President Obama gives the Wind Energy Industry permission to Kill more Bald Eagles

Posted by PITHOCRATES - September 14th, 2013

Week in Review

You want to cut a firebreak in a forest?  Sorry, you can’t do it.  Because it will disturb the habitat of a dirty, filthy rodent.  The kind that can transmit Hantaviruses to campers.  You want to irrigate your farm in California’s central valley?  Sorry, you can’t do it.  Because the pumps will suck in delta smelt which will upset the ecosystem.  But you say you want to kill golden and bald eagles with spinning death machines?  Not a problem.  At least with President Obama and his pals in the wind energy industry (see Study: Wind farms killed 67 eagles in 5 years by DINA CAPPIELLO, Associated Press, posted 9/11/2013 on Yahoo! News).

Wind energy facilities have killed at least 67 golden and bald eagles in the last five years, but the figure could be much higher, according to a new scientific study by government biologists.

The research represents one of the first tallies of eagle deaths attributed to the nation’s growing wind energy industry, which has been a pillar of President Barack Obama’s plans to reduce the pollution blamed for global warming. Wind power releases no air pollution.

But at a minimum, the scientists wrote, wind farms in 10 states have killed at least 85 eagles since 1997, with most deaths occurring between 2008 and 2012, as the industry was greatly expanding. Most deaths — 79 — were golden eagles that struck wind turbines. One of the eagles counted in the study was electrocuted by a power line.

The vice president of the American Bird Conservancy, Mike Parr, said the tally was “an alarming and concerning finding…”

It’s unclear what toll the deaths could be having on local eagle populations. And while the golden eagle population is stable in the West, any additional mortality to a long-lived species such as an eagle can be a “tipping point,” Millsap said.

The research affirms an AP investigation in May, which revealed dozens of eagle deaths from wind energy facilities and described how the Obama administration was failing to fine or prosecute wind energy companies, even though each death is a violation of federal law…

Meanwhile, the wind energy industry has pushed for, and the White House is currently evaluating, giving companies permission to kill a set number of eagles for 30 years. The change extends by 25 years the permit length in place now, but it was not subjected to a full environmental review because the administration classified it as an administrative change.

Yet another example of the Obama administration not enforcing a law they don’t like.  Putting the Obama administration, and their cronies in the wind energy industry, above the law.  Making a mockery of the rule of law.  And turning the United States into a third-world banana republic.

The same people who say we can’t disturb the habitat of Hantavirus-carrying vermin or kill a smelt or two have no problem with killing the national bird/national animal of the United States.  The bald eagle is a distinguished and noble creature.  Which is why it is on the Great Seal of the United States.  Instead of a rodent or a smelt.  But it is those we can’t harm.  While we can kill the bald eagle.

President Obama destroys our economy with his abysmal economic policies.  Giving us unemployment that just won’t go away.  He gave the Middle East to Russia and Iran with his blundering foreign policy.  Creating a more dangerous world.  And diminished America’s place in that world.  And now he is encouraging the killing of America’s national symbol.  Perhaps to do to it what he’s doing to the nation.

One can’t help but get the impression that the United States of America isn’t President Obama’s favorite country.


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