Obamacare freezes Hiring and robs the Healthy and Young to pay for the Old and Sick

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 20th, 2013

Week in Review

President Obama has scolded Republicans over and over during the recent government shutdown.  Saying their actions have hurt the American economy.  Just at a time when it was gaining traction.  Even business leaders appear to agree with the president (see Obamacare Delaying Hiring, Debt Ceiling Debate And Shutdown Hurt The Economy: Beige Book by Agustino Fontevecchia posted 10/16/2013 on Forbes).

The Fed released its beige book for late September to early October on Wednesday, where business leaders blamed the government shutdown and debt ceiling debate for “increased uncertainty…”

Business leaders hate uncertainty.  Because you can’t plan your cash flow or your capital budget when you are uncertain about the future.  So the president may be right there.  But you know what else business leaders hate?  Obamacare.

…while employers remained reluctant to expand payrolls because of Obamacare.

Talk about your uncertainty.  Of course, President Obama doesn’t care about what this uncertainty does to the economy.  Or what Obamacare does to a part of his liberal base.  The youth vote (see Premiums for young healthy people will jump in 45 states under Obamacare by JOEL GEHRKE posted 10/19/2013 on the Washington Examiner).

Young people in 45 states will see their health insurance premiums increase under Obamacare because the law relies on the money they pay into the system to offset the cost of caring for older enrollees, according to a new study.

Virginia leads the pack, as individuals aged 27 and under will see their health insurance premiums jump by 252.5 percent — $416.55 — according to the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis.

Virginians under the age of 50 will see their premiums jump by an even greater percentage, rising from $228 to $991.03.

During the hippy movement the mantra was to never trust anyone over thirty.  Now those hippies are in the government.  Who are the architects of Obamacare.  And they’re taking money from those under 30 to pay for the health care of those over thirty.  Including those old hippies who are now racking up huge medical bills.  And don’t want to pay for their own costly health care.

Guess the hippies were right.  You should never trust anyone over 30.  Especially if they’re liberal Democrats.



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