Advancing Glacier hides 1952 Plane Crash Wreckage in Alaska

Posted by PITHOCRATES - July 14th, 2013

Week in Review

Those people who revere global warming and believe that manmade carbon emissions are destroying the planet incessantly point to the glaciers.  They say, “See?!?  The glaciers are melting.  Disappearing.  And they have been doing this ever since man began to destroy the planet.”

It’s been a one-way street ever since according to them.  A warming of the planet.  And a melting of the glaciers.  And if we don’t change our ways right now nothing will stop the melting of the glaciers (see Melting Alaskan Glacier Yields New Remains of Decades-Old Crash by Alana Abramson, ABC News Blogs, posted 7/12/2013 on Yahoo! News).

On Nov. 22 1952, an Air Force C-124 cargo plane crashed into Mount Gannett in Alaska. All 52 members were instantly killed. But 61 years later, a melting glacier is giving up the secrets of that crash…

Doug Beckstead, a historian at Anchorage’s Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, told ABC News that investigators immediately went to explore the wreckage but by Dec. 1 of that year, all evidence of the crash had disappeared, submerged into the glacier.

Now two things could have happened.  Either the wreckage was buried in accumulating snow.  Thus increasing the size of the glacier.  Or the wreckage burned so hot it melted into the glacier.  And then accumulating snow covered all traces of the melted glacier.  Thus increasing the size of the glacier.

Manmade carbon emissions took off with the Industrial Revolution (1760-1830ish).  And they have been growing ever since.  Which means they were growing before AND after that plane crashed into the glacier.  Yet the glacier grew after the plane crashed.  Hiding the wreckage.  And only when it melted back to where it was when that plane crashed could we see this wreckage again.

Once upon a time the glaciers extended down from the poles to near the equator.  Then they melted.  Receding back towards the poles.  Leaving behind things like the Great Lakes in North America as they melted.  Of course, back then no one was wringing their hands in fear of the coming global warming apocalypse.  No.  For life got better because that infernal ice no longer covered the life-sustaining earth.  You see, this happened before man made any carbon emissions.  As we were still hunters and gatherers then.  Cavemen, if you will.  Prehistoric.  When there was no gasoline burning in automobiles.  And no coal burning in electric power plants.  Yet the glaciers melted more than they have ever melted since man began making carbon emissions.

Glaciers melt.  Always have.  And always will.  With or without man’s help.  And fretting about global warming today shows a complete ignorance of the planet’s geological history.  Or a devious attempt to expand the government’s power over private industry through environmental regulation.  So there are your choices for the climate doomsayers.  They’re either ignorant.  Or devious.  Either way we’re far better off ignoring their fearful prognostications.  Which they deliver with a religious fervor.  Appropriately enough as believing in global warming requires a leap of faith.  Just like it does with any religion.


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