More Forgotten Children die in Cars but there is no Demand for new Car Legislation

Posted by PITHOCRATES - July 6th, 2013

Week in Review

Whenever a child dies accidentally because of a gun there is another push to pass gun control legislation.  While making derogatory comments about gun owners.  For if it wasn’t for these yahoos putting pressure on their representatives in Congress they would have already done the right thing.  And repealed the Second Amendment.  So there wouldn’t be guns in houses where children can find them.  But it is a little different when children die accidentally in other ways (see Baby boy dies after being left in car in Virginia by Clarence Williams and Martin Weil posted 6/6/2013 on The Washington Post).

An 8-month-old boy died Friday after he was apparently left in his mother’s car while she was at work, Alexandria police said…

Bergin said the mother intended to drop the child off at day care. It was not clear why she did not…

Also on Friday, Baltimore County police said a toddler died after being left in a vehicle in Lansdowne, police said.

A relative was supposed to take 16-month-old Sabriya Towels to a Head Start Center on Friday after picking her up at another location but instead drove to their home in Baltimore, went inside and slept for a few hours, police said.

Police said that about four hours later, the relative, who was not Sabrinya’s parent, went to the Head Start Center to pick up the toddler and realized she was not there. He then ran to his vehicle and found the girl inside…

The Web site Kids and Cars. org said that on average, 38 children die in hot cars each year after being trapped inside.

“Even the best of parents or caregivers can overlook a sleeping baby in a car,” the Web site says.

People who accidentally left a child in a locked car to die are not horrible people like those gun owners.  These people can be “even the best of parents and caregivers.”  While no such sentiments will ever appear about a gun owner.  Even though both may accidentally kill a child.  Horrible things to have to live with.  But is a forgetful person who doesn’t lock away their gun when the grandchildren come to visit any more horrible than a forgetful parent or caregiver who forgets a child in a car?  No.

Is this a commentary on today’s idea of what a woman should be?  Instead of a stay-at-home mom she should have both a career and a family?  As well as an intense schedule that can suck the life out of her?  While making her miss being a part of her children’s childhoods?  Instead farming a good portion of that out to childcare?  Perhaps.  Mothers should be able to enjoy being a mother without feeling guilty for not having a career, too.  For her job as mother is far more important and far more satisfying than any career she could have.  For even movie stars who have lives every woman envies does not feel complete until they become mothers.  And when they do we celebrate their motherhood.  And yet the left will disparage a woman who doesn’t pursue a career.  Choosing instead to be a stay-at-home mother.  As they did during the 2012 debate.  When someone said Ann Romney never had a real job in her life.  Because all she did was raise 5 children.

There are a lot of double standards when it comes to the left.  Whether it is the ‘best of parents or caregivers’ and ‘evil, rotten gun owners’ when it comes to the accidental death of children.  Or working moms and stay-at-home moms when it comes to their idea of a real woman.  Everything the left does has but one purpose.  To advance a political agenda.  Even if it means we place so many burdens on women today that they forget about their children in the back seat of their cars.  At which point they’ll rue forever the day they chose to build a career.


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