Michigan considering making Women pay Extra for Abortion Insurance

Posted by PITHOCRATES - December 7th, 2013

Week in Review

If you buy a car you buy auto insurance.  And only after buying a car would you ever buy auto insurance.  Ditto for house insurance.  If you bought a boat or an airplane you would buy insurance for those things.  But you wouldn’t buy insurance for a boat or a plane if you didn’t own a boat or a plane.  For you only insure things that leave you exposed to a financial loss should something happen to those things.  Straight forward, yes?  And it’s the way insurance has worked since its inception.  Except for health insurance.

Today, thanks to the Affordable Care Act (i.e., Obamacare) people have to buy insurance for things they have no exposure to.  For example, a gay man has to include coverage for prenatal care in his health insurance policy even though a gay man will never be pregnant.  Nor is it likely he will ever be married to someone who can get pregnant.  Which somehow doesn’t seem to be fair.  Just like it doesn’t seem to be fair to make people pay for the morning-after ‘abortion’ pill who have no intention of getting an abortion.  Or who can’t even get pregnant.

Those on the left say too bad.  Everyone must pay for these because we can’t discriminate against those who need this coverage by charging them more.  So we must charge everyone more.  Making health insurance more expensive than it has ever been before.   Causing people who had insurance they liked and wanted to keep to lose that insurance.  And some people are even losing the doctors they wanted to keep, too.  When those on the left are forced to buy something against their will, though, it’s a whole different story (see Michigan Lawmakers To Consider Separate Insurance For Abortion by Courtney Subramanian posted 12/2/2013 on Time).

Michigan lawmakers are set to consider a controversial proposal that would require women to buy additional health insurance specifically to cover abortions…

The proposal prohibits all public and private health insurers from offering abortion coverage in policies. A separate rider would needed to be purchased, which means people would have to preemptively purchase the rider without knowing if they’ll ever need it. The rider could not be purchased after getting pregnant, including in cases of rape or incest.

Being forced to buy something that they don’t know if they will need?  Could be worse.  They could be forced to buy something that they will never need.  Like many are being forced to do.  As men everywhere have to pay for policies that cover women’s health issues.  Even though they are men and don’t have women’s health issues.  Raising their insurance costs so much that some can no longer afford to even have insurance.

If men have to pay for prenatal insurance coverage then why shouldn’t women pay for an abortion rider?  For unlike a man a woman can get pregnant.  And have an abortion.



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