The NHS to implement a Patient Satisfaction Survey to reverse a Trend of Falling Quality Levels

Posted by PITHOCRATES - January 6th, 2013

Week in Review

Obamacare is just a stepping stone to national health care.  For the American people don’t want national health care.  Unlike the American Left.  So they plan to implement national health care with baby steps.  With Obamacare being step one.  And when they arrive at full blown national health care here is something we can expect (see GPs should be subject to patient satisfaction tests, says David Cameron by Patrick Wintour posted 1/3/2013 on the guardian).

GPs should be subject to regular patient and staff satisfaction tests in the same way as has already been proposed for hospitals, David Cameron has announced.

A “friends and family” test, in which patients and staff are asked whether they would recommend a service, is being introduced into every hospital in England from April, and the prime minister says the principle should be extended to GPs’ surgeries, district nursing and community hospitals.

Cameron and the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, have identified standards of compassionate care provided by nurses and other staff as a safe issue on which the government can campaign after the political disaster of its health reforms last year. The move follows examples of appalling treatment of patients by some staff in high-profile cases, especially involving elderly patients.

Hunt is also leading a drive to improve the treatment of dementia, which is taking up increasing NHS resources…

Cameron said: “We still have a long way to go to raise standards across the NHS and get rid of those cases of poor and completely unacceptable care that blight some hospitals and homes.

Dementia rates are exploding both in the UK and in the US.  Why?  Because we’re living longer.  For dementia was more rare when we died in our sixties.  Now that we’re living well into our eighties and beyond we’re living long enough to come down with a whole slew of expensive diseases.

Not only are we living longer but we’re having fewer babies than we once did.  The British are having far fewer babies than when they originally set up the NHS.  Which is why they’re having so many financial problems these days.  A declining birth rate means a declining tax base.  Meaning less tax revenue.  To pay for all those baby boomers living longer into retirement and coming down with all of those expensive diseases.  Fewer people entering the workforce paying taxes and more people leaving the workforce who stop paying taxes while consuming all those health care resources.  That is, an aging population.  Which means longer wait times and service rationing.  And appalling treatment of a growing number of patients.  Just like in the NHS.  As we will see for ourselves in Obamacare.  Or whatever Obamacare evolves into.


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Some People Diagnosed with Dementia in the NHS wait up to a Year for Treatment

Posted by PITHOCRATES - July 7th, 2012

Week in Review

Now that the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare what can we expect from the new universal health care program?  Well, we could look at another universal health care program and see how they are doing.  And not just any.  But one of the best national health care systems in the world.  The UK’s National Health Service (see Report highlights ‘barriers’ to dementia diagnosis by Adam Brimelow posted 7/2/2012 on the BBC News Health).

Many patients face “shocking” delays for dementia diagnosis and treatment, according to a report by MPs and peers…

Its report says some people have to wait more than a year for an appointment at a memory clinic…

The inquiry was set up to examine big discrepancies in dementia diagnosis rates. Across the UK it is estimated that only 43% of people with the disease have a formal diagnosis…

The report says there is strong evidence to show the benefit of early diagnosis for people with dementia, their families, and also to the taxpayer…

It also identifies big variations in access to memory services. Some people reported having to wait more than a year for an appointment at a memory clinic, while for others it was just a few weeks.

And it says people often received no information or support following diagnosis…

Jo Webber, from the NHS Confederation, said dementia was one of the biggest challenges facing the NHS.

With an aging population dementia is a big problem.  And really something that shouldn’t have been hard to forecast.  You’d think a national health service that put people before profits would have been better prepared. 

Some wait for more than a year while some only wait a few weeks?  That doesn’t sound very universal.  Like a national health care program with universal coverage should be. 

The NHS is really not to blame.  The idea of national health care for an aging population is.  When you have more people leaving the workforce than entering it.  Paying ever higher tax rates to fund the health care for that aging population.  The NHS is busting at the seams.  A big chunk of the UK’s annual deficit is for the NHS.  Forcing them to do more with less.  Because they just don’t have the resources for more.  Which leads to rationing of services.  And wait times of a year or more.

So here is a peek into the future under Obamacare.  Just one side note.  The US population is approximately five times as that of the UK.  So we can probably expect five times the rationing.  And 5 times the wait times.  Meaning we’ll have even more people going without.  And waiting.


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