Wal-Mart Haters can’t get Wal-Mart Workers or Shoppers to Hate Wal-Mart

Posted by PITHOCRATES - September 8th, 2013

Week in Review

The political left hates Wal-Mart.  And just loves to hate them.  Because they use nonunion labor.  Unions are constantly trying to organize Wal-Mart stores.  They picket and protest but the people don’t rise up in solidarity.  Why?  Because the people love Wal-Mart.  Where their ever shrinking paychecks can buy more than at any other store.  They love these stores.  And their employees do, too.  At least based on this phony protest (see Walmart on Thursday protests: ‘The UFCW threw a party and nobody showed up’ by SEAN HIGGINS posted 9/6/2013 on the Washington Examiner).

Walmart issued the following statement this afternoon in response to protest events orchestrated by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union-backed group OUR Walmart on Thursday:

Once again, it looks like the UFCW threw a party and nobody showed up. Despite promises of ‘thousands of workers’ protesting this week, the union failed to deliver more than a smattering of paid protesters at their 15 orchestrated events. At most, 50 of the participants actually work for Walmart, put another way, that’s less than one-tenth of one percent of our 1.3 million associates…

A Washington Examiner look at news reports of the protests in the 11 cities that held them (OUR Walmart had promised 15 cities) found that Few of the protesters were actual employees of the nonunion retail giant.

If Wal-Mart was so bad the people still would not have showed up to protest.  Why?  Because if it was that bad working at Wal-Mart no one would work at Wal-Mart.  But the Wal-Mart haters will say that is only because these Wal-Mart jobs are the best jobs available.  And the supporters of Wal-Mart will say, “Exactly.”

If Wal-Mart is such an evil place to work then the simplest solution would be for another business to open up and offer better pay and benefits to attract the Wal-Mart workers over to their store.  But that’s not happening.  Because these Wal-Mart haters won’t put their money where their mouth is and open up a store that offers better pay and benefits.  But the Wal-Mart haters will say that’s not fair because they can’t do what Wal-Mart can do.  And the supporters of Wal-Mart will say, “Exactly.”  Which is why people love shopping at Wal-Mart.



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