As Usual, the Democrats are Trying to Deceive the Voters to Get Reelected

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 24th, 2010

Yes, I Voted for Obamacare.  But I’m Really a Reagan Democrat.

America is a center-right country.  That’s why liberals don’t run as liberals during elections.  They lie.  And deceive.  They morph into something the people actually want.  Which isn’t who they are.  They move to the center.  They sound like conservatives.  Even invoke Ronald Reagan’s name during the election.  The leftist of liberals are all Reagan Democrats at election time.  Once the polls close, though, they go right back to castigating Reagan and his policies.  And scold us that we can’t return to the failed policies of the past.

Bill Clinton ran as a New Democrat.  But once in office he governed so far to the left that he lost both houses of Congresses at the midterm elections.  Barack Obama, too.  Well, is about to.  Lose super majorities in the House and the Senate.  Why?  Because he campaigned as a centrist.  And has governed as the most liberal president to date.

Obama did not run on the platform of nationalizing our health care.  But that’s the path we’re on.   Obamacare is forcing insurance companies to raise their premiums to comply, setting the stage for further attacks against these greedy corporations.  Some are dropping children-only policies because of the mandate to insure those with preexisting conditions.  With that mandate, no parent will spend money for insurance until their child needs health care.  Obamacare is full of such legislation that has but one purpose.  To kill the private health insurance industry.  To make way for the public option.  And, eventually, nationalize health care.  But he didn’t campaign that way.  Because the voting public clearly didn’t want this.

Don’t Look at My Liberal Legislative Accomplishments.  I’m Actually Against Everything I Voted For.

You see, liberals cannot be honest during campaigns.  They can’t say that their economic policies will make the recession worse.  And prolong it.  Which they have.  They can’t say they are going to raise everyone’s taxes.  Which they will after their commission reports after the election.  They will say that there is no choice but to raise taxes on everyone to reign in the out of control deficit spending.  And they can’t say that we will lose our doctors or the health insurance we like and want to keep under Obamacare.  Which we will.  They can’t be honest about these things and still win elections.  So they lie.  And they deceive.

And now here we are.  At the midterm elections.  If you have been following the campaigns across the country, you’ve no doubt noticed something.  Or, rather, noticed something that’s not there.  That is conspicuous by its absence.   Obama and his Democrat controlled Congress passed an enormous amount of liberal legislation in not quite two years.  And nary a Democrat is running on their impressive liberal legislative accomplishments.  In fact, some are now campaigning against their own legislative record.  Why?  Because they governed against the will of their constituents.  And it’s election time.  So now it’s time, once again, to lie.  To deceive.  And they found a new game this year.  Thanks to the Tea Party.

Oh, these people hate the Tea Party.  They came up with that pejorative ‘tea bagger’ to describe these people.  They did everything they could to mock and belittle these people.  Because these people scare them.  They’re educated.  They understand the issues.  And they know who these liberals are and see through all their lies.  So what’s the logical thing for these liberals to do during this election season?  Why, support Tea Party 3rd party candidates. 

Hello, I’m Devious.  Democrat Candidate for Office.  And I want to Deceive You

The Democrats are heading for a shellacking this November.  They’re desperate.  Especially poor old Harry Reid.  The consummate professional being beaten by some Tea Party hack.  Well, that’s how the Left views it.  So they’re turning up the devious this election.  The following quote comes from an article by Jim Rutenberg published 10/22/2010 at The New York Times on line (see Democrats Back Third Parties to Siphon Votes).

Democrats are working behind the scenes in a number of tight races to bolster long-shot third-party candidates who have platforms at odds with the Democratic agenda but hold the promise of siphoning Republican votes.

And, you’ve guessed it, these 3rd party candidates are balloted as ‘Tea Party’ candidates.  They’re competing against the Democrat candidate.  And the Tea Party endorsed Republican candidate.  That’s right, the actual Tea Party, the grassroots movement with that name, doesn’t endorse these ‘Tea Party’ candidates.

Democrat operatives are actually calling people, identifying themselves as registered Republicans, to promote these 3rd party candidates.  They’re trying to deceive registered Republicans into voting for the more conservative ‘Tea Party’ candidate in lieu of the ‘liberal’ Republican candidate.  If they deceive enough registered Republicans with this trick, they may just be able to Ross Perot their election (Perot was the 3rd party candidate that swept Bill Clinton into office).

Whether they do or not it sure says a lot about the Left.  They just can’t win elections honestly.


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Whose Recession is it Anyway?

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 11th, 2010

The Democrats had a Big Say in Bush’s Last 2 Years

Obama keeps saying he inherited a mess.  That’s why the economy is worse now than it was under Bush.  Because all that bad in the Bush administration had momentum.  Obama just couldn’t turn it around on a dime.  He would need time.  But this is a bit disingenuous.

The Democrats took control of the Congress in the 2006 midterm elections.  How big a deal is this?  Big.  The Democrats are already chastising the Republicans for what they may do if they win control of Congress in the 2010 midterm elections.  If the Republicans win and they don’t rubberstamp everything the Obama administration wants, they’ll attack the Republicans as obstructionists.  Why?  Because if you don’t have Congress a president has a very difficult time advancing his agenda.  Just like Bush did.  When the Democrats were obstructionists.  (In the Democrat’s world, being obstructionist against Republicans is being patriotic.)

So you have that.  The last two years of the Bush administration were hamstrung by the Democrat controlled Congress.  Nancy Pelosi.  Harry Reid.  Big time liberal Democrats.  The last two years of Bush’s presidency were theirs.  They controlled Congress.  They dictated what happened in the House and the Senate.  They controlled the committees.  Appointed the chairpersons.  All of them.  Including the ones with oversight responsibility for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (Barney Frank and Chris Dodd).  Who caused the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008.  So, given all of that, you cannot assign sole responsibility for the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 on George W. Bush.  The Democrats were knee deep in that mess.

Members of the Obama Administration are Taking to the Lifeboats

If the Obama administration was the Titanic, the 2010 midterm elections are its iceberg.  Unlike that ill-fated passenger liner, though, this iceberg is on everyone’s radar.  And they’re taking to the lifeboats.  Gone or soon to be gone are Robert Gates, David Axelrod, Larry Summers, General James Jones, most of his economic advisors, and, of course, Rahm Emanuel.  To name a few.

Ewen MacAskill wrote in the Guardian (see White House staff exodus exposes Obama to charges of disarray) that it’s an Obama problem.  Unless you’re in Obama’s inner-circle, he doesn’t really care what you think or say (as is evident by the number of his czars – his real trusted advisors).

In a blog on the Politico website, Alvin Felzenberg, the presidential historian and author of The Leaders We Deserved, writes: “These departures are a reflection of Obama’s leadership style. Why he has such a difficult time earning and retaining the loyalties of people outside his circle of intimates is anyone’s guess.”

Unable to influence Obama to change course before this November’s bloodletting (and knowing that he may very well double down after the bloodletting instead of tacking to the center a la Clinton), they’re leaving.  Before they’re branded for life for the political carnage of this administration.

Obama’s Economics Team Hit the Ground Running

Besides having Congress for the last 2 years of the Bush presidency, the Democrats came in prepared.  They were honing their economic plans during the 6 months before Obama took the oath of office.  Or so says Professor Ross Baker, a political scientist at Rutgers University.

“The exhaustion rate for this administration is more accelerated due to the problems they encountered in January 2009. There was no presidential ‘honeymoon’,” Baker said today. He added that some of them had been working intensively on economic policy in the six months before Obama took over.

After 2 years of control of Congress and a 6-month preparation to ‘jump-start’ the economy, an objective observer can’t be all that impressed with the results.  And finds it hard to blame George W. Bush.  Especially when Christina Romer (a member of Obama’s economics team) guaranteed us that unemployment would remain under 8% if Congress passed the Obama stimulus plan.  And what did we get?  Record deficit spending and a higher unemployment rate.

Romer, in a statement she has since said she regretted making, promised Obama’s economic stimulus plan would get unemployment down to 8%, whereas it has stayed above that, with the latest figure at 9.6%.

Don’t forget, they were working on that stimulus plan for 6 months.  And the real unemployment rate is north of 10%.  When you put it all together, this recession is more Obama’s than Bush’s.  Which probably has a lot to do with the exodus from the Obama administration before the midterm elections.


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