The Left will give you Birth Control, Access to Abortion and will even Notify your Sex Partners if you gave them an STI

Posted by PITHOCRATES - November 17th, 2013

Week in Review

Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election in large part to this war on women the right is supposedly waging.  Because they don’t want to provide free birth control.  And abortion on demand.  You see, the Democrats understood what the Republicans do not.  Women have vaginas.  And they want to use them.  Apparently.  As nothing else mattered in the campaign.  Not the worst economic recovery since that following the Great Depression.  Not the scandals (Fast and Furious, Benghazi, AP snooping, James Rosen snooping, Attorney General Eric Holder possible perjury over James Rosen snooping, NSA snooping, IRS harassing conservatives, etc.).  Not the disastrous foreign policy (helping the Muslim Brotherhood take Egypt, helping al Qaeda move into Libya, Iran’s nuclear ambitions, etc.). 

No.  Apparently women have no interest in these things.  Only their vaginas matter to them.  At least, that’s what the left would have you believe.  And they’re using them so much there is an explosion in sexual transmitted infections (see “I’m Calling to Let You Know That You May Have Been Exposed to Gonorrhea” by Amanda Marcotte posted 11/14/2013 on Slate).

In the annals of uncomfortable conversations that most people hope never to have, “calling your exes to tell them you have an STI” ranks at least in the top five. Luckily, for the taxpaying citizens of eastern Washington, help is on the way. As reported by NPR, the Spokane Regional Health District has instituted a program where, if you test positive for a sexually transmitted infection, their social workers will do the hard work of finding your former sex partners and calling them to let them know they’ve been exposed to this disease…

This program is fantastic and needs to be instituted everywhere immediately. This is a clear-cut example of the taxpayers really getting their money’s worth from government programs…

All jokes aside, infectious diseases don’t care if you’ve reached a point of emotional maturity where you can tackle life’s more difficult conversations with aplomb. Having a third party make the phone call you may not be able to make yourself is a simple, effective way of preventing people who may have infectious diseases from infecting more people. Half of new STI infections are among Americans ages 15-24, an age where having these kinds of loaded conversations is especially difficult. Good for Spokane, and let’s hope this program spreads across the country faster than chlamydia.

With the left’s objectification of women the hook-up entered the American lexicon.  Meeting people for casual sex.  With no consequences.  Thanks to free birth control.  And should that fail, abortion.  Kids as young as 15 are hooking up.  And leading the explosion in STIs.  No doubt young boys driving the explosion.  As they have but one thing on their mind.  Getting as many girls to say ‘yes’ as possible.  Because with free birth control and abortion there are no consequences.  So they try to convince every girl they find attractive to have sex.  Possibly infecting many of them before they show any symptoms themselves.  Which they probably ignore long before finally going to a doctor.  As those they infected may have unknowingly spread the infection through other hook-ups.

Is a government notification system of STIs really the answer?  Or is that only treating the symptom and not the cause?  Instead of spreading infection to our young perhaps we should follow George Michael‘s advice.  And explore monogamy.  And let our women be more than sexual objects.  As the left apparently prefers them.  Instead have only one sexual partner to live a sexually fulfilling life with.  For if they both enter the relationship infection free there will be no infection later.  And no need to have the government call your sexual partners.


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