Is it a Bad Omen for Obamacare Website that Hackers compromised President Obama’s Twitter Account?

Posted by PITHOCRATES - November 2nd, 2013

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It’s a brave new world out there.  An electronic world of convenience and pleasure.  On demand 24/7.  Wherever we are.  But this convenience comes at a price (see President Obama’s Twitter account compromised after Syrian group hacks into link-shortener by Adam Edelman posted 10/28/2013 on the Daily News).

President Obama’s Twitter account was briefly compromised Monday after a shady online group hacked into the link-shortening service used by Obama’s social media team.

Well that doesn’t bode well for the security of the Obamacare website or the massive database the government will be keeping our personal data in. 

According to CNBC, the group, which has claimed responsibility in the past for other big cyber-attacks, didn’t actually hack into the President’s account.

Rather, it breached the link-shortener tool, which send out truncated links to Internet URLs, used by his social media team.

The tool, a custom third-party link-shortener, was used by the President’s Organizing for Action group and is not affiliated with Twitter.

Oh, so it wasn’t a government account that got hacked.  That’s good.  Wait a minute, if they can hack into a tool millions use successfully and with ease then surely they can hack into a system so poorly designed that it doesn’t even work.  A system that tells its users they have no expectations of privacy.  Did they include that disclaimer because the system is so poorly designed that it is a hacker’s paradise?  Or is it because they are going to share that data with all of their political cronies to help them in the next election?  Whichever it is the people won’t like it.

Makes you pine for the good old days when your phone was on the kitchen wall.  And you read your news in a newspaper.  And actually enjoyed opening your mail.  Those were the days.  All the way back to the ancient 1980s.  When the only worry you had in the world was the Soviet Union starting a thermonuclear war.  Which seems at times less frightening than what can happen today.  For the odds of thermonuclear war were so great that it didn’t weigh on your mind every day.  Unlike the odds that the government will collect our most private information in such an unsecured fashion that hackers will steal it.  And use it to financially ruin us.


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