Free Market Forces punish Lululemon for selling See-Through Yoga Pants

Posted by PITHOCRATES - April 6th, 2014

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When women go out in public they usually put on clothes.  They may be more comfortable walking around in their underwear.  But they don’t.  For most women are modest that way.  They don’t want people to see their underwear.  Clothes manufacturers understand this.  Which is why they manufacture clothes.  To hide what women wear underneath.  This is why women hold their skirts down on windy days.  So they don’t blow up and show what’s underneath.  Pants are a great alternative to this.  As they can’t blow up.  No matter how windy it is.  But pants aren’t without their risks, apparently (see Lululemon prevails in lawsuits over yoga pants recall by Reuters posted 4/4/2014 on The Globe and Mail).

A lawsuit accusing Lululemon Athletica Inc of defrauding shareholders by hiding defects in its yoga pants that led to a costly recall should be dismissed, a U.S. judge has concluded…

The case arose after shoppers found that their yoga pants containing the company’s proprietary Luon fabric were too sheer. That culminated in a March 2013 recall and a loss of roughly $2-billion of market value.

Selling see-through yoga pants to women who are buying yoga pants to hide what they’re wearing underneath is not a good business model.  And once they realize that they are see-through they aren’t going to wear them anymore.  Worse, they’re not going to buy them anymore.  Which is about the worst thing that can happen to a business that was selling those yoga pants.  Throw in a recall and the financial damage is devastating.  Which is why this was probably an accident and not a coordinated plan.  For it’s inconceivable that anyone would think that women would never notice that the world could see their underwear while they wore these yoga pants.  Even if no one ever said anything to these women the odds are that another woman who owned Lululemon yoga pants would see how see-through they were.  And check herself out in a mirror to see how see-through her own yoga pants were.

Now, do we need federal regulators to inspect the transparency of yoga pants?  No.  We don’t.  All we need are free market forces.  Because no business wants to go through what Lululemon is going through.  For there are no cost-saving short-cuts in the world that can offset that kind of financial damage.  We may be stuck with Obamacare as the government is forcing us by law to buy it.  No matter how bad it is.  But there is no law forcing women to buy Lululemon’s yoga pants.  So the only way they can sell yoga pants is by pleasing the women who buy them.  And exposing their underwear in public unbeknownst to them is probably not the best way to accomplish that.


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