Solving the Illegal Immigration Problem with Machines

Posted by PITHOCRATES - September 29th, 2013

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We have an illegal immigration problem because of California’s agriculture industry.  Illegals come to pick our crops because we won’t do it for what they will do it for.  Now we’re talking about a pathway to citizenship.  Because we won’t pick our own crops.  Of course once they are legal citizens they probably won’t pick our crops for what they once did.  Because they will no longer have to hide and endure low wages lest they fear deportation.  So what then?  Well, probably something like this (see Japanese Agriculture Firm Develops Strawberry Picking Robot posted 9/28/2013 on Science, Space & Robots).

A strawberry picking robot has been developed by Shibuya Seiki Co., a developer of agriculture machinery. The Japan Times reports that new robot was on display this past week at the Auto-ID and Communication Expo, which is held at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center.

The robot is 2-meters tall. It can identify fresh strawberries and pick them from plants. The robot uses digital cameras to determine the color of the strawberry and an algorithm to decide whether or not it is ripe enough to pick. Cameras are also used to help the robot get in the proper position to pick the strawberry. Picked strawberries are slowly placed in a tray after being picked.

Here’s our answer to illegal immigration.  Use machines to do what Americans refuse to do.  Thereby eliminating the need for migrant labor. Which would really change the political discourse.  And cause a big problem for liberals who want a pathway to citizenship to create new Democrat voters.  That big problem?  Machines don’t vote.


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