An Aging Population is pushing the NHS to the Breaking Point as it will push Obamacare to the Breaking Point

Posted by PITHOCRATES - May 25th, 2013

Week in Review

Britain’s Health Secretary said the problem with overworked accident and emergency rooms (A/Es) is that general practitioners (GPs) are not taking care of their patients.  Because a patient can’t make an appointment with their GP, or when they do it is 2-3 weeks later, they just go to the A/E instead.  Because they don’t want to wait.  Or can’t wait because of the pain.  Or because they have a sick child.  This is why accident and emergency rooms are overflowing.  Because the GPs aren’t doing their job.  Or so says the Health Secretary.  Something the GPs take issue with (see NHS A&E departments ‘left unsafe by political meddling’ by Nick Triggle posted 5/23/2013 on BBC News Health).

British Medical Association GP chairman Dr Laurence Buckman has given a speech pointing out the problems that lead to overstretched hospital A&E departments…

He said: “We’ve turned GP practices into places where it’s a daily challenge for receptionists to cope with huge call volumes and GPs to get through to all the people they need to see…”

Dr Buckman added: “He [Mr Hunt] does not want to bother with the facts when he can have a bash at those of us who on his own admission are overworked and strained beyond endurance.

The problem is not with the GPs.  Or with the National Health Service (NHS).  The problem is national health care.  Which may have worked well when people were having a lot of babies.  Making the population grow younger.  With more people entering the workforce than leaving it.  And those who left it had the decency to die soon.  But that was before the Sixties.  When they set up the NHS.  In the Sixties people stopped having so many babies.  Instead of the population growing younger it began to grow older.  And new advances in medical care have allowed retirees to live a long life in retirement.  So the rate of people consuming health care services is growing greater than the rate of those paying for it.  Which has overflowed A/Es.  And is straining GPs beyond endurance.

And so it will be under Obamacare.


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