Liberals have a Distinct Advantage when it comes to Embarrassing Nude Selfies in Cyberspace

Posted by PITHOCRATES - August 4th, 2013

Week in Review

A lot of people in their teens and twenties may not be thinking about running for public office.  A senate or a presidential campaign may be the last thing on their mind as they are partying on some college campus.  Finally away from their parents.  Able to do the things they couldn’t do with their parents around.  Like get drunk.  And have some grownup fun.  Even taking naughty pictures of themselves and sending them to their fellah.  Never thinking that it would end up a permanent fixture on the Internet.  Besides, how could that ever come back to haunt them (see When Will We Get a Female Pol’s Crotch Shot? by Lizzie Crocker posted 8/1/2013 on The Daily Beast)?

Leave it to Gloria Steinem to raise the million-dollar question out of all the media gold that has been spun out of Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting scandal:

“I mean, just imagine if there were a woman who had photographed her pubic area and sent it out on the phone,” Steinem recently told The Cut. “Would she be a candidate..?”

Let’s face it: any female politician whose vagina was splashed all over the Web would have a hard time weathering the derision that image would inevitably generate.

The sad thing is a woman’s political orientation will determine the derision that would follow.  Not to mention the shame and embarrassment.  The media coverage would portray the Democrat as a victim.  While portraying the Republican as a hypocrite.  Family values?  Yeah, right.  While late night television would have a field day.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize you with your clothes covering your vagina.”

Kids do stupid things in their youth.  In the old days these were things done and forgotten.  Where mothers today may blush as they remember something they did in their youth.  But that’s where it ends.  Because there was no permanent record of it floating in cyberspace.  Unlike today.  Where if these women don’t go on to a career in porn those pictures will come back and haunt them.  Forever.  Perhaps even destroying their political aspirations.  If those aspirations include joining the Republican Party.

It leaves one to wonder about the left’s objectification of women.  Their turning women into sexual objects for men to enjoy.  Perhaps they want these young women to upload embarrassing nude photos of themselves.  So they can store them on some server farm.  Just in case they decide to go into politics.  On the wrong side.  At which time they can dig these pictures up.  And throw them back out onto the Internet.  So they can use them to destroy the political opposition.  For they know that can’t win in the arena of ideas.  No.  The way they win is with vicious personal attacks on the opposition so that they rue the day they ever entered the political area.  And nothing could help them more than some nude selfies from their youth.

And the saddest thing of all is that it is the conservative cause that will suffer the most.  An adulterous affair with an intern young enough to be his daughter in the Oval Office?   What business is that of ours?  What people do in their private lives has nothing to do with their ability to expertly execute the duties of their office.  A crotch shot from a drunken teen on spring break?  Obviously a sign of a deep character flaw.  And clearly someone who has no right to talk about family values.  The exhibitionist hypocrite.

You know this is what will happen.  And why some of America’s best and brightest may never run for public office.  Because of something they did when they were a young silly liberal that’s come back to bite them in the ass when they’ve grown up into a mature responsible conservative adult.  For conservatives will have shame for something so embarrassing in their past.  Unlike some liberals.


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