Wait Times in NHS Emergency Rooms reach 9 Year High

Posted by PITHOCRATES - June 8th, 2013

Week in Review

National health care results in long wait times and rationing.  Especially when you have an aging population (see A&E waiting times at nine-year high by pa.press.net posted 6/3/2013 on MSN News UK).

Waiting times for accident and emergency patients have reached a nine-year high, according to figures…

John Appleby, chief economist at The King’s Fund, said: “Emergency care acts as a barometer for the NHS. The worryingly high number of patients waiting longer than four hours in the last quarter of 2012/13 is a clear warning sign that the health system is under severe strain…

“We’ve been absolutely clear that the NHS needs to transform the way health services are delivered to meet the needs of an ageing population focusing more on joined up services and prevention.

Under national health care if you go to an accident and emergency (A/E) and see a doctor in 4 hours you’re doing well.  Not all A/Es in Britain, though, can meet that 4 hour target.  Part of the problem is their aging population.  And the other is the long wait times elsewhere in the NHS.  For a 4-hour wait is like a walk in a park compared to the 18 weeks they have to treat you outside the A/E.  Where a general practitioner (GP) refers you to a specialist who refers you somewhere for treatment.  At which time the 18-week clock starts running.  So is it any wonder that people are flooding these A/Es?

Obamacare will greatly bureaucratize our health care.  Increasing our wait times, too.  Just like in the NHS.  Where they’ve been doing health care since 1948.  And they still don’t have it right.  Unless an 18-week wait time for treatment is your idea of right.  It isn’t their idea of right, though.  If it were people wouldn’t be overflowing their A/Es.  And causing the longest wait times in 9 years.  Just something to look forward too under Obamacare.  The new kid on the block when it comes to national health care.  Who won’t do it anywhere near as good as Britain.  Who has been trying to do it right since 1948.  And struggles to see people in the emergency room in under 4 hours.



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