FT191: “Those who don’t trust a slick-talking salesman will trust a slick-talking liberal unconditionally.” —Old Pithy

Posted by PITHOCRATES - October 11th, 2013

Fundamental Truth

When it comes to our Financial Well-Being everyone looks out for Number One

People hate sales people.  Especially those who work on commission.  Who will lie to your face to sell you something you don’t want.  Or need.  Just so they can pocket a handsome commission.  They will smile and laugh with you.  Act like your new best friend.  Compliment you.  Tell you that you can trust them.  That they will take care of you.  And that those plumes of blue smoke blowing out of the used car you’re about to buy is normal.  And will go away once you start driving.

This is why we have the saying ‘buyer beware’.  Caveat emptor.   Because there are some unscrupulous types working for businesses.  So buyers have to remain on their guard.  For a slick-talking salesman could sell mittens year-round in Phoenix, Arizona.  They’re that good.  And if they can do that just think what they can sell you when you want something they’re selling.

So we don’t trust smooth-talkers.  Slick-talkers.  People who say they are our friends even though they don’t know us.  People who say they are looking out for us.  People who want to take care of us.  Because when it comes to our financial well-being there is a rule of thumb that holds true.  We look out for number one.  Ourselves.  And because we do we know others do, too.  Including that slick-talking salesman.

The most Successful Businesses are the Businesses with the most Satisfied Customers

“Fool me once shame on you.  Fool me twice shame on me.”  This is an expression that says two things.  A slick-talking person fooled us all at least once.  Often because we were young and naïve.  But we learned from our mistake.  Which is why when we are more mature and experienced the unscrupulous don’t fool us as much.  But as we age our mental faculties begin to fade.  We get forgetful.  Lonely.  And trusting.  Which is why it is the young and naïve AND the old and retired who the unscrupulous fool most.

So we don’t trust slick-talking people.  Because they’re trying to take advantage of us.  Especially our most vulnerable people.  Which is why when we hire a home improvement contractor we want to hire a contractor someone we know can personally vouch for.  Because these contractors are looking out for number one.  Just as we are looking out for number one.  Knowing this honest contractors want to do a good job to stand out from the unscrupulous ones.  So they can get testimonials from people we know and respect.  Because they don’t want to trick people with a slick sales pitch and costly advertising.  They want happy customers sending them more business for free.

This is why capitalism works.  Because it is less costly to be honest and please your customers.  For if businesses are honest and please their customers people will remain their customers.  And possibly refer new customers to them.  Which is why the most successful businesses are the businesses with the most satisfied customers.  If people get sick after eating in a restaurant it will be a long time before they return to that restaurant.  If they ever return to that restaurant.  And if people stop going to a restaurant that serves food that makes its customers sick this restaurant will eventually lose all their customers.  Except the few that wander in off the street.  Or never read an online review.

While the Mature and Experienced tend to vote Republican the Young and Naïve tend to vote Democrat

Young people typically are Democrats.  As they see Republicans as nothing but a bunch of old fogies.  Like their parents.  Who wouldn’t know how to have fun if it came up to them and bit them in the ass.  Democrats, on the other hand, do.  They’re cool.  They’re slick.  They know how to say all the right things.  They mock those Republicans and make the young laugh.  Especially when those old fogies try to be funny and hip to attract the youth vote.  They just can’t do it.  Not like the suave, cool, hip and slick-talking Democrats.

Where do young liberals get their news from?  Well, more of them get it from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show than they do from Fox News.  Where Jon Stewart is the epitome of cool, hip and funny.  While those on Fox News are more like their killjoy parents.  In fact all the late-night comedy shows do well with this demographic.  Because while the right poorly articulates itself to the young the left does it perfectly.  Why, they could sell mittens year-round in Phoenix, Arizona.  They’re that good.  And even though a lot of liberal Democrats are old fossils themselves they don’t have to be cool and hip to get the youth vote.  Because the entertainment industry and the mainstream media convinces the most vulnerable that the Democrats are their best friend.  And say things to compliment them like they are our future.  That they are responsible enough to have all the sex they want.  That they can trust the left.  And that the left will take care of them.

The young will not trust any business.  Be they honest or unscrupulous.  But they will trust a slick-talking liberal unconditionally even though liberals are looking out for number one.  All the while failing to see how all the things that are to make our lives better just happen to make the lives of those in government better.  Income redistribution sends more money to government.  Environmental regulations send more money to government.  And Obamacare sends more money to government.  See the pattern?  And unlike the business person trying to build an honest reputation the left will lie, steal and cheat to get their way.  “If you like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance.”  And what makes their actions particularly insidious is that they target the most vulnerable.  While the mature and experienced tend to vote Republican the young and naïve AND the old and retired tend to vote Democrat.  The former because they are young and naïve.  The latter because the left has them terrified that Republicans will take away their Social Security and Medicare.  So they vote Democrat out of fear.  Even though doing so will eventually bankrupt Social Security and Medicare.  While those in government continue to live a better life.  Because a slick-talking liberal can sell just about anything.  Including a liberal ruling class.



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