Wind-Generated Electric Power is 2-3 times more Costly than Coal-Generated Electric Power

Posted by PITHOCRATES - August 25th, 2013

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A lot of people think wind-generated electric power is free.  Because the wind is free.  But wind-generated electric power is not free.  Wind turbines are very expensive.  And you need a lot of them to produce enough electric power that is useful.  Making it more expensive than the old-fashioned power we once knew and loved.  That generated from coal-fired power plants.  And it’s not a little more expensive.  It’s a lot more expensive (see Offshore wind costs will fall if development continues by EDI Editor posted 8/23/2013 on EDI).

Now a study commissioned by the German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation, along with Siemens and other companies in the industry, has concluded that the cost of electricity from offshore wind can be reduced by about one-third over the next decade if development continues consistently. At present the cost of electricity produced by offshore wind is approximately three times the cost of conventionally produced power, so reducing costs is essential if widespread adoption is to happen…

In analyzing the projected cost development of electricity generated from offshore wind, the study concluded that costs could be reduced by about 31 per cent, assuming stable market development, reaching at least 9 Gigawatt installed capacity in Germany by 2023.

All right, wind-generated electric power costs three times as much to produce than conventionally produced power.  Such as from a coal-fired power plant.  But in a very rosy ‘best case’ projection where the economy is strong and there are great advancements in the technology of wind power they can bring the cost of wind-generated electricity down one third.  So it is only twice as costly as conventionally produced power.

So we will pay a premium for any electric power generated from wind turbines.  At worst it may triple electric power costs.  At best it may only double its cost.  Which is the last thing any of us want to hear as we struggle through the worst economic recovery since that following the Great Depression.  So why do it?

To save the planet, of course.  As the global warming fundamentalists warn us the end times will come unless we fall to our knees and affirm our belief in global warming.  And agree to pay 2-3 times more for our electric power to absolve us of our global warming sins.  And not to listen to the ‘factsayers’ who tell us the data shows the planet is NOT warming.  For Al Gore sayeth it is.  And he should know.  For he became a very rich man proselytizing people to the global warming faith.  Hallelujah.


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