Republicans want a Hearing on Global Warming and Climate Change which worries Democrats

Posted by PITHOCRATES - August 25th, 2013

Week in Review

Global warming is like a religion.  You have to accept it on faith.  Because there is just no evidence proving it (see Global warming alarmists worried about House hearing by ASHE SCHOW posted 8/23/2013 on the Washington Examiner).

Temperatures will be a little cooler in September when Congress returns from August recess, but House Republicans may heat things up again with a hearing on global warming and climate change.

Democrats are wary of the move, according to Politico. “House Republicans have essentially called Democrats’ bluff by scheduling a long-sought hearing next month on climate change,” Politico said…

“After a quarter-century of wildly alarmist predictions that have failed to pan out — often with specific dates now in the past — we’d say the five-point decline Frank cites is dismayingly low,” said the Journal’s James Taranto, referring to a statement by physicist Adam Frank about how the percent of Americans who understand global warming as a problem has declined since 1989…

Stubborn temperatures that refuse to go up, predicted weather disasters that didn’t occur (such as record numbers of hurricanes) and arctic ice that just won’t melt — no wonder global warming alarmists are trying to diminish the hearing before it even happens.

Only the faithful believe in global warming.  Like in any religion.  They can’t prove global warming exists.  All of their dire predictions have been laughable failures.  Yet they tell the faithful to act as if global warming exists.  And to vote for them.  So they can pass more anti-business policies to save the planet from global warming.

Before global warming do you know what they were warning us about?  The coming ice age.   All during the Seventies climates experts were warning governments to start stockpiling food as the coming ice age was going to soon shorten the growing season and cause great food shortages (see Global Warming or The “New Ice Age”? Fear of the “Big Freeze” published 1/2/2013 on Global Research).  So it’s hard to take any climate expert seriously these days.  Especially when they switch warning us about global cooling to global warming within a decade or so.  For how can you be so sure about something only to change your mind and be so sure of the complete opposite thing?

Well, there is one way.  Faith.  For just as God moves in strange and mysterious ways so does climate.  To the faithful, at least.  Which is why the Democrats are wary of having a hearing on global warming and climate change.  Because Republicans don’t embrace the global warming faith.  They’ll want to move the debate into the temporal world of science and fact.  Instead of leaving any discussions of global warming in the spiritual world.  Where all discussions begin after an affirmation of the faith.  Like they do on the left.  Where they choose to accept global warming as fact.  Without proving it factually.


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