Frederick’s of Hollywood going Private because Women think about things other than Sex?

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 22nd, 2013

Week in Review

One of the biggest things in fashion is the Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show.  Where they have their long-legged models take to the catwalk dressed only in their underwear.  With their naughty bits barely covered by the sexy underwear they’re modeling.  The show is so popular they broadcast it on network television.  As people want to see beautiful women in their underwear.  And buy what they see.  For they want to feel as beautiful and sexy as those long-legged models.  Making Victoria Secret’s a very successful and profitable company.  Unlike another company selling sexy underwear (see Frederick’s of Hollywood goes private for 27 cents a share by Tiffany Hsu posted 12/19/2013 on the Los Angeles Times).

Frederick’s of Hollywood Group Inc. is going private after years of financial struggle…

Frederick’s consists of 112 retail stores, a catalog business and an online site. Earlier this month, Lynch said the company’s earnings for the first quarter ended Oct. 26 “reflect certain marketing and inventory challenges” that have been “associated with the financial limitations of the business over the past several years.”

For the quarter, Frederick posted a loss of $7.3-million, or 20 cents a share, compared with a loss of $5.2 million, or 13 cents, for the same quarter a year earlier.

Revenue slid 12.1% to $19.7 million while same-store sales fell 11.7%.

Why is Victoria Secret’s successful and Frederick’s of Hollywood going private?  Well, if you browse both of their websites you will notice one company tends to have sexier underwear than the other.  Frederick’s of Hollywood.  Which sells things like peek-a-boo bras and crotch-less panties.  As well as other sexy accessories for the bedroom.  Things most women would never wear under their clothes when going to work.  While picking up her kids from school.  Or grocery shopping.  As they are just a bit too sexy for any activity outside of the bedroom.  And definitely things that are not appropriate for broadcast television.  Which is why the networks don’t carry a Frederick’s of Hollywood Fashion Show.  Even though it would have stellar ratings.

Contrary to public perception based on the Democrat war on women, women aren’t having sex all of the time.  Other things are important to them.  They may want to feel sexy and may wear a sexy but practical lingerie set under her clothes at work.  Things she can wear every day.  But there are only so many times that she can wear peek-a-boo bras and crotch-less panties.  Definitely not at the office.  While picking up her kids from school.  Or grocery shopping.

Frederick’s of Hollywood carries some naughtier things.  As women get busier in their lives with their careers and families there’s less time for the naughty kind of fun that Frederick’s of Hollywood caters to more so than Victoria Secret’s.  So part of their business is a niche market.  A niche women don’t want to spend that much time in.  So they probably prefer shopping at a Victoria’s Secrets with their boyfriend or husband so she doesn’t have to listen to him urging her to get the more naughtier items.  As he may enjoy the Democrat war on women more than her.  And is thinking about sex all of the time.  And wished she did.  As the Democrats would have you believe by making birth control and abortion the only issues women should care about during an election.


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