As the Economic Carnage Piles Up the Left Worries about the Tea Party and Michelle Bachman

Posted by PITHOCRATES - August 14th, 2011

Liberal Pollsters have been Known to Over Sample Democrats and Under Sample Republicans

You have to be wary of pollsters these days.  Often times their numbers seem to be as partisan as the politicians (see Tea Party’s heyday may be coming to an end, say political experts by Alexander Bolton posted 8/14/2011 on The Hill).

Two national polls released this month by CNN and The New York Times in conjunction with CBS News showed the Tea Party’s unfavorable rating at an all-time high.

Political scientists say the data shows a backlash of independent voters against conservative lawmakers who have taken a hard line against bipartisan compromise in Washington.

Funny how only the Republicans are hard line.  Government spending is growing unsustainable.  S&P warned that this could not continue.  They wanted to see $4 trillion in spending cuts in the next decade.  And a serious response to the explosion in future health care spending (Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare).  The Democrats were so hard line that they said any cuts in these programs was not an option.  Period.  So the one thing they absolutely had to do they refused categorically to do.  You can’t get more hard line than that.

They included no links to the polls cited.  And it’s no secret that CNN, The New York Times and CBS have a liberal bias.  They’ve be known to over sample Democrats and under sample Republicans in their polls.  Not saying that they did that here.  But without the date available for review, anything is possible.

Michelle Bachman gets the Sarah Palin Treatment on CNN

And if the Tea Party was falling in such disfavor, would a Tea Party favorite win the Ames straw pollMichelle Bachman won in Ames.  So one has to be wary of media reports trying to disparage the Tea Party.  Because the Tea Party is a huge grassroots movement.  That doesn’t like government as usual.  So the mainstream media takes every opportunity to belittle them.  And their candidates (see Bachmann downplays Perry’s bid, says she can win over independents in 2012 by Meghashyam Mali posted 8/14/2011 on The Hill).

CNN host Candy Crowley called on Bachmann to address concerns about her experience by naming her greatest legislative achievement.

I can think of a previous candidate for president who had far less experience that CNN never treated like this.  Then Senator Barack Obama.  Perhaps the most inexperienced candidate of all time.  But they never pressed him on his lack of experience.  Instead, they teamed him up with an old guy.  Joe Biden.  Who looked like he had enough experience for the both of them.  So Obama got a pass.  While the Republican vice president candidate, Sarah Palin, who had more experience than Barack Obama, got the Michelle Bachman treatment.  (Or, rather, Michelle Bachman got the Sarah Palin treatment.)

The Obama Recession Succeeds, Americans are using Less Oil

And how is the Inexperienced One doing on the economy?  Not good.  But Obama is achieving his green policy agenda with every further drop in GDP.  And uptick in the unemployment rate (see Analysis:Recession could tip U.S. oil use into permanent decline by Joshua Schneyer posted 8/14/2011 on Reuters).

Until recently, most analysts believed a healthier economy would push U.S. oil use higher this year and next, before tighter environmental regulations, increased use of biofuels, and tougher fuel-efficiency standards kick in later this decade to lower demand permanently.

Instead, a sour economy may turn last year’s demand growth into a one-off. With U.S. manufacturing and service sectors slowing, a recent S&P downgrade on U.S. debt, and a series of stock market falls that have rattled consumer confidence, the odds are tilting toward short-term declines as well.

Now it has been the agenda of the Obama administration for Americans to use less oil.  And here he has been successful.  For his economic policies have done nothing to alleviate this insufferable recession.  And as oil is the lifeblood of a healthy economy, a sick economy is one that uses less oil.  So here’s one for the win column for the president.  And the price to achieve this green energy goal?

Higher unemployment since 2007 has cut U.S. vehicle miles traveled by about 2 percent, said James Coan at Rice University’s Baker Institute in Houston. Americans without jobs drive about 55 percent less, Coan said.

Make as many Americans as miserable as possible.  Work less.  Buy less.  Drive less.  Enjoy life less.  Yeah, it sucks, but it’s for a good cause.  You’re saving the environment.  And, yes, it’s bad now.  But look at the bright side.  At least it can’t get any worse.

Save the Planet, Screw the People

Oh, yes, but it can.  Because we are using less oil and driving more fuel efficient cars, gasoline taxes are down.  So now they want to put a device in our cars to track us.  And charge for every mile we drive (see More states considering pay-by-the-mile car taxes by Chris Woodyard posted 8/14/2011 on USA Today).

Mileage fees would take the place of gasoline taxes, which will decrease as more fuel-efficient and electric cars are introduced. The Detroit Bureau says the typical American motorist getting a combined 25 mpg today pays just under 2 cents a mile in gas taxes.

So on top of all the misery we have to pay more to drive.  It’s because of those damn electric cars.  It’s one of those unintended consequences.  We’ll save the planet.  Reduce our consumption of foreign oil.  “Um, sir, if no one buys any gasoline we won’t collect any gas taxes.”  “What?  Oh, yeah.  Didn’t think about that.  Well we’ll just have to figure out another more costly and more intrusive way to get our money then, won’t we?”

Save the planet.  Screw the people.

The Left  was going to unleash an Economic Explosion with Higher Taxes and more Regulations

The Tea Party appears to still be ascendant.  Michelle Bachman won the Ames straw poll.  People finally got their representatives to stand up against government as usual during the debt ceiling debate.  Those on the Left are stepping up their attacks on one of the few forces that dare to oppose them.  All while the economy is swirling like a flushed toilet.

This isn’t how it was supposed to be.  When the Left won the White House in 2008 after winning the House and Senate in 2006, everything was supposed to be swell.  They were going to unleash an explosion of economic activity with higher taxes and more regulations.  To finally put the ‘myth’ of Reaganomics down for good.  But their policies haven’t worked.  And they can’t understand why.

Of course, they’ll never consider that they were wrong.  Instead they’ll say to just give it more time.  And that apparently George W. Bush made things worse than even they ever had imagined possible.


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Bachman and Paul do Well in Iowa, Obama goes on Bus Tour

Posted by PITHOCRATES - August 13th, 2011

Bachman wins Iowa Straw Poll with Ron Paul a very Close Second

All eyes were on Iowa.  At least the eyes that were interested in the Ames straw poll.  For after great mirth, merriment, food and entertainment, we have a winner (see Bachmann wins Ames straw poll; Ron Paul takes second place by Michael O’Brien and Cameron Joseph posted 8/13/2011 on The Hill).

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) emerged victorious Saturday in an influential straw poll of Republican voters in Ames, Iowa, cementing her status as the early frontrunner for February’s caucuses in the state…

A House member has never finished in the top two at Ames; extraordinarily, two House lawmakers finished nearly neck-and-neck toward the top. Bachmann is the first woman to ever win the straw poll.

And here’s how the other candidates did.  Note that those marked with an asterisk did not participate in the straw poll.  Still they garnered some write-in votes.

  1. Michele Bachmann (4,823 votes)
  2. Ron Paul (4,671 votes)
  3. Tim Pawlenty (2,293 votes)
  4. Rick Santorum (1,689 votes)
  5. Herman Cain (1,520 votes)
  6. Thaddeus McCotter (35 votes)
  7. Rick Perry* (718 votes)
  8. Mitt Romney* (567 votes)
  9. Newt Gingrich* (385 votes)
  10. Jon Huntsman* (69 votes)

Michelle Bachman won.  But Ron Paul was a close second.  One is a Reagan conservative.  The other is a libertarian.  There are similarities between these positions.  Both believe in a solid, anti-Keynesian monetary policy.  And there are differences.  Such as the use of military power.  Paul is okay with Iran getting nuclear weapons and wouldn’t use the military to prevent this from happening.  Bachman is not and would use the military.  With Iran being one of the major sponsors of terrorism, the people may side with Bachman on this one as the primaries unfold.  It will be interesting to watch how this develops.

History has Shown the Iowa Straw Poll is not the Strongest of Indicators

So is Bachman now the Republican frontrunner?  Perhaps in Iowa.  But history has shown the Iowa straw poll is not the strongest of indicators (see Bachmann triumphs at Iowa straw poll as Perry joins Republican presidential race by Mike Glover and Philip Elliott, Associated Press, posted 8/13/2011 on the Toronto Star).

The straw poll has a mixed record of predicting the outcome of the precinct caucuses.

In 2008, Romney won the straw poll, but the big news was the surprising second-place showing of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. Huckabee won the Iowa caucuses, but dropped from the race soon after. Sen. John McCain, who eventually won the nomination, didn’t compete in the straw poll and finished in 10th place.

So the straw poll probably doesn’t mean a whole lot. Other than who had the best food and entertainment in their tents.  Perhaps this is why Romney didn’t participate this year.  Because winning didn’t help him last time.

Maureen Dowd apparently doesn’t like Mitt Romney or Corporations

And speaking of Mitt Romney, Maureen Dowd wrote a slam piece on him in today’s New York Times (see Power to the Corporation! By Maureen Dowd posted 8/13/2011 on The New York Times).

At the fair, Romney — whose net worth is between $190 million and $250 million — once again went manly by flipping a pork chop on a grill and facing down hecklers worried about cuts in Social Security. When a man in the audience yelled that corporations should be taxed more, Romney replied, “Corporations are people, my friend…”

Of the corporation, by the corporation, for the corporation. We the corporation. Corporations who need corporations are the luckiest corporations in the world. Power to the corporation!

Interesting this hostility to corporations.  For she works for a corporation.  The New York Times Company.  In fact she’s one of those ‘people’ Romney referred to.  Those are people who work for corporations.  Those are people who manage corporations.  Those are people who own the stocks of corporation.  And corporations make things for the people.  Like The New York Times publishes a newspaper for the people.  I mean, without corporations, there’d be a lot less stuff in the world.  A whole lot fewer jobs.  And a lot less pay for Maureen Dowd.  Guess she just doesn’t understand how business works.

Obama takes a Page from the Sarah Palin Handbook and goes on his own Bus Tour

And here’s someone else who doesn’t know how business works.  President Obama.  After some two and a half years in the White House he doesn’t have much to show after making jobs job one.  Remember that laser-like focus on jobs?  Well he failed miserably.  The economy is in the toilet.  So he is going on a bus tour (ala Sarah Palin) of states important for his reelection.  Where he is losing popularity.  From Independents.  And even from those on the Left (see Obama sets sights on rural America to talk jobs by Ken Thomas, Associated Press, posted 8/13/2011 on The Washington Times).

Yet Obama also finds himself under pressure from the left to generate jobs and raise taxes on the wealthy.

Most Democrats, said’s Justin Ruben, “have not been offering a clear prescription for actually getting the economy moving.”

Obama told workers in Michigan that he plans to roll out more economic plans “that will help businesses hire and put people back to work.” That’s an approach Democrats hope will set the tone for next year’s election in the Midwest and beyond.

More economic plans?  You mean like all you did these past two and half years, Mr. President?  Shutting down the oil industry and pouring money into green energy?  To subsidize cars people don’t want to buy and aren’t buying?  More stimulus for ‘shovel ready’ jobs?  When that last stimulus was approximately 88% pork and earmarks?  And your signature accomplishment?  Obamacare?  That pushed spending in the next decade so high that S&P downgraded our credit rating?  Gee, thanks but no thanks.  We’d rather weather this without any more help from you thank you very much.

The Only Thing Important now is the 2012 Election

Everyone is focused on the 2012 election.  The Republican presidential candidates.  And the president.  Who has apparently fixed all of the nation’s problems that he can take a leisurely bus ride through the Midwest.  And why not?  It’s not like there’s any pressing business back in Washington.

No, everything is super fine.  The only thing important now is the 2012 election.  So it’s time to go out there and get some pats on the back.  And tell everyone how he’s going to make things even better.  The best is yet to come.  And you don’t want to miss the second act.  So remember to vote for me.  Especially if you want more of the same.  Oh, and anything you’re not happy with?  It’s George W. Bush‘s fault.


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