The Similarities to Dick Cheney are so Great that President Obama has to say he is no Dick Cheney

Posted by PITHOCRATES - June 23rd, 2013

Week in Review

Candidate Barack Obama was brutal when attacking Bush/Cheney.  Talk of torture, warrantless wiretapping, rendition, drone attacks, Guantanamo Bay, the Patriot Act, etc.  Bush/Cheney were war criminals.  Running a shadow government outside the rule of law.  And the Constitution.  This was all going to change under an Obama administration.  Who was going to have the most transparent presidency in recent times.  And would order the cessation of all those bad things Bush/Chaney were doing.  But when you compare the two administrations it’s getting harder to tell them apart.  And people are even noting this to the president (see I’m no Dick Cheney, Obama insists by Shaun Waterman posted 6/18/2013 on The Washington Times).

President Obama bristled Monday night at comparisons with the Bush administration in his first interview addressing the National Security Agency’s broad gathering of data about Americans’ phone calls and online communications.

“People say, ‘Well, you know, Obama was this raving liberal before. Now he’s, you know, Dick Cheney,’” the president told PBS’ Charlie Rose, referring to the former vice president.

Mr. Obama distinguished the programs his administration ran from those launched by President Bush after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, which were carried out under the president’s wartime authority as commander in chief.

Bush/Cheney used drones.  The Obama administration has, too.  Even killed more people with them in his first 4 years in office than Bush/Cheney did in their 8 years.  Even killing an American or two on foreign soil.  Something Bush/Cheney didn’t do.

Bush/Cheney used warrantless wiretaps on international telephone calls to a suspected terrorist.  The Obama administration is collecting and storing metadata on all U.S. domestic telephone calls.  And they’re working with Internet providers to collect information on people’s Internet activities.  Collecting it and storing it.  So they can look at it later.  With a court order, of course.  From a court especially designed for the government’s eavesdropping activities.  The FISA Court.

According to Wikipedia, in 8 years Bush/Cheney averaged 1793.75 requests to the FISA court and was rejected 0.070% of the time.  In 4 years of President Obama his administration was averaging 1627.25 requests and was rejected 0.015% of the time.  So the Obama administration was averaging about 10% a year less than the Bush/Cheney.  But Obama only had one request denied in 4 years compared to Bush/Cheney 10 denials in 8 years.  Even though President Obama won the War on terror in May of 2011 with the killing of Osama bin Laden.  So the FISA court became more of a rubberstamp under the Obama administration than it was under Bush/Cheney.

During Bush/Cheney the IRS did not harass their political enemies.  The IRS did under the Obama administration.  Bush/Cheney did not use the Justice Department to investigate journalists reporting unfavorably on them.  The Obama administration did.  Despite the mainstream media clearly favoring President Obama over Bush/Cheney.

Bush/Cheney.  President Obama.  It’s getting harder to tell these administrations apart.  Unless you look at the economy.  Yet Bush/Cheney was evil incarnate.  While we need to trust our government under President Obama.  Even though he is a little more Dick Cheney than even Dick Cheney was at times.


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President Obama is Killing more People in the War on Terror than George W. Bush

Posted by PITHOCRATES - February 16th, 2013

Week in Review

Under George W. Bush the Americans committed great atrocities.  It embarrassed terrorists at the Abu Ghraib prison.  Including things like forcing these terrorists to form a human pyramid.  In the nude.  Much like a fraternity hazing.  Though without the drinking and sex that typically follows admission into a fraternity.  And American soldiers, including at least one woman, posing for pictures with some of these terrorists at the end of a leash.  But the atrocities didn’t end there.

Allies in the War on Terror took some terrorists into secret prisons.  Where they were interrogated with enhanced interrogation techniques.  Also known as torture.  Even the U.S. used some enhanced interrogation techniques on terrorists in their custody.  Water boarding as many as three terrorists.  Including one that gave up the name of a messenger used by Osama bin Laden which led us to his compound.  But the atrocities didn’t end there.

The Americans held terrorists in a military prison at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba.  Freelance terrorist captured on the battlefield fighting for no organized state.  And therefore not subject to the Geneva Convention.  Terrorists that just travel to wherever they can as long as they can kill Americans.  The Americans captured them.  Imprisoned them.  And, worst of all, denied them access to the American criminal justice system.  Giving them trials by military tribunals instead.  While those on the Left wanted to give them full protection of the American criminal justice system.  Including the mastermind of 9/11.  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.  Who the Left wanted to try in lower Manhattan.  Not far from Ground Zero.  And called George W. Bush a war criminal for not extending the full protection of the American criminal justice system to these terrorists.  For we are Americans.  We don’t torture people.  Or deny them their rights.  Even when they have no rights for they are not military personnel fighting under the flag of a nation signatory to the Geneva Convention.  But unaligned lawless mercenaries.

President Obama, on the other hand, has a way to deflect this criticism.  He just kills people without trial or due process.  Even if they are American-born.  And he labels any innocents caught in the cross fire as terrorists.  Because if everyone is a dead terrorist then there is no detainee problem or collateral damage.  A very efficient solution.  Death.  And when it comes to killing terrorists President Obama has many tools to use (see Stop Calling It The Drone Memo by Kelsey D. Atherton posted 2/11/2013 on Popular Science).

The United States uses a whole arsenal of tools to carry out the targeted killing policy detailed in a recent DOJ memo. Why is everyone focusing on drones..?

While it’s true that drones are the best-known tool for carrying out targeted strikes, they are only one of many methods by which the United States attacks individual terrorists from afar. Here are some others:…

The AC-130 is a type of gunship built on the body of a troop transport that has been in service since Vietnam…

Tomahawk cruise missiles, in use since the 1980s, are also part of the targeted killing program…

Another way the U.S. does targeted killings is with special forces…

We may talk about the “drone war” and debate the drone memo, but we’re not really looking at the use of a specific technology. Instead, the “drone debate” is about policy, and how the United States chooses to attack its enemies in the War on Terror. Fancy as modern drones may be, it’s the policy that makes this kind of war new.

Surprisingly, these assets are still in use even after the war criminal, George W. Bush, used them.  In fact, you’d think this was a laundry list of killing tools for George W. Bush.  Or Ronald Reagan.  Not the beloved President Obama.  The guy that had Hillary Clinton press a reset button with the Russians to show our kinder and more loveable side.  But no.  This is President Obama’s list of killing tools.  Who’s killing terrorists just as President Bush killed terrorists.  Even taking it up a notch with those drone strikes.

President Obama is killing more people with his drone strikes than President Bush did.  Including a lot of innocents standing too close to terrorists when those bombs fell out of the sky.  Some of the innocent dead even included children.  Making the locals hate the Americans even more than when George W. Bush was president.  Where the locals are saying that President Obama’s drone strikes and his indiscriminate killing policy are tools for terrorist recruitment.  Just as the Left said Abu Ghraib, enhanced interrogation techniques, denying rights to outlaw terrorists imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and not giving Khalid Sheikh Mohammed his day in court were tools for terrorist recruitment.

There are degrees of hate.  People hate cancer more than they hate washing the dishes.  So one would assume that some things make people hate Americans more than other things.  And one would have to believe that a bomb falling out of the sky killing innocent children would make people hate Americans more than water boarding three terrorists that no one knew about until the Left told the world about it.  So we can conclude that President Obama’s policies are recruiting more terrorists than the war criminal George W. Bush.  Even though President Obama said George W. Bush was everything that was wrong with U.S. policy.  A policy that only intensified under the Obama administration.  Yet the Left continues to love President Obama.  While they continue to hate George W. Bush.  Even though President Obama is even ‘more’ George W. Bush when it comes to his kill policies.


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