Hollywood to hurt Middle Class and export more American Jobs

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 15th, 2013

Week in Review

James Cameron is going to make 3 Avatar sequels.  Three big block buster movies.  Generating a lot of economic activity.  Something the United States can generate a lot of tax revenue from.  To fund all those programs that liberals love so much.  Especially Hollywood liberals.  For those in the movie industry tend to be far left.  Cameron himself was applying for U.S. citizenship.  But when Republican George W. Bush won reelection in 2004 he chose to remain a Canadian.  You just can’t get much further left than that.  But how can you fault him?  Just look at all the taxable income he will create for the IRS with those three Avatar sequels (see James Cameron says he will shoot 3 ‘Avatar’ sequels in New Zealand by the Associated Press posted 12/15/2013 on CP24).

Director James Cameron says he plans to make three sequels to his 2009 sci-fi blockbuster movie “Avatar” in New Zealand…

Cameron says he plans to complete principal shooting on the three movies at one time, perhaps over a period of about nine months.

New Zealand’s government has agreed to a 25 per cent financial rebate. Cameron didn’t disclose an exact budget although he says he expects economies of scale will help the three movies together cost less than $1 billion.

Guess there will be no taxable income generated from filming these movies.  Forcing the IRS to squeeze more from those who don’t export American jobs.

Filming in New Zealand?  Shooting three movies at one time for economies of scale?  A 25% financial rebate?  Amazing, isn’t it?  The left does everything within their power NOT to use costly union labor or work in locations with costly regulations in the United States.  Yet they champion union labor and costly regulatory policies.  They are all for them.  As long as they can escape their costs by filming in a foreign country.  To satiate their greed.  Putting more money into their pockets instead of paying a living wage to an American.

And it’s the Republicans who have a war on the middle class?  Go figure.



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Opposition to Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) Reform Grows

Posted by PITHOCRATES - February 12th, 2012

Week in Review

Things aren’t looking good for the bill to reform Britain’s National Health Service (NHS).  From within the Cameron cabinet.  From within the Tories.  And from within the opposition (see Ditch the bill! Tory bust-up over health reforms amid claims minister described it as Cameron’s ‘poll tax’ by Tim Shipman posted 2/11/2012 on the Daily Mail).

He is concerned that failure to act will undermine Mr Cameron’s progress in ‘detoxifying’ the Tory brand when it comes to the NHS. He also fears that any problems caused by cuts to the NHS will be blamed on the Bill.

He said: ‘David Cameron’s greatest political achievement as leader of the Opposition was to neutralise health as  an issue.

‘The greatest mistake of his  time as Prime Minister has been to put it back at the centre of political debate.

This is the problem when you give people anything.  Once you do you don’t dare take it away.  Or hint that you might.  That’s why the NHS has become a ‘third-rail’ of politics.  Like Social Security in the United States.  You touch it and it will hurt you politically.  Even if the program is grossly inefficient and providing substandard quality.  You just have to let it.  If you want to keep your elective office.

There are worries that radical measures that would have created a genuine market in healthcare provision, driving down costs, have been stripped out as part of parliamentary horsetrading.

What remains are plans to reform the structure of the NHS that are not seen to have any obvious health benefits for patients…

Labour will this week seek to kill the Bill with a series of wrecking amendments in the House of Lords. Labour leader Ed Miliband last night wrote to every single peer, calling for cross-party support to pass further amendments to the Bill as they scrutinise it.

And, of course, the political opposition will pounce on any reform attempts to make a bad program good because it’s politically expedient.  For they will take any opportunity to hurt the opposition.  Even if it hurts their constituents in the long run.  Because politics trump the wellbeing of the people.  Always.

Will this be the future of Obamacare in the United States?  No.  It won’t be this good.  For the United Kingdom is big but the United States is bigger.  Far bigger.  And Obamacare will cover far, far more people than the NHS covers.  In fact, no one has ever tried national health care on a scale like this before.  And though proponents like to point to the NHS (or even the Canadian system) as examples for the U.S. to copy there will be no comparison.  It will be like taking a recipe to feed 4 and guessing how to increase each ingredient so you can use that recipe to feed 100.  The food prepared for 100 will taste nothing like the food prepared for 4.  The quality will suffer.  As will the quality of health care under Obamacare.  Because covering everyone in the United States will cost so much that Obamacare will have to ration health care services on a scale far greater than the NHS does.  Far, far greater.



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