When UN Diplomats aren’t busy Solving the World’s Problems they’re getting busy with Strippers

Posted by PITHOCRATES - September 29th, 2013

Week in Review

The United States takes a lot of crap around the world.  Despite their being the world’s policeman.  And hosting the United Nations in New York City.  Where tin-pot dictators and autocratic thugs can get a world forum to denounce the United States.  Telling us how horrible life in America is.  How we lost our values.  Are too materialistic.  Too greedy.  Putting profits ahead of people.  And are so barbaric that we treat our women like second class citizens.  Unlike these enlightened rulers abroad.  Yet when they come to New York City to make the world a better place where do they go?  Here (see Midtown strip club booming during UN week posted 9/28/2013 on Page Six).

Midtown jiggle joint Flashdancers has seen a lot of action thanks to the United Nations General Assembly.

“The place has been so packed with diplomats, they’ve had to turn away people at the door,” says a source.

Yeah, the UN takes care of important business whenever they meet in general assembly.  They’re resolving the crisis in Syria.  Getting those chemical weapons locked down safely.  And preventing the slaughter of Syrian civilians.  And we’re resolving the Iranian nuclear impasse.  Working hard to keep a nuclear bomb from falling into the hands of terrorists.  As Iran is a sponsor of terrorism.  So they’re taking care of important business up at the UN.  That is, when they’re not busy stuffing money down strippers’ g-strings.



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