Target had offered Health Insurance to Part-Time Workers but Few Enrolled

Posted by PITHOCRATES - January 25th, 2014

Week in Review

To pass Obamacare the left pointed to all those people who did not have health insurance.  Like these part-time workers at Target (see Target ends health care coverage for part-time workers in U.S. by The Associated Press posted 1/22/2014 on The Star).

Target Corp. says it will no longer be offering health care coverage for its part-time workers.

The discounter is citing new options now available through health care exchanges under the U.S. Affordable Care Act.

Target, based in Minneapolis, said the majority of its part-time workers who have been eligible for its health care insurance coverage don’t enrol[l]. In fact, less than 10 per cent of its total employees of 361,000 take advantage of the part-time plan. It said it will stop covering the part-time workers beginning April 1…

Target said that employees who average between 20 and 31 hours per week will continue to be eligible for other benefits, including vacation, dental, disability and life insurance. Its part-time employees also will still qualify for store discounts and its 401(k) plan.

First of all it should be noted that Target offers a lot of benefits to part-time workers.  Something you wouldn’t believe the way all corporations are excoriated in the mainstream media.  They are evil incarnated.  They hate their employees.  Forcing them to work for pauper wages with no benefits.  Well, here’s one that is offering some pretty nice benefits to part-time workers.  Not too shabby.

We needed to pass Obamacare into law because there were some 50 million people who did not have health insurance.  Well, as it turns out some people were choosing not to have health insurance.  Such as the young and healthy.  And about 90% of Target’s part-time labor force.  If that held true throughout all part-time workers who are part-time for non-economic reasons (i.e., they choose to be part-time) that’s about 16.9 million people who choose NOT to have health insurance.  If you add in the 16-19 year-olds (i.e., the young and healthy) in the labor force that total comes to about 22.5 million who probably choose NOT to have health insurance.  Or about 45% of the total who don’t have health insurance.  And there are probably more who choose NOT to have health care.  (See tables A-1 and A-8 of the December Employment Situation Summary posted on the Bureau of Labor Statistics for employment numbers).  Which means the left is overstating the number of people who don’t have health insurance but want it by about 182%.  Or more.

We may have problems that drive up the cost of health insurance but most people who want it have it.  Or had it.  Until Obamacare took the policies they liked and wanted to keep away.  Other people who don’t have any insurance may be between jobs.  And health insurance plans.  As the Obama administration said the 6 million or so cancellations were just likely people between health insurance policies.  As people are always cancelling one policy and buying a new one.  So it would appear that we have completely remade the American health care system to fix a problem that wasn’t really there.  For there would have been far cheaper ways to provide health insurance to the relative few who didn’t have it but wanted it.


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