FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH #46: “Liberals say ‘do as I say not as I do’ because they can’t point to anything worthwhile they’ve done.” -Old Pithy

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 28th, 2010

The Professors Teaching our Kids are Long-Haired, Maggot-Infested, Flower-Child Hippies who Hate Capitalism

Liberals are know-it-all smarty-pants that want to fix everything.  Even the things that aren’t broken.  Because they are so full of themselves that they just know how to do everything better than anyone else.  Even though they have jack squat experience in the things they’re fixing.  And this is why liberals are destroying this country.

Liberals hate capitalism.  Because no one is in charge.  No one to make things work better.  Or more efficiently.  So they butt in.  Even though few of them have ever run a business.  Or had a real job.  They know absolutely nothing about business or commerce.  But they went to college.  Where they learned nothing useful.  Got a degree in one of the social sciences.  And then set out to make the world a ‘better place’.  All based on what some old, long-haired, maggot-infested, flower-child hippy from the 1960s told them in those useless social science classes.  And those hippies hate capitalism.  When they were young, all they wanted was for Dad to pay their tuition so they could stay stoned and screw their way through college.  They loved it so much they never left college.  They became ‘professors’.  In some useless social science program.

And they’re teaching our kids today.  Keeping the spirit of the 1960s alive.  Kids graduate without a clue of what capitalism is or what it has done for Western Civilization.  But their professors told them capitalism is bad.  That it isn’t fair.  That they should hate it.  And the only way to make capitalism fair and efficient is to get as much government as possible into it.  These students then do as their told.  And become good liberals.

Liberals are like Addicts in Need of a Fix

So these kids graduate from college programmed to disdain capitalism.  And they do.  They see market forces working freely without government intervention and they get that craving.  Like an addict in need of a fix.  Or a smoker stuck in a smoke-free building craving a cigarette.  And there’s only one way they can calm themselves.  By intervening.

Once upon a time, a long way from here, I worked in a small business.  There was the boss.  He sold and ran operations.  There was his wife who helped out part time when the kids were in school.  And there was me who did everything else in the office.  Sales were increasing.  The business was growing.  We were getting busy.  And I was working late.  Work piled up on my desk.  And it bothered the boss.  He thought it was me.  I was just not working fast enough.  So he went to some business seminar at a local bookstore and bumped into a consultant.  And he hired him.

The consultant was married to a CFO at some big company.  He stayed at home to raise their son.  And consulted.  He used to run the family business (he took over after his dad died).  But after he bankrupted that, he went back to school to get his MBA.  Got a perfect grade point average.  Smart guy.  But he was only good at going to school.  Well, that, and bankrupting businesses. 

Those who Can, Do.  Those who Can’t, Consult.

He started by timing me doing some tasks.  He actually sat beside me with a stopwatch.  Confirmed that I was working too slow.  Came up with some new procedures.  They might have worked in the corporate world they talk about in those MBA courses.  But small business is a different beast.  There’s a lot of ‘seat of your pants’ stuff.  Thinking on the fly.  Sort of like being a Marine.  You have to adapt, innovate and overcome.  Throughout the day.  You just can’t sit on your ass and come up with one-size-fits-all procedures.

But that’s what he did.  And the boss implemented them.  And I worked later into the night.  Some of the tasks worked well with the new procedures.  A lot didn’t.  And to make those tasks fit the new procedures took an inordinate amount of time.  I lost a lot of time elsewhere, too.  He created an Excel spreadsheet for the boss to use for sales forecasting.  The hours he had in developing this spreadsheet totaled $5,000.  And it didn’t work.  I actually debugged it (when you crunch numbers in a small business, a good spreadsheet program becomes your best friend).  Then, when it was working, the boss didn’t use it.  It was too complicated.  The boss was a successful entrepreneur, but he barely graduated high school.  And he never used that spreadsheet.

This consultant’s father was a successful entrepreneur.  He built a successful business.  He was good.  His son was not.  He enjoyed growing up with money.  He never learned a good work ethic.  He never learned the business.  And he destroyed everything his father built.  Sadly, not that uncommon when children take over the family business.  So what does a failed business owner do?  Why, consult, of course.

Good Intentions and Unintended Consequences

This guy was a liberal.  When he found out I was a conservative he had to discuss politics.  To flaunt his brilliance (that perfect GPA).  And condescend to me.  Because I was a conservative.  And he was an elitist.  Who married a rich woman (before he bankrupted the family business).  And lived in one of the most exclusive and affluent neighborhoods.  He never had a real job.  And the only business he tried failed.  He never had to work in his life (first a rich dad then a rich wife).  He had no business experience (at least, none of the good kind).  This guy had no business telling people how to run their businesses.  But he did.

What’s the difference between him and the liberals in Congress?  Not a whole hell of a lot.  They’re both liberal know-it-all smarty-pants.  With no experience in what they’re consulting/legislating.  And they both leave a swath of destruction in their wake.  They both put on their pants the same way.  The only real difference is that when the consultant puts on his pants he bankrupts companies.  When politicians put theirs on they bankrupt the nation.

Business people know how to run businesses.  Politicians don’t.  At least most on the left don’t.  But that doesn’t stop them.  They just have to step in and try to fix things.  To flex those egos.  They can’t help it.  It’s who they are.  They’re just so full of themselves.  Liberals.  They always start with the best of intentions.  But end up crapping unintended consequences all over the place.


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How Long Can We Rob Poor Old Peter?

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 3rd, 2010

How Much for Your Vote?

Imagine that you have 5 good friends.  You meet one day each week to relax and decompress over drinks and good bar food.  Let’s say each of you spends $20 on food and another $20 on your bar bill.  So that’s a total of $40 spent each week on a frivolous benefit you don’t need but enjoy.  Your spouse isn’t all that enthused but it’s only $40.  So you get a pass.  Because you work so hard to earn your pay that your spouse can’t begrudge you this little stress reliever.

So, each week, you each spend $40 for a total weekly cost of $240 (6 X $40).

Now let’s say Friend 1 loses his/her job.  You feel bad for your good friend.  You want to help cheer him/her up during a difficult time.  So you insist that he/she still joins you on your weekly stress reliever.  The others will split his/her tab.  So that’s $240 split 5 ways.  Each of the 5 now pays $48 each, or $8 more each week.  If you do this for 4 weeks, that’s an additional $32 out of pocket per month (assuming a nice even number of 4 weeks per month).

Let’s say Friend 2 also loses his/her job.  You insist he/she still joins your weekly gathering.  So that’s $240 split 4 ways.  Each of the 4 now pays $60 each, or $20 more each week.  If you do this for 4 weeks, that’s an additional $80 out of pocket per ‘month’.

Let’s say Friend 3 also loses his/her job.  So that’s $240 split 3 ways.  Each of the 3 now pays $80 each, or $40 more each week.  If you do this for 4 weeks, that’s an additional $160 out of pocket per ‘month’.

Let’s say Friend 4 also loses his/her job.  So that’s $240 split 2 ways.  Each of the 2 now pays $120 each, or $80 more each week.  If you do this for 4 weeks, that’s an additional $320 out of pocket per ‘month’.

Let’s say Friend 5 also loses his/her job.  So that’s $240 split 1 way.  You now pay $240, or $200 more each week.  If you do this for 4 weeks, that’s an additional $800 out of pocket per ‘month’.

Get the picture?  You’re generosity will eventually cost you a house payment. 

The lesson here is that the more generous we are with other people’s money, the more those ‘other people’ have to sacrifice.   Not the people collecting the benefits.  It’s always the same.  People always have the best of intentions.  But they only make things worse in the long run.

This is what is happening in advanced welfare states all over the world.  And in the United States.  It’s not the greed of Wall Street.  It’s our greed.  And the insatiable greed of Washington.  For our money.  So they can give it to people in exchange for their vote.

Learning from the Past

Trend analysis is an invaluable tool.  People use it to determine which stocks to buy.  Businesses use it to judge the results of past business decisions.  Why?  Because we learn from history.  At least when we choose to.  And that’s the problem with government and an entitlement-based constituency.  They refuse to learn the lessons of history.

The more generous government gets with other people’s money, the more demanding we get for government benefits, the trend is clear.  The worse the life of that poor, dumb bastard who still has a job gets.

And yet people persist in blaming the greed of Wall Street.  Thomas Jefferson warned about the corruption of government by Big Finance and we see it happening.  But we blame Wall Street.  Not Big Government.  Who received boatloads of money from Wall Street for relaxing the mortgage requirements and having Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae buy up all those risky mortgages (giving us the subprime mortgage crisis and the Great Recession of 2008 – (to be determined)).  And a slew of other sweetheart deals they made with each other.

Or we blame the greed of the doctors, hospitals and the drug manufacturers.  Not ourselves for wanting other people to pay for more and more of our health care needs.  Or government for forcing doctors and hospitals to charge the private health insurers more to cover the costs they incur when the government discounts their Medicaid and Medicare invoices.  Or the lawyers for the huge cost of litigation they cause with their numerous lawsuits against the doctors, the hospitals and the drug manufacturers (so numerous that it’s a wonder anyone actually survives from using their products or services).  All which taken together provide fodder for government to take action to solve the ‘health care crisis’.

No, we the people need to point our finger at the truly greedy.  Government.  And ourselves (those who seek all those government benefits).

Give Pete a Chance

With that primer, now read America on the brink of a Second Revolution by Paul B. Farrell of MarketWatch.  It’s not necessarily a cheery outlook.  But it does note that things could get better if we had another Ronald Reagan.  And they would.  Speaking of learning the lessons of history, we all would do well to learn the very good lessons of the Reagan years.  Not the lies and misinformation put out by those in Big Government and the mainstream media.

You can’t keep robbing Peter to pay Paul.  Because eventually Peter will have no more money.  What about Paul then?  How will he get by when there is no one left to rob?  Well, stay tune, Paul.  You’re going to learn the hard way pretty darn quick.


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