The Scottish National Party is talking about Independence from the United Kingdom

Posted by PITHOCRATES - January 8th, 2012

Week in Review

Scotland is part of the United Kingdom.  It has been for some 300 years.  But that may change (see UK to say if Scots’ independence vote result binding by Adrian Croft posted 1/8/2012 on Reuters).

The pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP) won a majority in Scotland’s devolved parliament in an election last May – 304 years after the English and Scottish parliaments were united – and pledged to hold a referendum on independence within five years.

Some great people came from Scotland.  And great thinking.  Which greatly influenced and shaped the United States.  Just look at some of these Scots.  Adam Smith who influenced modern politics and economics.  Robert Dinwiddie, Lieutenant-Governor of Virginia, who helped a young George Washington to prominence.   James Watt who improved the steam engine that launched the Industrial Revolution.  And Andrew Carnegie who’s steel empire built America.  To name just a few.

That said independence may not be in Scotland’s best interest.  As the Eurozone clearly demonstrates.  An economic union does not work without a political union.  The point of the Eurozone was to produce a large economic zone.  Like the United States.  Which has survived for 235 years and counting.  Whereas the Eurozone is barely 12 years old and desperately struggling to survive.  In large part because there is no political union.

Economically speaking, being part of the United Kingdom will probably benefit Scots better than independence.  At least, based on what’s happening in the Eurozone.


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