It wasn’t an Anti-Government Tea Party Nut that sent Ricin to President Obama

Posted by PITHOCRATES - June 8th, 2013

Week in Review

After the Boston Marathon bombings the liberal media was quick to point out the symbolism surrounding that day (tax day, anniversary of Waco, anniversary of Oklahoma City bombing, Patriots’ Day, etc.) pointing to an anti-government Tea Party nut.  Some even commented that they hoped it wasn’t a Muslim.  Because they wanted it to be an anti-government Tea Party nut.  To justify further oppression of the Tea Party.  And not to bring up issues about the war on terror.  Or immigration reform.  But it had to be some Muslim.  Greatly dismaying those on the left.

The same thing happened when someone sent letters with ricin to President Obama and New York City Mayor Bloomberg.  It was all over in the news when there was a chance it was some anti-government Tea Party nut.  But now you hardly hear anything about it.  Because it was not an anti-government Tea Party nut (see Bit-part actor charged over plot to frame husband for ricin letters by Paul Harris posted 6/8/2013 on the guardian).

It is a story that reads like the plot of a cheap, pulp thriller – except perhaps not quite as believable.

On Friday, a pregnant bit-part actor in Texas was charged with sending letters to President Barack Obama and New York mayor Michel Bloomberg laced with the deadly nerve poison ricin in an apparent bizarre bid to frame her husband for the crime.

Shannon Richardson, who has had small roles on TV shows like the Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries, is a mother of five, who first went to the police with her concerns that her husband, Nathaniel Richardson, might have mailed the letters – which were intercepted before they reached their intended recipients.

But as investigators studied the case the focus of their questioning instead began to settle on the person who had made the outrageous claims in a scenario that on its face value saw a marital spat develop into a full blown bio-terrorist attack on the White House…

Amazingly this is not the first case of its kind this year. In April letters laced with ricin were sent to Obama, a Mississippi senator and a local judge. Paul Kevin Curtis of Corinth, Mississippi, was quickly arrested but charges were dropped and another man was picked up. That man, J Everett Dutschke, was later charged with mailing the letters, but also with trying to frame Curtis – who was described as a local rival.

As much as they want these attacks against America to be from disgruntled anti-government Tea Party nuts so they can further marginalize the Tea Party and get more sympathy for using the IRS to harass them they’re not.  These people breaking the law aren’t law-abiding Tea Party people.  They are anti-American Islamist terrorists.  Or just some nut doing something stupid.

But that doesn’t fit the narrative.  So the left continues to belittle and marginalize the Tea Party.  And uses all the powers of their office to attack them.  Or any of their other political enemies.  While urging everyone not to jump to any conclusions that the Boston Marathon bombers were radical Muslims who hated America.  No.  That didn’t mean anything.  But the symbolism of April 15?  We should all fear the law-abiding people of the Tea Party on that day.  For they may do something crazy like throw tea bags into Boston Harbor.


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