Iraq may not have had Chemical WMDs when George W. Bush was President but they have them Now

Posted by PITHOCRATES - June 1st, 2013

Week in Review

“Osama bin Laden is dead.  And General Motors is alive.”  That was why we were to reelect President Obama.  Because he won the War on Terror.  Al Qaeda was in retreat.  And the Islamist world loved America.  Except in Benghazi.  Where an al Qaeda affiliated group killed our ambassador and three other Americans.  But apart from that the Islamist world loves America.  Because they love President Obama (see Iraq says Qaeda poison gas cell busted in Baghdad by AFB posted 6/1/2013 on Al Arabiya News).

Iraq’s defense ministry said on Saturday that it has broken up an Al-Qaeda cell that was working to produce poison gas at two locations in the capital for future attacks at home and abroad.

The group of five people built two facilities to produce sarin and mustard gas, using instructions from another Al-Qaeda group, spokesman Mohammed al-Askari told a news conference.

The members of the cell were prepared to launch attacks domestically, and also had a network to smuggle the toxins to neighboring countries, and also to Europe and North America, Askari said.

I guess these Islamists didn’t get the memo.  Silly them.  They don’t even know that they love America now.

Guess al Qaeda reversed their retreat.  And took it up a notch.  No longer inspiring ‘lone wolfs’ to bomb innocents at things like marathons.  Now they’re working on true weapons of mass destruction (WMD).  Imagine that.  Chemical WMDs in Iraq.  Who’d a thunk it?  Interesting that they didn’t have them when George W. Bush was president.  But they have them now during the Obama presidency.  Did President Obama make Iraq a more dangerous place than President Bush?  Perhaps.

Benghazi, IRS scandal, trying to muzzle the free press and now chemical WMDs in Iraq.  And it’s only year one in the President’s second term.  This is probably making one more person disappointed that Mitt Romney didn’t win the last presidential election.  President Obama.


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Australia’s Carbon Tax kills 1160 Jobs as Ford Stops Making Cars in Australia

Posted by PITHOCRATES - June 1st, 2013

Week in Review

General Motors and Chrysler required those government bailouts because of the costs of their pensions and health insurance.  Especially for retirees.  Who were living long into retirement consuming a lot of their health care dollars.  It was so bad that the cost of GM’s retirees was greater than the cost of their active workforce.  Which was a big problem.  For they just couldn’t sell cars at high enough prices to cover these crushing costs.

While labor costs are the automotive manufacturers biggest cost they’re not their only big cost.  Another big cost is energy.  For those assembly plants consume a lot of energy.  Especially electric power.  Which is why a carbon tax would be a horrible thing.  As it will only make a big cost bigger.  Perhaps even chasing more manufacturing jobs out of the country.  Like it is doing in Australia (see Ford workers ‘won’t be left behind’ posted 6/2/2013 on Sky News Australia).

Ms Gillard met workers from the Geelong factory on Saturday afternoon and announced an extra 15-million-dollars to help them find new jobs when operations close down.

Earlier on Saturday, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott challenged Ms Gillard to apologise to the workers, singling out the carbon tax as a contributing factor.

Last month, the company announced it would stop making cars in Australia, costing 510 jobs at Geelong and 650 at Broadmeadows.

The war on carbon gave Australia a carbon tax.  To punish those big carbon emitters.  In particular their coal-fired power plants.  Giving the government a clever way to transfer more money from the private sector to the bloated public sector.  For a noble reason to boot.  To combat global warming.  As Australia suffers through one of the coldest winters on record.  So to combat this global warming they added a punitive tax on electric power producers.  Which greatly increased the cost of electric power.  Greatly increasing a business’ costs that consumes a lot of electric power.  Like an automobile assembly plant.

The carbon tax is anti-business.  It makes for a less business-friendly environment.  So is it any wonder that a business leaves a place that grew more business unfriendly while they were there?  This is the cost of environmentalism.  And fighting the specter of global warming.  You put people out of a job.  And ruin their lives.


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Tesla to expand Charging Network which may lead to the Success and then Failure of the All-Electric Car

Posted by PITHOCRATES - June 1st, 2013

Week in Review

There’s nothing like hitting the open road.  And just driving wherever your car takes you.  Because for some it’s the journey.  Not the destination.  For America has a special love affair with their cars.  They are symbolic of the liberty our Founding Fathers gave us.  The freedom to go anywhere.  All you need is a tank full of gas.  And a gas station or two along the way.  Which is something the all-electric car just can’t do.  But it’s not for a lack of trying (see Tesla tripling supercharger network for LA to NY trip by Chris Isidore posted 5/31/2013 on CNNMoney).

Musk said that the expansion of the network of superchargers, which allow the company’s cars to be recharged in about an hour, will cover most major metropolitan areas in the United States and southern Canada. While owners can charge the car using ordinary electrical current at home overnight, the supercharging stations are important for relieving drivers’ anxiety about running out of power and being stranded on long journeys.

“It is very important to address this issue of long-distance travel,” he said. “When people buy a car, they’re also buying a sense of freedom, the ability to go anywhere they want and not feel fettered.”

I don’t know about you but waiting an hour to recharge while on a road trip kind of defeats the purpose of hitting the open road.  Driving.  An hour doesn’t seem like a long time.  But the next time you go to a gas station stay there for an hour and see how it really feels.

At a speed limit of 70 MPH that’s like adding an additional 70 miles to your trip every time you stop to charge.  Or more.  For what happens if all the chargers are in use and there is a line of Tesla cars waiting for a charger when you arrive at one of these charging stations?  Because you’re not the only person driving a Tesla?  What then?  Whenever you pulled into a gas station with every pump in use you never had to wait 2 or 3 hours for your chance to spend an hour fueling your car.  But the success of all-electric cars could very well do this.  If enough people are driving them.  Well, the success would be short-lived.  For after the first hour-plus wait for a charge people will no doubt sell their all-electric cars.  And buy something gasoline-powered instead.

And here’s another thought.  Some horrific storms just blew through the Midwest.  Causing some huge power outages.  Right along some major interstate arteries passing through the state.  What do you do then?  When you need a charge and there is no electric power available?  Chances are that you’d have enough gasoline to get you to a gas station that didn’t lose its power.  But if there is only a charger every 80-100 miles you’re going to need a tow to the next charging station.  Making it harder and harder to enjoy your journey.  While your gasoline-powered companions mock you as they continue on enjoying their journey.

Someone should think long and hard about these things before pouring so much money into a charging infrastructure.  For that infrastructure will only work if they have few cars using it.  In fact, the success of the Tesla could very well lead to the failure of the all-electric car market.  When the reality of the charging problems of the all-electric car become apparent to all-electric car owners.  Who simply won’t want to spend a large part of their day waiting for a charge.  Or a tow truck.


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Oregon Teen wanted to be like the Columbine Murderers the Media turned into Celebrities

Posted by PITHOCRATES - June 1st, 2013

Week in Review

Sandy Hook, Aurora, Tucson and Virginia Tech were crimes caused by the Second Amendment.  Or so argue the Democrats.  Who want to use these episodes to press for their long-desired gun control legislation.  But the guns these people used weren’t the cause of their murder sprees.  Their mental health problems drove them to commit murder.  But instead of addressing the failures of our mental health system we focus on the guns.  Because the Democrats have long had a burning desire to pass gun control legislation.  Because gun bans will make the world a safer place (see Records: Teen wrote detailed plans for school plot by JONATHAN J. COOPER posted 5/28/2013 on AP).

An Oregon teen accused of planning an assault on his high school wrote detailed plans to “shoot and throw bombs throughout the school,” then kill himself before engaging with responding police officers, according to court documents released Tuesday…

At about 11:10, he would begin blasting music from the car while walking toward the school, a napalm firebomb in one hand and a duffel bag in the other.

“Drop duffel. Light and throw napalm, unzip bag and begin firing,” the notebook said. “Cooly state: ‘the Russian grim reaper is here.'”

The line is apparently a reference to the 2003 film “Bad Boys II.”

The plan went on: “Throw a smoke bomb prior to walking in. Proceed to enter the school, then shoot and throw bombs throughout the school. Kill myself before S.W.A.T. engages me.”

The detective wrote that the notebooks indicate that Acord “compares himself to both Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold,” the teenagers who killed 13 people at Columbine High School in Colorado in 1999 before turning their guns on themselves…

On Monday, Acord’s mother, Marianne Fox, issued a statement through a Corvallis lawyer, Alan Lanker, saying the teenager struggles with a rare form of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

This was in Oregon.  Oregon isn’t even a red state.  It’s a blue state.  So if anything they must have an anti-NRA attitude there.  So it wasn’t a gun culture pushing this kid to a bomb crime.  It was mental health problems.  According to his mother.

Thanks to the Left’s relentless coverage of Columbine they turned those two kids into heroes for others like them.  Every kid that was ever pushed around by a bully now dreams of doing the same thing.  Thanks to the celebrity the media gave them.  They really need to stop making these people sound so awesome to others suffering from mental illness.  If they didn’t go wall-to-wall with coverage perhaps this kid would have never heard about that mass murder.  And never planned his.

Once again a person suffering from mental health problems chose a soft target for his crime.  A school.  Which is a gun-free zone.  Why?  Because he didn’t want anyone shooting back at him.  And once someone did arrive on the scene with a gun he would stop murdering innocent people.  And kill himself.  The lesson here?  If there were people with guns at our schools people wouldn’t make plans to murder unarmed people there.  Because all they want to do is kill a lot of innocent people before someone can hurt them.  This is the problem with taking guns away.  It doesn’t stop bad people from doing bad things.  It just makes it harder for good people to protect themselves from bad people.  Who are trying to shoot them.  Or throw bombs at them.


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NHS Doctor Shortage and High Costs of National Health Care reduce Staffing Levels in Hospitals on Weekends

Posted by PITHOCRATES - June 1st, 2013

Week in Review

Health care workers in the National Health Service (NHS) are government workers.  And one thing we know about government workers is that they don’t like working on their time.  They don’t like working after hours during the workweek.  And they especially don’t like working the weekend (see NHS risk of death from elective surgery far greater at end of week, study finds by Denis Campbell posted 5/28/2013 on theguardian).

Patients who have planned surgery near the end of any week or at weekends are at greater risk of dying than those operated on at the start of the week and especially on Mondays, research reveals.

These risks have been rated “very alarming” by patient safety campaigners, and judged unacceptable by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS).

The findings come as NHS chiefs try to devise ways of ensuring that the health service offers high-quality care across the entire week, in response to a growing body of evidence showing that a shortage of experienced doctors on duty at the weekends heightens the risks of a poor outcome for patients.

It is only common decency.  If these health care workers can do their job in the normal workweek then patients ought to be able to do the same.  Have their surgery and be gone by the weekend.  Because health care workers have lives, too.  And they don’t want to waste it by taking care of burdensome patients on their time.

The study is significant since it is the first to suggest that patients in Britain are more likely to have an “inferior outcome” if they undergo elective surgery later in the week.

Until now concern has focused on high death rates among patients admitted as emergency cases at weekends – dubbed the “weekend effect” – which is often attributed to a lack of consultants on duty on Saturdays and Sundays.

You see, the problem in national health care is that it costs a lot of money.  Especially when you have an aging population.  Where more people leave the workforce than enter it.  Shrinking the tax base.  And these retirees go on to live a long life in retirement.  Instead of dying quickly to save precious health care money.  No, these people live so long that they can have heart attacks, cancer and dementia.  A single patient can have all of these afflictions today.  And that costs a lot of precious health care money.  Which they just don’t have.  So they have to ration what they do have.  To make their limited resources cover more people.  And one way of doing that is short-staffing hospitals on weekends.

[Paul] Aylin [a clinical reader in epidemiology and public health at Imperial College London] said he could not be sure what lay behind the trend. But he said that as the first 48 hours after surgery were critical to patients’ chances of recovery, the poorer care available at weekends – fewer staff, less experienced staff, perhaps less access to diagnostic tools or emergency surgery – was a likely explanation. Those who had surgery on a Friday would stay in hospital over the weekend…

Peter Walsh, CEO of the patient safety group AvMA, said day-dependent differences in the risk of death of as much as 44% were very alarming” and underlined the need to make the NHS a truly seven-day service.

Operating a good service only on weekdays was a completely out of date notion, he said, adding that patients due to have elective surgery on a Friday could ask instead to undergo it earlier in the week…

Sir Bruce Keogh, national medical director of NHS England, said the service was “committed to providing safe care for all patients, regardless of when they receive their treatment”.

Keogh added: “We have established a forum to develop viable financial and clinical options to help our NHS provide more comprehensive services seven days a week. This forum will report back in the autumn.”

Asking people to reschedule their surgeries may help some.  But if everyone does this will they just reduce staffing levels at the end of the week?  Which would kind of make the problem worse.  And it’s not much of an option for people being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance at the end of the workweek.  For those patients to be so inconsiderate as to have their near-death illness or accident at the end of the workweek.  These people will just have to plan their illnesses and accidents better.  Yeah, that may be hard.  But health care resources don’t grow on trees in the NHS.

Financial options?  You know what that means.  Greed.  Making a profit on the sickness of others.  The thing they want to stop in the United States with Obamacare.  And here the British are using it to try and fix their ‘part-time’ NHS.  That prefers not to work weekends.

The proponents of Obamacare see Obamacare as only a temporary layover on the way to single-payer.  Or national health care itself.  Like the NHS.  Where all of our health care workers will be government workers.  And one thing we know about government workers.  They don’t like working on their time.  Not after hours during the workweek.  Or weekends.


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