the news for some heinous act.  So perhaps we should eliminate welfare programs.  To force people to work.  So they have no free time.  Or idle hands.  Even if it saves only one child.

When people live in a world where there are no absolutes.  Where there is no right or wrong.  Just shades of grey.  And no consequences for our actions.  People will do things they probably shouldn’t.  High school kids are going to have sex no matter what we say.  So we should give them birth control.  And abortion.  Even partial birth abortion.  Where they terminate the fetus’ life while the baby is still partially inside the mother.  For it would be murder if the fetus was completely outside of the mother.  This consequence-free life and the termination of unborn fetuses may tell some people that other things we do may not have consequences.  And that it’s okay to terminate life.  So perhaps we should bring religion back into our schools.  Mandate that people go to church and pray.  To learn right and wrong.  To teach people that our actions have consequences.  And to make all forms of abortion illegal.  To teach people the value of human life.   Even if it saves only one child.



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From the Democrat Playbook: When your Economic Policies Fail, commence Class Warfare

Posted by PITHOCRATES - July 9th, 2011

A Look at Future Obama in 2012

Michael Medved looks into the future.  To what a future State of the Union Address may be like.  For a president suffering low approval ratings.  And an insufferable economy (see My 2012 Obama Nightmare by Michael Medved posted 7/8/2011 on The Daily Beast).

“It’s a national tragedy when 14 million people want to work, and the rest of us see important work that needs to be done, but the big corporations that run our economy won’t match the willing people to the necessary tasks. Big companies have benefited greatly from our economic recovery, and they’re right now sitting on mountains of cash. But they apparently prefer to hoard these resources or, even worse, to use them to build new plants in Asia or Latin America, taking millions of American jobs even further away from the people who need them.

“We’ve waited three long years for bankers and CEOs to step up and do their part but when it comes to offering new jobs to their fellow Americans, these pampered plutocrats  say ‘we can’t’ or ‘we won’t.’ America deserves a better answer than this smug selfishness. The long wait for a corporate turnaround is now officially over. On the crucial challenge of providing a meaningful job to every single American who wants one, we say tonight, ‘we can’ and ‘we will.’”

At this declaration, the Democrats in the House chamber erupted in boisterous cheers, providing further sustained ovations as the president explained his bold plan. He promised to hire 10 million unemployed Americans—a full 10 million!—in federally funded jobs by the end of the year. He proposed to put them to work repairing highways and building high-speed rail, constructing and repairing schools, restoring and expanding parks and recreation facilities, planting trees, tutoring kids, providing day care, caring for the sick and elderly, policing our streets and neighborhoods, putting up new, environmentally responsible power plants, cleaning up pollution, building homes for the homeless, helping update and replace the equipment for our military.

You can actually hear the words from Obama.  Attacking big banks and corporations.  Because he has already attacked them.  And offering a huge job bill to put millions to work.  Because he already has done that, too.  The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  Which promised to do what future Obama is promising.  But didn’t.  So although this is a work of fiction, we have no problem in believing it.  Because we have already lived it.  And could very well live it again.

The president’s plan would tap those concentrations of wealth to fund his vast jobs program with an emergency tax increase on the wealthiest Americans—restoring the 50 percent top marginal rate that Ronald Reagan championed in his initial tax reform of 1981. “My Republican friends love to cite President Reagan’s administration as the golden age of American conservatism. And I propose to follow his great example as a tax reformer. No, I won’t raise taxes on ordinary Americans—and 98 percent of you will pay nothing more. Even the wealthiest Americans won’t see a difference in what they pay on the first $250,000 they earn each year.

“But in tough times, every family needs to reassess its economic priorities. And right now the American family needs to ask, what’s more important—new yachts and island vacations for billionaires, or providing jobs for decent people who need to work?” To underline his point, Obama cited 10 wealthy Americans, seated in the gallery, who came to Washington to express their own eagerness to pay taxes at the higher rate.

Of course, Reagan dropped the top marginal rate from 70% to 50% which was a substantial cut.  In this narrative, which may very well play out in real life, Obama would be raising the rate to 50% from 35%.

In case you’re not sure what this means, let’s look at someone who earns a million dollars a year.  Say a baseball player.  Different ranges of that million are taxed at different rates.  Everything over $372,951 is taxed at the top marginal rate.  That’s $627,049.  At the 35% rate, the player owes $219,467.15 in taxes on that amount.  At the 50% rate, the player owes $313,524.50 in taxes.  Or about $94, 057.35 more.  For a total tax due of $327,888.40.  Which is 32.8% of that million dollars.

Now, if you earn a lot less than a million dollars you, no doubt, don’t care.  You’re not particularly fond of rich people.  Until you become one, that is.  Suppose you win a mega lottery and they pay you one million a year.  How would you feel then?  Being paid one million dollars but only being able to keep $672,111?  Before you start paying your state and local taxes.  Which will probably take another $100,000 or so.  Sure, it’s okay when it’s the rich ballplayer.  But I’m guessing it’ll be different when they’re taking $327,888.40 from you.  To have a federal tax bill every year equaling the cost of a real nice house.  That’s why a lot of people that come into big money have tax problems.  They’re buying those houses.  Instead of giving that money to the IRS.

The above was only a work of fiction.  But should we worry?  Perhaps.

The political fiction offered above should sound alarms for conservatives who seek to extend their progress in 2012. With Obama’s campaign already on a path to raise $1 billion through donations from his diehard loyalists, he isn’t worried about losing Wall Street support. Some of his closest advisers, as well as progressive pundits like former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, have already begun pushing for a radical, vastly ambitious new job program like the one described here.

No, the Democrats will never let the failure of their policies stop them from implementing their policies.  For they are economic deniers.  They know how things should be.  And they learned how in those Ivy League universities.  Some even go on to teach those same failed economic policies in those Ivy League universities .  And sound so smart and erudite when they champion the same failing policies over and over again that people believe that they know best.  When, obviously, they don’t.

Ivy League Economic Deniers

Those on the left use class warfare because their policies typically fail.  And no one really wants what they’re selling.  They want to tax and spend.  And boy do they.  Ronald Reagan had $200 billion deficits.  Obama has $1.5 trillion dollar deficits.  So you can’t deny that they like to spend the money.  And to spend the money you have to have it.  Which means they’re constantly trying to raise taxes.  But that has never proven to be a good campaign message.  “Vote for me so I can raise your taxes.”  Hence the class warfare.  Because once they raise rich people’s taxes, it’s much easier to raise your taxes.  Which they have to.  Because there aren’t enough rich people to tax to pay for their spending.

We need to remember this when future Obama says this when he is present Obama.  Which you know is coming.  Because Democrats are economic deniers.  They look at the worst economy since the Great Depression caused by their policies and say what we need is more of the same.  A lot more.  Not because it has worked before.  But because they learned this in some Ivy League classroom.



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Let the Lying Begin

Posted by PITHOCRATES - September 8th, 2010

Labor Day has passed.  And you know what that means?  That’s right.  The kids are back in school.  But it’s not all good.  It also marks the beginning of the election season.  And the lying has already begun.  Well, it’s been going on since, well, the late 18th century.

The economy sucks.  There are no jobs.  But that’s no surprise, is it?  A Keynesian in the White House.  Keynesians in charge of both houses of Congress.   And if there is anything a Keynesian knows how to do is to kill an economy.

Andrew Mellon advised Warren Harding to cut taxes.  He did.  And we got the Roaring Twenties.  FDR gave us a decade long depression with his economic policies.  LBJ’s Great Society gave us, ultimately, the stagflation of the 1970s.  Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts gave us the ‘Decade(s) of Greed’.  The Left condemned the first decade.  But they praised the second decade.  Lucky Clinton.  Well, until that blue dress.

Keynes got it right.  Sort of.  You stimulate the economy with fiscal policy.  But not by tax and spending.  You stimulate by making the business environment more favorable for business.  This creates jobs.  Lowers unemployment.  And brings in great big piles of money to the government.

But what you will hear this election season is that we’re not going back to the failed economic policies of the past.  We’re not returning to ‘trickle-down’ economics.  And they’ll say that with righteous indignation.  Even though the economy was a helluva lot better with those ‘failed’ policies.  You know why?  Those policies work.  Their policies don’t.  But their policies give them more power.  Policies that work don’t.  And they know that.  So they lie.  To better themselves at our expense.

You’d think they’d be happy just to get the great big piles of money with a bustling economy.  But they’re not.  They want the power.  To satiate their great big egos.  And to establish themselves as a permanent upper class.



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