The Environmental Left is killing People with Grocery Bags

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 27th, 2013

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We’ve been hearing ‘paper or plastic’ at the grocery store for awhile now.  Soon it will be ‘paper, plastic or food-borne illness’ (see Tax on shopping bags ‘will lead to more food poisoning’ by Graeme Paton posted 10/27/2013 on The Telegraph).

An increase in the use of “bags for life” could lead to a spike in illness rates as shoppers place new items in bags already used to store fresh meat and raw vegetables, it was claimed.

The comments come amid growing pressure on families to reuse plastic bags as part of an environmental drive.

Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, announced plans to charge 5p for plastic bags in England from 2015 to discourage the use of multiple bags…

But leading scientists are warning that the move represents a serious risk to public health because reused bags are often “heavily contaminated” with bacteria.

“Vegetables that come into contact with the inside of the bags could easily be contaminated,” he said.

He said many shoppers stored empty bags in the boot of the car but added: “The warm environment of cars make them the worst place as far as bacteria is concerned.

“One bacteria cell will quickly become thousands.

“If people are going to have to pay for bags and re-use them my concern is we’re creating a high risk of food poisoning. At the very least people have to be given advice to clean these bags every time they use them.”

The conclusions follow research by Pennsylvania University, which found a 25 per cent increase hospital admissions for bacterial infections such as E. coli after San Francisco banned plastic bags.

The study said: “The San Francisco ban is associated with a 46 per cent increase in deaths from food-borne illness to a rate of approximately 12 deaths per year.”

If we use the left’s logic in the gun control debate then we must continue to use single-use plastic bags.  Because they say we should ban guns even if it saves only one life.  Well, using single-use plastic bags will save up to 12 lives a year in San Francisco.  So keep on using plastic.  Based on the left’s logic.

Of course the left doesn’t care about people dying from bacterial infections.  For they have no problem with people dying.  For them it’s a small price to pay to advance their agenda.  Which is the only thing important to them.  Unless they back away from this policy agenda.  And let people use safe shopping bags.  Will they?  Time will tell.  But don’t hold your breath.  For when it comes to the environment they pretty much live by the maxim ‘save the planet, kill man’.  As they want us to drive tiny little cars that will get crushed by bigger vehicles.  Use all-electric cars that may run out of charge in a bad neighborhood or in rush hour traffic during a blizzard.  And reuse shopping bags that will give us fatal food poisoning.


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