President Obama’s Lies being exposed in California as Obamacare increases the price of Health Insurance

Posted by PITHOCRATES - September 22nd, 2013

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There is no way Obamacare can lower the cost of health insurance.  Because when you mandate that insurance providers pay for more health care services it will cost the insurance companies more money to do so.  And where do they get their money?  From insurance premiums.  So if they have to spend more they have to charge more (see Obamacare Doctor Rationing Begins in California by Lanhee Chen posted 9/16/2013 on Bloomberg).

The Los Angeles Times reported yesterday that Californians will actually be paying more for less because of the “Affordable” Care Act…

The basic reason Obamacare raises premiums is simple: It fundamentally changes the marketplace for health insurance by putting in place a number of onerous and highly restrictive federal regulations. Most notably, the law requires insurers to cover all comers, regardless of pre-existing health conditions. Obamacare also severely limits the factors that insurers may account for in pricing their policies. For example, insurers may not vary premiums based on health status and must charge a 64-year-old no more than three times as much for the same plan as they would charge an 18-year-old. Finally, the law mandates that insurers cover a number of benefits that they may not have had to previously.

In tension with these economic and regulatory factors working to raise premiums is the political pressure being applied by the Obama administration, particularly in states like California, to keep premiums as low as possible. One of the only ways left, then, for health plans to meet these competing demands is to restrict access to certain care providers — limiting patients’ ability to choose specific doctors or hospitals, lengthening wait times or forcing them to see a new doctor because their current one isn’t part of an insurer’s provider network.

Clearly, then, Obamacare is not about lowering the cost of health insurance.  It’s all about destroying the private health insurance industry.  Why?  Because once Obamacare destroys the private health insurance industry the way is clear for national health care.  Which is the single purpose of Obamacare.  At least based on the “onerous and highly restrictive federal regulations.”

President Obama lied profusely to the American people about Obamacare.  And he treaded lightly in the role out of his great lie.  For if the people caught on before the 2012 election the Republicans might have taken back the Congress and the White House.  And restored sanity to the land by repealing Obamacare.  So to avoid that from happening he delayed the role out and the exposing of the many lies he told until after the 2012 election.  But did he wait too long?  Having waited so long and delayed many parts of it for political reasons has only allowed people to begin experiencing pieces of Obamacare.  To see his lies exposed.  Strengthening the opposition to this horrible piece of legislation.  And now the 2014 mid-term elections are just around the corner.

The plan was to get as many people enrolled between 2012 and 2014 as possible.  To get them dependent on Obamacare.  So should the Republicans take both houses of Congress and the White House in 2014 because enough voters were angry with the Democrats for ruining their health care that there would be too many people enrolled in Obamacare to simply repeal it.  Have these delays put Obamacare at risk?  Have they given the people too much time to see the lies they were telling?  Will the Republicans be able to repeal it once they become the majority power again?

We are approaching the point of no return.  So far the Democrats’ lies have been winning the day.  But they have been destroying the economy in the process.  Will they destroy our health care as well?  We shall soon find out.


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