National Health Care kills up to 2,000 Children a Year in Britain

Posted by PITHOCRATES - July 13th, 2013

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Opponents of nationalizing health care say it will only lead to doctor shortages, a lowering of quality and rationing.  Proponents of Obamacare say that’s absurd.  For with government in charge of a large health care bureaucracy things can only get better.  Not worse.  Just look at the NHS in Britain (see British child death rates are ‘a major crisis’, says paediatricians’ leader by Yvonne Roberts and Denis Campbell posted 7/13/2013 on the guardian).

Five children die unnecessarily every day of conditions such as asthma, meningitis and pneumonia because NHS care for young people is badly organised and dangerously inadequate, the leader of Britain’s 11,000 specialists in children’s health warns.

About 2,000 children a year lose their lives because of an array of problems, which means the UK has some of the worst death rates among children up to the age of 14 in Europe, the president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health told the Observer. Branding the situation “a major crisis”, Hilary Cass said in an interview that sick children were at greater risk of dying because some GPs lacked paediatric skills, expertise was absent in too many small paediatric units, and there was a serious shortage of consultants. The college believes a lack of senior paediatric doctors is so acute that the safety of treatment cannot be guaranteed at every unit. Cass urges the NHS to instigate radical changes in how it treats children, including a centralisation of hospital services to reduce preventable deaths…

Her concerns are supported by the royal college’s new medical workforce census, a major biannual study among the UK’s 11,000 paediatricians to investigate the pressures on them. It identifies problems such as:

■ Sharply rising demand as more children contract non-communicable diseases such as asthma and obesity.

■ A chronic shortage of consultants, especially when hospital units are busiest.

■ Worryingly wide variations in the number of consultants in different parts of England, with 48 per 100,000 children aged 0-15 in London, but just 27 per 100,000 in the east of England.

Imagine that.  In the NHS where the government is in charge of a large health care bureaucracy there are doctor shortages, a lowering of quality and rationing.  Guess the proponents of Obamacare are wrong.  As moving American health care in the direction of British health care is wrong.  Unless loosing 10, 0000 children a year is okay with you.  (The U.S. has about 5 times the population of Britain.  So one would multiply their 2,000 deaths by 5 to approximate the U.S deaths we can expect with a government run health care system.)

If the left really cares about the children then they should repeal Obamacare.  For it could save up to 10,000 children a year.  Unless the left hates children.  Which they must if they don’t repeal Obamacare.  Because we can see where Obamacare can lead to by simply looking at what’s happening in Britain now.


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