Robin Williams does NOT mention Costar Sarah Michelle Gellar on The Daily Show

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 13th, 2013

Week in Review

Robin Williams appeared on The Daily Show recently.  He has a new television show.  The Crazy Ones.  Jon Stewart and Robin Williams had a humorous interview.  They chatted about a lot of things.  But one thing he did not mention was his costar.  The reason why I watched the show.  Sarah Michelle Gellar.  Yes, Buffy.  The vampire slayer.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a pretty blonde girl in high school.  Who lived in Sunnydale, California.  Located atop a hell mouth.  Filling the city with demons and vampires killing innocent people.  Now what made this show so great is that the pretty young blonde girl, who the demons and vampires chase and kill in your typical demon/vampire movie, is the one chasing and killing the demons and vampires.  She’s the one saving everyone else.  She’s the strong one.  The champion.  The one you run to in times of danger.  And she does it with some great comedic timing to boot.  Which is why everyone fell in love with Buffy.  As everyone wanted someone as great as that in their life.  And Sarah Michelle Gellar did such a great job in bringing Buffy to life.

Which is why legions of fans will watch whatever she stars in.  Even if it’s crap.  Because they want to see her play another strong woman.  Especially one as funny and witty as Buffy.  The Crazy Ones may not be the show they were waiting for.  But they will take it.  No matter how annoying Williams can get.  And he can get annoying if you’re not a fan of his kind of humor.  Yet with legions of Buffy fans no doubt tuning in to see Gellar her costar, Robin Williams, did not mention her on The Daily Show.  Even CBS does not mention her when talking about how The Crazy Ones is a winner (see WINNER: “The Crazy Ones” (CBS)).

Better news for CBS: Robin Williams is soundly winning the Thursday night nostalgia war against Michael J. Fox, with his new ad-man sitcom standing as TV’s top-rated new series in total viewers. Sure, it helps that ratings behemoth “The Big Bang Theory” gets things started at 8 p.m., but “Crazy Ones” still pulled in over 11 million viewers last week with a weaker lead-in from “The Millers.” Expect a full-season order soon… and many more wacky boardroom antics from Williams.

Gellar just can’t get any respect.  Which is a pity because without her I doubt as many people would be tuning in.  I wouldn’t.  And I can’t be the only one.  So what is it with everyone ignoring Gellar?  Perhaps they just don’t like strong women.


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