Electric Car Sales are so Bad that Nissan is giving away Free Rapid Charges

Posted by PITHOCRATES - September 29th, 2013

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The electric car was going to save the planet.  By getting gasoline-burning cars off the road.  Something the environmentalists and global warming enthusiasts have long wanted.  The only problem is no one but them wants this.  And there’s probably a large percentage of them that don’t want this, too (see Nissan Channels Tesla, Offers Free Leaf Charging in Texas by Alan Ohnsman posted 9/26/2013 on Bloomberg).

Nissan Motor Co. (7201), the most prolific electric-car maker, plans to offer free rapid charges for its battery-powered Leaf hatchback for new customers in Texas, experimenting with a strategy pioneered by Tesla Motors Inc…

Nissan, along with alliance partner Renault SA (RNO), has become the world’s largest seller of autos powered solely by electricity. A pricing reduction this year and low-cost lease deals have helped U.S. Leaf sales more than triple through August to a record 14,123 units…

“For the right person, near these charge stations, it could be a good thing and have some appeal,” Nerad said. “But it’s still striking me that in most instances, an electric car will mainly be a second or third vehicle for most people, because of the range limitations and how long it takes to charge them.”

The 2013 Leaf, built at Nissan’s Smyrna, Tennessee, plant, averages 75 miles (121 kilometers) per charge. Repowering the car’s depleted lithium-ion battery pack takes about four hours from a 240-volt charger. EVgo’s direct-current fast chargers can repower the battery to 80 percent in 30 minutes, Brockman said.

The auto companies sell about 16 million annually.  That makes electric cars sales approximately 0.132% of all cars sold.   So no one is buying them.  Because of that poor range.  And long charge times.  This is why they’re giving away rapid charges.  Because the electric car is great and more people should drive them.  As long as it’s other people that drive them.  As most of us don’t want to sweat bullets wondering if we’re going to make it home before the battery runs out.



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