Record Snow in Newfoundland a sign of the 1970 Earth Day Prediction of an Ice Age?

Posted by PITHOCRATES - May 25th, 2013

Week in Review

The glaciers may be retreating but May has been unusually snowy in Newfoundland.  And cold (see Central Newfoundland digs out from freak snowfall posted 5/20/2013 on CBC News)

In Gander, 58 centimetres [22.8 inches] of snow fell between Saturday morning and Sunday night, with peak snowfall on Saturday evening.

Environment Canada meteorologist Jody Boyd said the snowfall blew away the prior record.

“Our normal snowfall for the month of May is just 13 centimetres [5.1 inches], and the highest monthly total in the past was set in 1972,” Boyd said. “For the whole month, it was 49 centimetres [19.3 inches], so we beat that over the span of 36 hours.”

Other parts of the province suffered inclement weather, including rain, drizzle and fog in eastern Newfoundland as well as cold temperatures.

Sounds like Great Britain last year.  Cold and wet.  Where they didn’t have much of a summer.  And that unseasonably cool weather almost spoiled their Olympic Games.  And here it is May in Newfoundland.  Where the temperature on average is above freezing.  With a record snowfall.  And cold temperatures.  Funny how that global warming can be.

One snowfall does not define climate.  But if you listened to Al Gore back in the Nineties you’d be looking at the central United States, wondering why it’s not a large desert now.  And why it even snows in Newfoundland anymore.  Because manmade global warming was changing the climate.  For over two decades now.  Because we didn’t take immediate action in the Nineties to stop it.  Starting with the Kyoto Protocol that the U.S. didn’t sign.  And here we are.  With record snow in Newfoundland in May.  Even with China burning so much coal that they’re killing their people with a thick air pollution hanging over their cities.  Yet there’s record snow in Newfoundland in May.  And Britain barely had a summer last year.

Soon the environmentalists will be dusting off their original Earth Day predictions from the Seventies.  Where they said that the planet would cool to twice what it needs to be to put us in an ice age.  By the year 2000.  Perhaps that’s why it’s snowing in Newfoundland.  And why Britain barely had a summer last year.  Because of the ice age we must be in.  According to the 1970 Earth Day environmentalists.


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