Thanks to Obamacare we may Suffer the Pleasures of an IRS Audit when Caring for our Aging Loved Ones

Posted by PITHOCRATES - May 18th, 2013

Week in Review

Thanks to birth control and abortion people stopped having as many babies in the Sixties and Seventies.  While their parents did their job to keep the population growing their selfish baby boomer children did not.  Which has caused populations everywhere to age.  Where fewer and fewer young people are supporting more and more elderly baby boomers in retirement.  Putting a huge burden on our hospitals.  And our nursing homes.  Where it is not uncommon for an elderly patient to suffer a near life-ending malady.  And is rushed to the hospital.  The hospital uses the latest in life-saving drugs and treatment.  Stabilizes the patient.  Who, unable to live on their own anymore, are transferred to a nursing home.  Where drugs keep them alive.  Until they suffer another near life-ending malady.  And the nursing home sends them back to the hospital.  Where doctors stabilize the patient.  And sends them back to the nursing home.  And so on until the patient dies.

This is one of the most heart-wrenching things to have to go through with a loved one.  To see a loved one passed back and forth between the hospital and nursing home.  While the quality of their life diminishes.  And making everything worse are the costs.  Insurance pays for some of it.  When that runs out the government will pay for some.  But if a patient needs custodial care (to help them bathe, dress, eat, etc.) the family will have to begin liquidating their assets.  Unless they have no assets.  If not then the government steps in once again.  After verifying that they have no more assets to take.  But at this stage you’re getting the bare necessities to keep your loved one alive.  Where costs are more times than not driving the decision-making process.  Not the patient’s quality of life.  Even when the government provides free health care for its people little changes in this heart-wrenching process (see Pledge to close health and care gap by Nick Triggle posted 5/13/2013 on BBC News Health).

Ministers are promising an end to the era of vulnerable people being passed around the health and care systems.

The pledge forms part of a shared commitment being set out by NHS and local government leaders to close the gap between the two systems by 2018…

It comes as figures show elderly hospital patients are facing increasing delays for social care help.

The analysis of government figures by Age UK showed that hospital patients were waiting for more than 30 days on average for a care home place – 13% longer than three years ago.

Those needing social care packages at home are waiting 27 days on average – again 13% longer.

As well as being inconvenient for patients, the delays are costly for the NHS.

For example, a hospital bed costs £250 [$379.25] a day compared with just over £500 [$758.50] a week for a care home place.

Age UK released the figures to illustrate the growing disconnect between the health and social care systems…

Michelle Mitchell, of Age UK, said: “Waiting in hospital needlessly not only wastes NHS resources but it can also undermine an older person’s recovery and be profoundly upsetting for them and their families as a result.”

Now imagine inserting the IRS into this process.  Who the government will no doubt use to determine how much a patient’s family can contribute to this process.  The same IRS that fills a person with fear and dread whenever they get a notice from the IRS in the mail.  The government agency that can destroy your life like no other can.  That IRS.  Imagine the care of your loved one dependent on an IRS auditor’s opinion of how much you can afford to pay.  Which may happen.  For Obamacare gives the IRS that power.

Or worse.  Imagine the IRS determining the cost of care for your loved one based on your politics.  Like the IRS has been doing when granting tax-exempt status for certain groups.  Where people who support liberal causes go to the front of the line.  While conservatives go to the back of the line.  Especially if you’re a Tea Party conservative.  Imagine going through the equivalent of a costly IRS audit at the time your loved one is being shuttled between the health and social care systems.  As a conservative.  Where the IRS will seize all of your assets to pay for your loved one’s health care costs.  While liberals won’t go through the same costly IRS audit.  Or give up their assets.

It isn’t fair.  But little in Obamacare will be fair.  Not when liberals in government will use the IRS to attack political opponents.  Which they have admitted to doing.  We used to joke that we’d rather have a colonoscopy than go through the ordeal of an IRS audit.  Now we may have to have an IRS audit first before we can enjoy the pleasure of a colonoscopy.  Thanks to Obamacare the IRS will make a dreadful procedure even more horrible.  But on the brighter side if you want birth control or abortion they will be free on demand.  Including the morning-after pill.  Even if you’re a 15-year-old girl.  Funny, really.  As these things caused the very thing that got us into this mess in the first place.  An aging population.


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