Real Men don’t Eat Quiche or Vote for Liberal Democrats

Posted by PITHOCRATES - May 19th, 2013

Week in Review

In 1982 Bruce Feirstein published a book called Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche.  Since then the expression has made fun of men that are more like women than men.  Sensitive girly-men who’d rather go to the ballet than watch the Super Bowl.  These girly-men became liberals.  Weak and whiny guys that were pushed around by bullies in high school.  Who entered government to become bullies themselves.  To get back at all those macho men that made their lives a living hell.  By taxing and regulating their lives.  And using the power of their office to make them suffer.  While real men got real jobs, played sports, joined the military and wooed the ladies.  Because when it comes down to it the ladies like the bad boys and cowboys.  Manly men.  Not sensitive girly quiche eaters.  For if a woman wants to be sensitive and go out for a quiche brunch she’ll just hang with her gal pals.  And do girly things with those who actually have vaginas.

Now there’s been a study that explains these effete quiche eaters.  Why they are such sensitive girly-men.  And it turns out that they are liberals because they are skinny weaklings (see Men with big biceps more likely to be right wing, study claims by Ben Rossington posted 5/17/2013 on the Mirror).

Physically strong men are most likely to be right wing, a study claims.

But weaker males have less self-interest and tend to support the welfare state.

So there you have it.  Real men are conservatives.  And pantywaist ‘men’ are liberals.  Makes sense.  John Wayne, Charlton Heston, Ronald Reagan, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone—all manly men.  And conservative.  We won’t name any liberals.  Don’t want to embarrass them by pointing out their girliness.  But you know who they are.  Just think of the most outspoken liberal men and note their manliness.  Or lack thereof.  It may not be a rule carved into stone.  But there is no doubt a correlation between liberals and nancy boys.  Metro sexuals.  Poncey dandies.  Straight guys that take a keen interest in the same hair care and beauty aids the ladies use.  These men tend to be liberal.  And weak.  According to this study, that is.


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